The Legislative Evil Known as Trumpcare – Now, it’s the Senate’s Turn


Trumpcare is revealed – the Senate Version.





It with your stereotype of Medicaid, being Laquanda with 4 children by 3 Baby Daddies, or Rosalita with her 3 ‘ Anchor Baby’ children…

Here is the depth and breadth of who in this country depends upon Medicaid – which is 76 MILLION PEOPLE.

From the New York Times:

G.O.P. Health Plan Is Really a Rollback of Medicaid

Limiting the amount that the federal government would pay for each person would leave states with difficult choices, and would be a fundamental shift of financial risk.

JUNE 20, 2017

Tucked inside the Republican bill to replace Obamacare is a plan to impose a radical diet on a 52-year-old program that insures nearly one in five Americans.

The bill, of course, would modify changes to the health system brought by the Affordable Care Act. But it would also permanently restructure Medicaid, which covers tens of millions of poor or disabled Americans, including millions who are living in nursing homes with conditions like Alzheimer’s or the aftereffects of a stroke.

“This is the most consequential change in 50 years for low-income people’s health care,” said Joan Alker, the executive director of the Center for Children and Families at Georgetown University. “This is a massive change that has hardly been discussed.”

Since its founding, Medicaid has operated as a partnership between the federal government and the states. Each pays a share of patients’ medical bills, with no overall limit on spending. The American Health Care Act would try to slim down the federal share of that spending, by limiting how much the federal government would pay for each person enrolled in the program. The Senate version of the legislation, expected this week, is likely to make the payments still leaner in later years.

Ben Wikler‏Verified account @ benwikler 3h3 hours ago
These Medicaid cuts are insidious. Designed to get bigger every year—so, outside window that CBO scores, they asphyxiate the program. 1/
Right now, Medicaid is a guarantee. if you’re on Medicaid, you wake up w crushing headache, docs find brain tumor, your care is covered. 2/
If there’s a spike in cancer—or say opioid addiction—in your state, federal funds will help cover it all. Trumpcare ends that. 3/
Under Trumpcare, states get a fixed, capped amount of $ per person (diff amt for kids, older adults, etc). If need grows, $ doesn’t. 4/
Medical costs have always grown faster than general rate of inflation. Under Senate Trumpcare, Medicaid caps lock to rate of inflation. 5/
Senate Trumpcare means a giant Medicaid cut—and one that gets more vicious every passing year. Even worse during health crises. 6/
State budgets will be crushed by a vise. As Federal Medicaid $ disappear, they’ll slash schools, roads, public safety to fill the hole 7/
Trumpcare won’t just devastate health care. Everything your state government does is in danger. 8/
Rural hospitals will literally close. Class sizes will rise. The only people who benefit: the wealthy who get a tax cut. 9/
Senate Trumpcare is worse than House Trumpcare. And House Trumpcare was horrible. 10/


Andy Slavitt‏Verified account @ASlavitt

The Senate discussion bill is out. It’s the ugly step-sibling of the House bill.

Analysis to follow shortly. Follow if interested.

Point 1: The ACA is not repealed. Health care for poor people, kids, the disability community and seniors is. 3
The ACA income based tax credits stay– due to Senate rules. They just get bulldozed. More accurately, the people receiving the help do. 4
What’s a conservative to do? They hate the tax credits. But they do demolish what an insurance company needs to do. Which they love. 5
Older people will be charged much more. Ppl over 350% of poverty won’t get any support. Insurance will only cover 58% of someone’s needs.6
Millions of families lose coverage. Those with insurance will get a lot less. Maternity, mental health, cancer treatments, not required.7
Insurers won’t cover expensive HIV & cancer meds if they are the only ones. Coverage will devolve. That’s the point, not a side effect.8
POINT 2: The main event in the Senate bill is the destruction of Medicaid. Far, far worse than even the House bill.9
Eligibility for exchanges would begin at 0% of FPL. This means states could eliminate Medicaid & put people in the exchange w no help.10
Medicaid’s cuts of 25% in the House increase much more in the Senate. Hundreds of billions more cuts.11
Medicaid cuts spike further in 2025. The year baby boomers turn 80. And Medicaid pays half of nursing home care in the country.12
This bill is awful for anyone planning on aging. Age tax, nursing home cuts, robbing Medicare Trust Fund. 13
For seniors, this bill is the opposite of our commitment to Americans as they age or get ill. 14
POiNT 3: There is 1 sacrosanct part of the bill. The giant tax cuts for wealthy, insurers, pharma & other corporations are intact.16
POINT 4: Even with all of this, this is not the bill.
POINT 5: Bill violates every criticism from Rs over last 7 yrs: -⬆️deductibles -⬇️ coverage -gifts to insurers -cuts to middle class.. 20
More… -fewer docs covering Medicaid -⬆️ premiums -hurts rural -hurts opioid treatment There are dozens more blatant contradictions. 21

From Ametia – some videos:

Coonstastic Senator Scott

Senate Democrats

You know someone helped by Medicaid. Get in touch with them and their families. Ask them have they contacted their Senator?
Ask them:
1. Do you have the money to pay for what Medicaid does for said family member?
2. Do you have the time and the knowledge to help the family member on Medicaid?

