Putin’s Specific Instructions for Active Measures Against the United States During the 2016 Presidential Election

From The Washington Post:



The intelligence captured Putin’s specific instructions on the operation’s audacious objectives — defeat or at least damage the Democratic nominee, Hillary Clinton, and help elect her opponent, Donald Trump.


Early last August, an envelope with extraordinary handling restrictions arrived at the White House. Sent by courier from the CIA, it carried “eyes only” instructions that its contents be shown to just four people: President Barack Obama and three senior aides.

The White House debated various options to punish Russia, but facing obstacles and potential risks, it ultimately failed to exact a heavy toll on the Kremlin for its election interference.

Inside was an intelligence bombshell, a report drawn from sourcing deep inside the Russian government that detailed Russian President Vladi­mir Putin’s direct involvement in a cyber campaign to disrupt and discredit the U.S. presidential race.

But it went further. The intelligence captured Putin’s specific instructions on the operation’s audacious objectives — defeat or at least damage the Democratic nominee, Hillary Clinton, and help elect her opponent, Donald Trump.

At that point, the outlines of the Russian assault on the U.S. election were increasingly apparent. Hackers with ties to Russian intelligence services had been rummaging through Democratic Party computer networks, as well as some Republican systems, for more than a year. In July, the FBI had opened an investigation of contacts between Russian officials and Trump associates. And on July 22, nearly 20,000 emails stolen from the Democratic National Committee were dumped online by WikiLeaks.

Don’t want to hear anything about what 44 should have done.

I’ve said it before…44’s flaw has always been that he’s a good, decent LOYAL AMERICAN.


He went to the ZEGK and Turtle and requested that they show a JOINT FORCE against hostile forces attacking American sovereignty.,




And, don’t even pretend that the Democrats would have backed up 44.

Harry Reid? Yes.

And, a handful of others, sure.

But, the purity ponies.
The professional left?



So, there would have been 44 out there….by himself, with few others..

the MSM up HIllary’s emails azz, not willing to cover the story, taking the Turtles and the right-wing claims that it’s not true…

Phuck outta here on what 44 coulda shoulda done.

The CIA got the information to the right folks – the FBI.

And, they phucked it up.

PS-Something that came to me…these breaches were voter purges. We thought that they came from good old Voter ID voter suppression. I no longer believe that. I believe that these voters were purged from Russia.Yep. You can’t do it in a state that isn’t close. But one that is close and has Voter ID for reasonable cover? Yes

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38 Responses to Putin’s Specific Instructions for Active Measures Against the United States During the 2016 Presidential Election

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  3. vitaminlover says:

    I just recently read that McConnel as a child had polio and his family had to use government health care to get him well yet here he is as an adult trying to hinder others from getting important health care. I really wonder…. how evil can one be?

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  4. rikyrah says:

    they really are scum thinking that they can blame 44 for the GOP being TRAITORS TO THIS COUNTRY

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  5. rikyrah says:

    This is the funniest comment for me today from BJ:

    effro says:
    June 23, 2017 at 11:08 am

    The funny thing is, if Republican voters…if Trumpov himself…wants to
    put this behind them and celebrate his awesome, special, yuge victory,
    then all they have to do is let the investigators do their work. If
    it’s bullshit, if Trumpov’s totally innocent…then why not pound the
    table for a thorough investigation and then rub THAT in the damn librulz
    faces’? Right?


    I’m just hanging in there for the money laundering and RICO counts.
    Roger Stone has a big Nixon tattoo on his back…well, the day Trumpov gets hit for his money laundering activities with the Russian mob over the years, I’m at the local parlor getting a Bobby Three Sticks Special inked.

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  6. rikyrah says:



  7. rikyrah says:

    an article on Bobby Three Sticks’ team:


    Buell, who worked on the Enron task force with Weissmann, said he
    typifies the relentless, hard-core prosecutors bred in the U.S.
    attorney’s offices in Manhattan and Brooklyn.

    “It’s not swagger,” said Buell, now a law professor at Duke
    University. “It’s a confidence that after six or eight or 10 years, ‘I’m
    not going to see a problem I can’t handle. There’s no case that’s going
    to be over my head.’”

    Buell said Mueller’s first hires should not be viewed as a road map
    for where he will take his investigation. He said Mueller appears
    focused on hiring talented lawyers whom he knows and trusts. Still, the hires suggest a legal strategy that was key to prosecutions of the Enron fraud and the mob families in New York. In both cases, convictions depended in large part on witnesses who agreed to testify to escape long prison terms. No one has been charged in the Russia case. But lower-level figures ultimately may face pressure to cooperate with Mueller’s team, especially if it will lead to higher-ups.

    “You don’t get all dressed up for some special counsel party and just
    come out of it with a well-thumbed report,” said Turley, the legal
    scholar. “Weissmann is trained to find a weak link and break it.”

    Dan Cogdell, a Houston defense lawyer who had a cooperating client in the Enron case, said Weissmann may be the most aggressive prosecutor he ever faced in a white-collar criminal case.

    “Once he believes he understands the facts, he is very difficult to
    move either way,” said Cogdell. “He’s very self-righteous in his belief
    system. He is Trump’s worst nightmare if we believe that Trump, or
    anyone else, has done anything wrong,” he said. “He’s the very last guy you want coming at you.”


