Friday Open Thread | Must Check In and See What the Demons Are Doing on Immigration

The evil never sleeps with this crew and their abuse of immigrant children.

ICE Is Sending Separated Children Home With No One To Pick Them Up
Immigration officials sent a 4-year-old separated child from the U.S. to Guatemala City without telling her family she was coming home.
By Angelina Chapin

On Tuesday, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement sent a 4-year-old separated child from the U.S. to Guatemala City without telling her family she was coming home.

When Karla, a pseudonym HuffPost is using to protect the child’s identity, arrived in Guatemala, no one came to pick her up at a reunification center near the airport.

Instead of reuniting with her deported father, whom she hadn’t seen since they crossed the U.S. border together six months ago, the child spent yet another night in a government-run shelter, according to Kids In Need of Defense, an organization helping the U.S. government to reunify families.

“Just imagining this 4-year-old going back [home] after months and months of separation … and then her dad didn’t show up after all of this,” said Lisa Frydman, KIND’s director of regional and policy initiatives. “The trauma level is unimaginable.

Legal and immigration experts say ICE is sending children back to Central America without properly notifying parents of their travel plans. The Department of Justice recently said ICE is only handling only “a relatively small number” of repatriation cases, but advocates say even a handful of situations in which parents aren’t given the proper notice to pick up their children is a major cause for concern.

“This case was an example of a complete failure,” Frydman said of Karla and her father. “It’s totally preventable and completely in the U.S. government’s control.”

So much winning by ICE- which does need to be disbanded.



The Five-Year-Old Who Was Detained at the Border and Persuaded to Sign Away Her Rights

By Sarah Stillman
October 11, 2018

Helen—a smart, cheerful five-year-old girl—is an asylum seeker from Honduras. This summer, when a social worker asked her to identify her strengths, Helen shared her pride in “her ability to learn fast and express her feelings and concerns.” She also recounted her favorite activities (“playing with her dolls”), her usual bedtime (“8 p.m.”), and her professional aspirations (“to be a veterinarian”).

In July, Helen fled Honduras with her grandmother, Noehmi, and several other relatives; gangs had threatened Noehmi’s teen-age son, Christian, and the family no longer felt safe. Helen’s mother, Jeny, had migrated to Texas four years earlier, and Noehmi planned to seek legal refuge there. With Noehmi’s help, Helen travelled thousands of miles, sometimes on foot, and frequently fell behind the group. While crossing the Rio Grande in the journey’s final stretch, Helen slipped from their raft and risked drowning. Her grandmother grabbed her hand and cried, “Hang on, Helen!” When the family reached the scrubland of southern Texas, U.S. Border Patrol agents apprehended them and moved them through a series of detention centers. A month earlier, the Trump Administration had announced, amid public outcry over its systemic separation of migrant families at the border, that it would halt the practice. But, at a packed processing hub, Christian was taken from Noehmi and placed in a cage with toddlers. Noehmi remained in a cold holding cell, clutching Helen. Soon, she recalled, a plainclothes official arrived and informed her that she and Helen would be separated. “No!” Noehmi cried. “The girl is under my care! Please!”

Noehmi said that the official told her, “Don’t make things too difficult,” and pulled Helen from her arms. “The girl will stay here,” he said, “and you’ll be deported.” Helen cried as he escorted her from the room and out of sight. Noehmi remembers the authorities explaining that Helen’s mother would be able to retrieve her, soon, from wherever they were taking her.

Later that day, Noehmi and Christian were reunited. The adults in the family were fitted with electronic ankle bracelets and all were released, pending court dates. They left the detention center and rushed to Jeny’s house, in McAllen, hoping to find Helen there. When they didn’t, Noehmi began to shake, struggling to explain the situation. “Immigration took your daughter,” she told Jeny.

“But where did they take her?” Jeny asked.

