Wednesday Open Thread | The American Experiment Continues

That is the bottom line of tonight’s elections.

The Democrats taking back the House is fantastic news.

It means that the following people now have SUBPOENA POWER:

Jerald Nadler
Adam Schiff
Maxine Waters
Elijah Cummings


The Democrats taking the House also means…

That whatever is in the Mueller Report, we, the people, WILL find out what’s in it. It will NOT be buried.

The Democrats taking the House also means…

The American Social Safety Net is protected.

You saved Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security tonight….

The Democrats taking the House also means…

That everyone of the crooks working for Dolt45 better get ready for their lives to become the living hell that they have done to the rest of us.

The American Experiment continues to live another day.

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143 Responses to Wednesday Open Thread | The American Experiment Continues

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  2. vitaminlover says:

    Truly hope that they recount Texas!


  3. Liza says:

    This article is from 2010 but I found it when looking up what it really means to concede an election.

    Does A Concession Mean It’s Over?
    September 2, 201011:06 AM ET

    “Conceding the election does not supersede the actual vote totals. A concession has no legal standing.”


  4. eliihass says:

    So now that CNN’s Jim Acosta’s hard pass has been revoked by Bill Shine and John Kelly and Sarah Huckabee… let’s see what the WH press corps does about it..


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  6. Ametia says:



    • eliihass says:

      Sadly, it’s mediocrity all around..

      No way this is the best we can do as far as journalists go..

      In these times, more than ever, we so desperately need better, sharper and more fearless journalists.. who are quick and bold with factual comebacks..


  7. Ametia says:


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  8. ametia says:


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  10. 900+ Protect Mueller events and protests planned for tomorrow already.

    List is here by state and town…

    TX: Amarillo, Athens, Austin, Bastrop, Beaumont, Big Spring, Brenham, Brownsville, Burkburnett, Canton, Cedar Hill, College Station, Corpus Christi, Dallas, Denton, Edinburg, El Paso, Euless, Fort Worth, Frisco, Galveston, Georgetown, Harlingen, Houston, Kerrville, Llano, Lubbock, Lufkin, McKinney, Mertzon, Midland, Nacogdoches, Richardson, Rockwall, San Antonio, San Marcos, Sherman, Tyler, Waco, Weatherford……

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  11. ametia says:

    Let’s talk about Florida & Texas, Hell Georgia too, where white supremacy has stolen our 🗳 votes

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    • ametia says:

      BWA ha haha 😂

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    • eliihass says:

      There’s absolutely nothing good, honorable or redeeming about these repugs.. they all share a certain distinct negative trait …a certain awfulness.. no matter how supposedly ‘moderate’ or ‘reformed’.. It takes a certain callousness to choose to be a republican..

      That all these greedy, opportunistic racists still don’t get that the callous treasonous buffoon only sees them as useful idiots to his self-interest/preservation and self-serving agenda, and doesn’t have any qualms using, humiliating and summarily dispensing with them – and moving right along to the next flavor of the month who flatters him best, without missing a beat.. Just like with his wives – cheats with them, moves the one wife out and moves the mistress in, wash, rinse, repeat …Someone remind these treasonous co-conspirators that he’ll do it with you, and he’ll end up doing it to you, too..

      Their callous greed, racist hate, blind ambition, pursuit of undeserved power and shameless grifting trumps all else.. they’ll sacrifice their mothers for a fleeting moment in ‘power’..

      There’s Beauregard’s now former personal gofer, with a self-satisfied smirk, moving his former boss along so he can take his spot – in what is the ultimate betrayal and under bus throwing..

      These alt-right b*tches ain’t loyal..

      It’ll be comedic to see just how the treasonous buffoon humiliates Whitaker too …it’s only a matter of time..

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  14. Corruption to the bone….

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  15. eliihass says:

    Haven’t slept a wink in 2 days …running on mostly tea and chocolates – and a yummy pasta-binge last night …any excuse to indulge in a stress-eat while in my self-imposed media black-out all day yesterday..

    So, forgive me if I keep rambling…

    And God forgive me..

    In my entire life, no matter how much I despise a person, I’ve never wished anyone ill..

    I typically leave it all up to God…

    Karma, too..

    Partly because I believe that what’s meted out via God and Karma, is in the end, certainly massively more satisfying and far beyond anything my human mind could devise..

    I was raised to never wish anyone death …or to speak ill of the dead.. Once one dies, no matter how awful or a-holey-ish, they’re off-limits.. tongue-biting

    But I’ve always liked the idea of the enemy living to see …to bear witness to our victory, greatness, …all while he – the enemy – languishes..