IF the answer is NO, then you need to call. And, get everyone you know to contact your Senators.


Thread from Harry Reid’s former deputy chief of staff:

Adam Jentleson‏Verified account @AJentleson

A quick word on this, which is, in a nutshell: the Senate vote is the entire ballgame. This is it, pure and simple.

Anyone who thinks there’ll be another chance to stop Trumpcare should disabuse themselves of that notion immediately.

There won’t be.

If the Senate passes a Trumpcare bill, the House will quickly pass it with no changes and Trump will sign it into law.

Game over.

There won’t be a conference committee.

There’s no need for a conference if one chamber passes the other chamber’s bill with no changes.

The powerful incentive of having the bill signed into law will overwhelm any reservations among House Republicans about the Senate bill.

In short, if the Senate passes Trumpcare, it will be on Trump’s desk and signed into law within days.

Not weeks or months.


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22 Responses to The Legislative Evil Known as Trumpcare – Now, it’s the Senate’s Turn

  1. I couldn’t stop crying during this segment. What country is this to cut Medicaid that would affect folks lives like this?

  2. rikyrah says:

    heartbreaking segment on LarryO tonight with a mother whose child is on Medicaid.

  3. rikyrah says:

    “In This Form”
    By Josh Marshall
    Published June 23, 2017 5:31 pm

    The big news this afternoon is that Sen. Heller of Nevada says he opposes the Senate’s current health care repeal bill “in this form.” It is important to understand what this means. It is not opposition to the bill. It’s a bid to negotiate. And beyond that, all but certainly it is an effort to extract some minor concessions that will be the justification for voting for the bill and making it law.

    Let’s cover some key information. Sen. Heller is by far the most endangered GOP senator in 2018. Speaking in a purely strategic sense he’s in a very, very tough position. The gambit here is to play for time and try to extract some concession that he will use as a rationale for voting for the bill. If the wheels come off and the bill dies on its own (something I believe is quite unlikely but by no means impossible) he will be able to say he opposed it all along and even argue that he helped kill it.

    But here’s the key. Heller says he cannot support the bill “in this form.” But there is no plausible version of this bill that won’t take insurance away from at least 20 million people, bring back the nightmare of preexisting condition exclusions, lifetime limits and all the rest. Anything else simply isn’t plausible. So by saying he won’t support the bill “in this form” Heller is saying, as clear as day, that his vote is gettable in exchange for minor or cosmetic changes.

    That may sound ungenerous or cynical. But legislative politics is something I know as well as I know anything. That is how this works. This isn’t opposition. It’s negotiation. Heller is looking for the terms he feels he needs to say yes.

    If the fate of the 24 million matter to you, if you’re fighting the very uphill fight to block this repeal bill, do not be fooled by this. This is game playing. Heller is positioning for a way to say yes.

  4. rikyrah says:

    Maggie Haberman‏Verified account @maggieNYT

    AMERICA FIRST POLICIES, the pro-Trump/Pence outside group that Pence has been raising for, is preparing a seven-figure ad buy against HELLER

    • Ametia says:

      I’m sure #45 supporters will just flock to this tweet and change their minds, STAT!

      These folks can’t get pass the BLACKNESS, let alone decide to “take it in” what the BLACK ONE says.

  5. rikyrah says:

    Eric Schneiderman‏Verified account @AGSchneiderman

    The @SenateGOP’s #HealthcareBill is an unconstitutional attack masquerading as reform. If signed by @POTUS, I’ll sue to protect New Yorkers.

    The @SenateGOP #HealthcareBill imposes an unconstitutional burden on women seeking to exercise a protected right. #StandWithPP

    The @SenateGOP #HealthcareBill continues the House’s unconstitutional targeting of New York’s Medicaid funding.

    When the House passed #Trumpcare, I warned it was unconstitutional. Outrageous that @SenateGOP keeps same legally indefensible provisions.

    So let me repeat in case @SenateGOP needs a refresher: I won’t tolerate #Trumpcare’s unconstitutional attacks on NYers. If signed, I’ll sue.

  6. Ametia says:

    Thank you, Rikyrah, for posting the RAW, NASTY, CRUEL, UGLY FACTS of these ROBBER BARONS.

    Keep an eye out for the coontastics, who will strut before the cameras to declare this is the greatest health care bill since Massa let us take a break from picking cotton. NIGGAS & FLIES…..

    • Ametia says:

      We all know why the headlines are covered like this in St. Louis. We know who is going to suffer the most from this bullshit of a thievery and heist of Medicaid now, don’t we?

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