Sunday Open Thread: HAPPY FATHER’S DAY!

Good Morning.

I hope that you are enjoying this weekend with family and friends.


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    • Liza says:

      I guess on the positive side we can say that it’s about time there’s some righteous public outrage that is actually being reported in mainstream media.

      But as for the “this is not us, this is not America” folks, they don’t know American history.

      And it’s not just what Americans have done to it’s own citizens, it’s what they have done in the world just since WWII. Children died and suffered horribly in Vietnam, Laos, and Iraq to name a few. Children are still dying in Laos because of unexploded ordnance left from the bombing in America’s “secret war”. I was reminded of this a few days ago when I was watching some of Anthony Bourdain’s shows on VOD.

      It seems to me that only white children have been universally valued in America, and not even all of them. We can almost narrow it down to wealthy and middle class white children.

      But I do give credit to anyone who is speaking up right now on behalf of these children who are being traumatized and incarcerated away from their parents. There are still too many people out there who seem to think this is okay or can’t be bothered with the problems of people they really don’t care about.

  1. I have some news about Carson. He has figured out how to take his diaper off. He has to have shorts or pants on at all times now. LOL! No more just diaper and shirt.

    • Liza says:

      My border collie Shannon pretty much understands everything you’re talking about. She knows when to tune you out (talking politics for example) and when to listen and interact. This is not my imagination. So I just talk to her as I would anyone else and it seems to work.

      • majiir says:

        I do the same thing with my Lab mix Penelope. She’ll listen attentively to some things I say but will not pay attention when I talk about things she’s not interested in. The four-legged child is wicked smart. Last week after we had returned from the grocery store, I had the window on her side of the car rolled partially down. I wasn’t thinking she would be able to get out, but she did. She somehow contorted her body in a way to jump out of an opening that was smaller than she is. Before I could walk to the front and get the mail, she had jumped through the window, crossed the street, and was visiting her doggie friends across the street. Penelope thinks she owns me and not the other way around. I adopted her from our local shelter last year, and she has moved in and tried to take over. I’ve told her several times that if she wants to be the boss, she needs to get herself a job. LOL.

      • Liza says:

        Ha ha, sounds familiar. Shannon is absolutely certain that she owns me. She’s a rescue, formerly a stray, probably about two years old when I adopted her. I’ve had her for about six years now. Sadly, she’s afraid of everyone except for me and my husband and she doesn’t like other dogs. But she does okay within the confines of her small little world and I enjoy her company. You’re lucky that Penelope is such a social butterfly.

      • rikyrah says:

        I swear,the animals and the robots will hook up and take us all down.

  2. rikyrah says:

    Merchandise for 44 and Forever FLOTUS’ portraits at the National Gallery

  3. r says:

    Merchandise for 44 and Forever FLOTUS’ portraits at the National Gallery

  4. Liza says:

    Too funny…but I’m a “dog person”, don’t even know about this.

  5. #AMERIKKA STOLE Native land, culture, way of life, language & then KIDNAPPED their children. #AMERIKKKA KIDNAPPED Black ppl, their children to enslave for profit. Don’t pretend ripping immigrant children from their parents like this is brand new to America. #HistoryTellsTheStory

  6. Separating non white families is the history of this country. This is AMERICA! To ignore this is to dismiss Native & Black ppl sufferings

    Kidnapped Native children
    Kidnapped black people to enslave for free labor


    Kidnapped immigrant children to use for ransom to get a border wall

  7. Liza says:

    Posted on Facebook:

    Andy Borowitz
    Yesterday at 6:15am ·
    Sessions’ Use of Bible Quote Damages His Longtime Partnership with Satan

    • Liza says:

      Andy Borowitz
      19 hrs ·
      I would like to separate Trump from his children: send Eric, Ivanka and Don Jr to a prison in the US and Trump to one in Mexico.

  8. Heads up, everyone. @SenatorCollins y’all. I don’t know whether to scream with rage or weep uncontrollably because my soul hurts.

  9. vitaminlover says:

    Happy Father’s Day to my wonderful husband. Happy Father’s Day to all you ladies’ husbands
    , sons and fathers!!

  10. Liza says:

    Oh, but Trump is going to step up and be “presidential” one of these days. Right?

    • Liza says:

      Actually, there are plenty of mothers out there in this country who don’t care about other mothers’ children. Remember George Zimmerman’s jury?

      But it’s a nice thought.

  11. rikyrah says:

    Happy Father’s Day 😄

  12. rikyrah says:

    Good Morning Everyone 😄 😄😄

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