    But I have to confess …for the first time in my life, I found myself wishing that this treasonous a-hole would just stroke out and croak at that podium … and take his kkklan and cohort with him.. because the guy is so sociopathically evil, he’s the sort that’ll hate for anyone to live beyond him, and heaven forbid, have any fun …once he can no longer himself..

    The way he puffed and raged and started to climb down the podium to jump Jim Acosta …but quickly remembered that he was on a live feed… unlike when he bit and yanked out a clump of his first wife’s hair in his rage.. in the privacy of their bedroom…

    So, so, telling..

    I don’t think I’ve despised anyone this much …except maybe his kkkrew.. the enablers and the complicit …the benefactors and the partakers..

    If someone had made a movie with a plot line exactly like this, we’d have all scoffed and endlessly rolled our eyes at their warped imagination and ridiculousness… but here we are, living in the strangest, most precarious, most unreal Orwellian nightmare… And actually just rolling with it like it’s all just so perfectly normal, even if ever so slightly inconvenient and uncomfortable ..

    To describe this all as stranger than fiction would be putting it lightly …the most understament of understatements…

    Beauregard just drove off to sullen faces (relief and concern about what comes next) of the civil servants who have been forced to participate in this charade..

    Can this nightmare please come to a screeching halt soon… And I really don’t care how many of these treasonous white supremacists are flung out of the window when it all comes to a head..

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    • Liza says:

      Don’t feel bad for these thoughts, Ellihass.

      People who bring harm to others deserve no better.

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      • eliihass says:

        Thank you, I think I needed to hear that..

        I’ve written and deleted before I could post them, countless comments since this morning, about just how much I despise this awful, awful subhuman.. And when the wish that he croak came to my mind, I shuddered that this evil person can bring us all to this debased place where our own humanity also takes a hit..

        Meanwhile, there’s Jeffery Toobin, once again, helping to positively frame a destructive narrative in teeny, chewable bites for their audience of treasonous one – while emboldening, giving carte blanche to and providing authoritarian cover to a treasonous buffoon..

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    • ametia says:

      Eliihaas, you go for it. Tell your truth. It’s safe here.

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      • eliihass says:

        Thanks, Sis.. Thanks again to you, S.G and Rik, for this life-saving space where we can unburden – and be as vulnerable and angry and goofy as we need to be..

        I’ve stress-eaten so much chocolate these past few days, if you pricked me, I’d be running chocolate instead of blood..

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  17. Liza says:

    McSally / Sinema update:

    Apparently there are 472K ballots left to count just in Maricopa County (Phoenix).

    It ain’t over.

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    • eliihass says:

      Weren’t we told by access journos – Robert Costa, Jonathan Swan etc., that John Kelly was setting up and leading a post-election war room..

      The ‘patriotic generals’ are helping guide the shenanigans..


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  20. eliihass says:

    Told you fam, the longer this treasonous evil is allowed to linger… the more comfortable, settled in, acquainted he becomes with the awesome apparatus of the federal government, the harder it’ll be to eject him and his kkklan..

    He’s grown even more emboldened because nobody ever checked him …at first he had a little bit of fear and doubt …he kept testing waters to see what he could get away with…and the media obliged him again and again …gleefully playing footsie and playing along as they actively helped to boost and normalize him and his every brazen treasonous act..

    And the proudly alt-right, greedy, power-hungry ‘patriotic’ ‘generals’ who were supposedly there in a supposedly ‘reluctant, but patriotic’ capacity to ‘save the country’, are now in fact not only beholden lapdogs and useful idiots desperate to hold on to their personal ambitions and the awesome power and perks paid for by the American taxpayer, but now actively guiding and aiding and abetting the outright decimation of our democracy, democratic institutions and the once greatest country in the world..


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    • Liza says:

      Rachel Maddow’s show should be interesting tonight.

      Trump still thinks he just needs to fire the right people to end this.

      And half of the electorate doesn’t give a damn about the corruption.

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    • eliihass says:

      I’ve got the power to gift the Golden Gate Bridge to anyone who believes that there wasn’t a tampering with last night’s election results (also job, economic numbers etc.) – and a calculated strategic behind the scenes decision on who to push through, and who to let fail – for the appropriate ‘unsuspicious’ optics …and for vengeance for nit being sufficiently beholden to the treasonous buffoon..

      Kobach, Heller, etc.. reward for 1 and punishment for 2..

      Donnelly and Cordray did not lose..

      Kasich did his bit… very complicit..