  8. rikyrah says:


  9. rikyrah says:

    Ragnarok Lobster‏ @eclecticbrotha

    Democrats: Trump colluded with Russia and the AHCA is really a tax cut for billionaires
    Villager media: Democrats need better messaging


  10. rikyrah says:


    Black women didn’t need Obama to be more forceful on Russia to take a huge pass on voting for a racist xenophobic islamophobic bigot.

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  11. vitaminlover says:

    I just saw on the news that the REAL President(Obama) is in indonesia


  12. rikyrah says:


  13. rikyrah says:

    Kevin M. Kruse‏Verified account @KevinMKruse

    Just a reminder: Woodward and Bernstein never attended a White House briefing. They cracked Watergate from the Washington Post’s City Desk.

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  14. rikyrah says:


  15. rikyrah says:

    Keep on talking smack about Bobby Three Sticks.


    Trump: It’s ‘Very Bothersome’ That Comey And Mueller Are ‘Good Friends’
    JUNE 23, 2017 7:05 AM

    In an interview with “Fox and Friends” set to air in full on Friday morning, President Donald Trump complained that special counsel Robert Mueller and former FBI Director James Comey are “good friends.”

    “He’s very, very good friends with Comey, which is very bothersome, but he’s also — we’re gonna have to see,” Trump said when asked if he is going to fire Mueller in an excerpt published Thursday evening.

    The President claimed that “the people” hired by Mueller to work on the Russia probe “are Hillary Clinton supporters.”


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    • eliihass says:

      The only ‘upside’ from this madness, is watching republicans – courtesy of the buffoon and his idiotic alt-right cohorts and supporters – go to work tearing down, diminishing and discrediting some of their very own previously claimed and declared as their brightest and best patriots…And knowing that these men are too going to not only reclaim their previous good reputation, but will certainly reciprocate deservedly, in kind …and in ways that the attackers will hopefully, never ever recover from..


  16. rikyrah says:

    From POU:


    This is the bottom line. People….no let me be specific….WHITE people didn’t give a shit. That applies to the men, the women, the left and the right.

    There was enough information already available that Dolt 45 in the WH was a disaster waiting to happen. The shoddy business record, his boorishness towards women, the racism, the blazingly obvious stupidity. It was all out there. And that was before you get to the evidence that yeah…he’s Vlad’s bitch.

    It was all there. All of that shit. Quite honestly Barack Obama shouldn’t have had to say shit.

    But white people chose to ignore it all. They chose to believe Bernie’s cynical bullshit, the Wikileaks rat fuckery, the yammering of cable news pundits. They ignored PBO, FLOTUS, HRC, Ride or Joe, and a long list of people who sounded the alarm.

    And now that they’ve learned that what so many of us warned them about is unfolding now they want to whine about PBO not doing more to save them from themselves again?

    I don’t think so. They were warned. They didn’t care. They need to deal with it but they need to keep PBOs name out they mouth.


    • Liza says:

      “There was enough information already available that Dolt 45 in the WH was a disaster waiting to happen. The shoddy business record, his boorishness towards women, the racism, the blazingly obvious stupidity.”

      I honestly cannot think of anything more that could have been revealed about Trump or the election prior to Nov 8 that would have moved his voters. They were already satisfied with a grotesque, crude, dishonest buffoon who was “gonna shake things up”. And, of course, all those jobs he was going to create. They were going to be walking in tall cotton in no time.

      To say that if they had known about “Putin’s direct involvement in a cyber campaign to disrupt and discredit the U.S. presidential race” is really giving them way too much credit assuming they would even understand or believe it.

      Trump voters are dumb as rocks.

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  17. rikyrah says:

    from POU:

    MsKitty • 6 hours ago

    So I see the meme du jour is gonna be this is all Barack Obama’s fault because he should have told us what he knew.

    Never mind the fact that…

    *if he had, Mitch and Paulie would have immediately accused him of trying to tilt the election to Hillary.

    *if Hillary had won, then her presidency would be under a cloud (think Benghazi x 1000)

    *the Dems would have turned tail and ran away like they always do, leaving PBO holding the bag…yet again

    And let’s go to the bigger issue. All these motherfuckers KNEW what Trump was about. He let you know he was a scumbag of the highest (or is that lowest?) order, and you voted for him ANYWAY because you decided your whiteness was more important.

    So all the Monday morning quarterbacks need to sit the entire fuck down.

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  18. rikyrah says:

    Coats Tells House Investigators President Trump Seemed Obsessed with Russia Probe
    JUN 22 2017, 6:08 PM ET

    Dan Coats, the director of national intelligence, told House investigators Thursday that President Trump seemed obsessed with the Russia probe and repeatedly asked him to say publicly there was no evidence of collusion, a U.S. official familiar with the conversation told NBC News.

    Coats’ account is not new — it largely tracked with his story as previously reported by NBC News and other media outlets, the official said.


  19. rikyrah says:

    Los Angeles Times‏@latimes
    Trump says he tweeted about tapes to influence Comey’s account of their private conversations

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  20. rikyrah says:


  21. rikyrah says:

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  22. rikyrah says:

    Allan Brauer‏ @allanbrauer 35m35 minutes ago
    Harry was on his way out, and pushed as close to the line of revealing classified information as he could, and the media spat in his face.


  23. rikyrah says:


  24. rikyrah says:


  25. rikyrah says:


  26. rikyrah says:

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  27. rikyrah says:

    meta‏ @metaquest

    Watch Trump & admin co-mingle & conflate voter fraud commission and Russian cyberwarfare as evidence they’re doing something about intrusion


  28. rikyrah says:


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