And here’s the latest from White House Immigration Designer -racist Stephen Miller:

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  2. #SaudiArabia is making Trump look like a fool with this ‘rogue killers’ bullshit. Expel the Saudi ambassador! #SanctionSaudiArabiaNow

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  4. rikyrah says:

    The Houston Chronicle: “A “Beto” victory would be good for Texas, not only because of his skills, both personal and political, but also because of the manifest inadequacies of the man he would replace.”— TOᑭ ᖇOᑭE TᖇAViS (@TopRopeTravis) October 19, 2018

  5. Liza says:

    Andrew Gillum in Jacksonville. This is a good place to invest his time. I believe Florida can be won for the Democrats by flipping Duval County, turning out the vote there. All other urban areas in Florida went for Hillary in 2016.

  6. Liza says:

    True. PBS stands alone (among MSM news shows) in covering this crisis…

  7. rikyrah says:

    Daniel Dale
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    If anyone still thinks Democrats don’t have a message focus in this election — they do, and it’s health care. New analysis finds it was mentioned in 61% of Democratic House ads between mid-September and mid-October:

  8. rikyrah says:

    A Conservative Group’s Closed-Door ‘Training’ of Judicial Clerks Draws Concern

    The closed-door “training academy” was aimed at a select group: recent law school graduates who had secured prestigious clerkships with federal judges. It was organized by the Heritage Foundation, a conservative group that has played a leading role in moving the courts to the right, and it had some unusual requirements.
    “Generous donors,” the application materials said, were making “a significant financial investment in each and every attendee.” In exchange, the future law clerks would be required to promise to keep the program’s teaching materials secret and pledge not to use what they learned “for any purpose contrary to the mission or interest of the Heritage Foundation.”

  9. rikyrah says:

    Ocasio-Cortez isn’t endorsing Bernie Sanders’ 2020 bid— New York Post (@nypost) October 19, 2018

  10. rikyrah says:


    Bernie 2016 alums wary of 2020 sequel


    … With the Vermont senator kicking off a nine-state tour on Friday with stops in Iowa, South Carolina, Nevada and California, a sizable contingent of the people who helped build his insurgent 2016 campaign is ambivalent about a second run, according to interviews with more than a dozen former staffers. Many of them are looking for a different progressive champion to finish what Sanders started.

    Sanders should just declare victory, they said, content in the knowledge that much of his 2016 platform has been adopted by other ambitious Democrats considering White House bids. Plus, he’s a white man who would turn 80 in his first year as president, who’d be trying to lead a diverse party fueled by the energy of young voters, women and people of color.

    “I think that if a younger candidate can pick up the mantle and have Bernie’s support, I think that would be a better option for 2020. I feel like 60 to 70 percent of former staffers are looking around for another Bernie-esque candidate this time around, even if it’s not him,” said Daniel Deriso, a field organizer for Sanders’ 2016 campaign who went on to help run a successful insurgent mayoral campaign in Birmingham, Ala., last year. “But if Bernie called me to have me work on the campaign then I’d do it.”…

    Enough fervent supporters — from the 2016 campaign’s top officials to field organizers — are wary of a 2020 run that it could be difficult to reignite the 2016 movement. Jeff Weaver, who managed the 2016 race, has been talking about the idea of a “Draft Bernie PAC” of sorts after the midterms. But many supporters have been noncommittal, according to two people with knowledge of the discussions…

    A common frustration among former staffers is that they feel Sanders and his tight circle of aides have taken their support for granted and failed to keep their 2016 team cohesive, which would have been an inherent advantage in a second run.

    Multiple former staffers said that the Clinton campaign alumni network is far more connected and active than Sanders’…

    “He’s the grandpa of the movement,” said another campaign worker from 2016, “but that might not make him the best choice for 2020.”

  11. Ametia says:

    Word of the Day : October 19, 2018

    Linchpin: noun LINCH-pin


    1 : a locking pin inserted crosswise (as through the end of an axle or shaft)

    2 : one that serves to hold together parts or elements that exist or function as a unit

  12. nedhamson says:

    I am still having a hard time believing that Trump supporters can accept this unspeakable behavior toward children – Trump Zombies after the KKKoolaid.

    • These immigration officials belong in the hottest part of hell for treating a baby like she was some animal dropped off to fend for herself. No conscience. It’s been seared.

  13. rikyrah says:

    Good Morning, Everyone 😄😄😄

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