      Neither did Beto, Gillum, Abrams.. (conceding without a fight, premature and ill-advised);

      The media helped set the stage and provided cover with the false ‘close race and uncharted territory polls’ narratives ..

      And just as we predicted, they were able to strategically still key States and posts..

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  28. nedhamson says:

    Rep. Maxine Waters for Whip! and Rep. Joaquin Castro for Assistant Whip!


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  32. #JeffSessions living out his white supremacist fantasies of oppressing Black people and POC has come to an end. Sessions is out as Attorney General. 💅🏽

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    • eliihass says:

      Beware alliances formed around mutually beneficial evil..

      Beauregard was sitting cushy in a safe Senate seat.. hooked up with a fellow Russian-owned devil …the queens-born con man to his country bumpkin..

      They yucked it up for a while.. in a public show of mutual admiration..

      Beauregard ascends to an illegally gotten new gig …where all his Jim Crow white supremacist wet dreams came true..

      Soon, he and the treasonous buffoon fall out.. because so much more than Beauregard’s 1950s Jim Crow laws wet dreams, the buffoon is all about his own self-preservation, holding onto unearned power and lining his own pocket..

      And so, in the end, Beauregard after being publicly humiliated by his Queens-born buddy, is out on his white supremacist butt… replaced by his very own gofer.. a low-level nobody who could never in his wildest dreams have imagined himself in the sweet gig even his former master would never have been even considered for.. had the hand of Vlad not been involved in the propelling and installation of a vapid treasonous dumb-dumb in the American People’s house..

      Without a Senate seat .. and now without his dream white supremacist Jim Crow style asserting gig..

      Perhaps, as always happens with the buffoon, Beauregard has been privately offered some sort of blackmail/hostage money alt-gig – in exchange for his forced silence and acquiescence ..and what’s left of his white supremacist ‘dignity’..

      And meanwhile, the treasonous buffoon yet again gets to control and change the narrative and news cycle..

      And the easily distracted, weak-kneed, craven media, not only wittingly falls for it, but eagerly plays along… it’s also good for business they believe – clicks, eyeballs, access to various players in the way Al Jazeera always had access to ‘faceless’ Al Qaida sources …and the almighty book deals of course …

      America, its fragile union and now flailing Vlad-engineered democracy, be damned..

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  33. rikyrah says:

    People need to stop getting upset with Nancy Smash and what she said about Impeachment. It was quite perfect.

    ” No. We’re not going gangbusters for Impeachment.We’re going to wait to see about the report.”

    So, if the report is as awful as some of us think…then, being the patriots that Democrats are…we can’t overlook the report…


  34. Breaking News: Jeff Sessions has resigned as Attorney General.


  35. rikyrah says:

    I am gonna toot my own horn…
    I told you to watch out for those GOP critters in Blue states who went along with the phuckery that was the GOP tax plan. I told you, I know those Blue State suburban GOPers.
    They don’t give two shyts about the Little Baby Jesus, Abortion or Guns.
    They are GOPers because of TAXES.
    And, these clowns went along with phucking with these people’s money.
    They got WIPED OUT on Tuesday. Barely any of them left.

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  37. Liza says:

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  38. And this happened….

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    • eliihass says:

      He can freely attack, call names, mock, bully, disrespect, rage, lie …but don’t anyone dare call him out on any of it …because then it’s suddenly, ‘divisive’..

      This treasonous fool thinks his worn-out, 3rd rate gaslighting bullshit act is convincing – and even smart strategy..


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    • Liza says:


      He’s in bad shape.

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    • eliihass says:

      For crying out loud, can everyone please stop addressing a treasonous buffoon by a sacred honorific that he’s not earned…

      Of everything that drives me nuts in these crazy times, that irks me to no end …

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      • Ametia says:

        Still not watching cable or msm noise. They are still making up excuses and another word for the entire shit show called politics in the age of racists pols.

        eu·phe·mism: /ˈyo͞ofəˌmizəm/noun

        a mild or indirect word or expression substituted for one considered to be too harsh or blunt when referring to something unpleasant or embarrassing.


        ““downsizing” as a euphemism for cuts”

        My favorite: voters called “soccer moms” for white moms!

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    • vitaminlover says:

      I can believe it. Also his hair is a mess!


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  42. Who does she think she is? That’s some brazen ass ISH!

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  43. HE’S SHOOK!

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  44. Trump is losing it at this press conference.

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    • eliihass says:

      He’s seriously lost what’s left of his narcissistic, syphilitic juvenile mind..

