GOP Voter Suppression- Massive ‘Purge Notices’ in Georgia

Meanwhile, here’ what the GOP rats are continuing to do, OBLITERATE our right to VOTE.

Stay WOKE, folks!

More Than 380,000 Georgia Voters Receive ‘Purge Notice’

More than 380,000 Georgia voters received a “purge notice” from their local board of elections under the direction of the Georgia Secretary of State’s Office, Rewire has learned through an open records request.

The ACLU sent a letter earlier this month to Secretary of State Brian Kemp and to the chairperson of the Fulton County Board of Registration and Elections alleging that these notices, when sent to voters who moved within the same county, violate the National Voter Registration Act of 1993. The letter requested more information about the notices that were sent out and officially informed the named officials of their intent to sue if corrective actions are not taken.

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2 Responses to GOP Voter Suppression- Massive ‘Purge Notices’ in Georgia

  1. guest says:

    wilcome to the bad state of georgia i was removed when kemp was running for gov so to me he is not the gov of georgia if he does not make it right lies will come back and bit you on the butt

  2. majiir says:

    I’ve voted consistently in GA since the age of 18. Imagine how shocked I was when I discovered in the Fall of 2008 that my name had been removed from the list of eligible GA voters, right before the election in which BO who was running for POTUS. It won’t shock you to learn that newly- elected House GOP member Karen Handel was our Sec. of State at the time. This mess has been going on for quite a while in GA.

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