      No amount of chewing up words and phrases and spitting them in his mouth, coaching and couching by Bill Shine and John Kelly can sustain beyond a few scripted moments …

      Can’t take the most anodyne questions – even when it’s prefaced with effusive cries from the media, of unearned and undeserved honorifics – including ‘Sir’ …

      That the very same media who had a hard time respectfully and properly addressing the legitimately elected 2-term historic President – and people like Peggy Noonan never once addressed him as president, but consistently used – and continues to this day to use the ‘Mr’ prefix to address the historic president..

      Yet, this same media keeps falling all over themselves grovelingly Sir-ing and addressing a bloody treasonous buffoon and asset of a hostile foreign entity, reverently with the sacred honorific he has neither earned, deserved, and consistently debases..

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  45. Liza says:

    Ha ha. Who cares what Trump says?


  46. Liza says:

    Kyrsten is gonna make them count all the votes. Good for her.

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  47. Maxine Waters as she watches Trump’s press conference……………

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    • eliihass says:

      The media consistently and actively helps positively frame (and every horrid thing about the fool) the narrative for an incurious, marginally literate treasonous buffoon..

      They media effusively waxes poetic about how he’s so ‘good’ at ‘mud fights and can’t be beaten at it’..

      And the result is, the treasonous buffoon hears this and immediately finds a camera to boastfully spit back the narratives the media has helped frame for him..

      And the brazen lies, gaslighting and outright bullshit continues.. As our democracy continues to be decimated..

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  48. Liza says:

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  49. Where’s the news about the boogey man Caravan filled with gang members & mid eastern people coming to break into white people’s homes? 😕 Y’all are some real gullible people. The brainwashing machine is real. #ElectionResults2018 #ElectionNight

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  50. eliihass says:

    …So polite, you’re busy still saying please..

    But when the night is falling..
    You cannot find the light –
    You feel your dreams are dying..
    Hold tight..

    You’ve got the music in you..
    Don’t let go..
    You’ve got the music in you..
    One dance left..
    This world is gonna pull through –
    Don’t give up..
    You’ve got a reason to live –
    Can’t forget..
    We only get what we give..

    Four a.m. we ran a miracle mile
    We’re flat broke,
    But hey we do it in style ..

    The bad rich …God’s flying in for your trial ..

    But when the night is falling –
    You cannot find a friend;
    You feel your tree is breaking..
    Just then –

    You’ve got the music in you..
    Don’t let go..
    You’ve got the music in you –
    One dance left,
    This world is gonna pull through –
    Don’t give up –
    You’ve got a reason to live…
    Can’t forget –
    We only get what we give..

    Don’t let go –
    I feel the music in you..
    Don’t let go –
    You’ve got the music in you..
    Don’t give up..
    This world is gonna pull through..

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  56. You can’t come back from calling your Black opponent a monkey. Fugg him FOREVER!


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  59. Ametia says:

    Minneapolis (Erik Paulsen), St. Paul (Jason Lewis), Republicans went down in FLAMES last night


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    • rikyrah says:

      I have been a Black woman more than 3 days.
      And, there is No Way..

      And I mean NO WAY
      That 18% of US
      Voted against the qualifed, handsome Black man…
      With that wonderful and talented Black wife..
      And those beautiful, eat them up with a spoon children…

      To vote for the man who called him a monkey and was a Dolt45 acolyte..

      Uh uh.
      Nope 😠

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      • ametia says:

        Rikyrah, for the WIN!

        Every black woman took one look at Guillum’s chocolate 🍫 wife and we’re hooked!

        Who the fuck do these mofo think 🤔 gonna buy that fuckery.

        Get the entire fuck on outta here.


  62. @rikyrah

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  71. Scott Walker’s reign of terror is OVER!

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  72. BETO worked so damn hard. He deserved THAT senate seat. Voting machines were switching votes from Beto to Ted Cruz, so NO I don’t believe Ted Cruz won whatsoever. Investigation needed! #Midterm2018 #ElectionNight

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  73. Liza says:

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  74. Liza says:

    Trump is already spewing sh!t this AM.


  75. Liza says:

    They haven’t called it yet but it looks like McSally wins Arizona.

    She isn’t qualified to catch dogs, but she’s going to the Senate. For six years.

    Most of the Arizona electorate revels in being the shithole of the southwest.


  76. rikyrah says:

    As a citizen of Illinois, last night was pretty damn good to me.
    Rauner is gone.
    I have a Black man for Attorney General who will be an advocate for the average citizen.
    We have a Black woman for Lt. Governor.

    Now, next stop, the Chicago elections.

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  77. rikyrah says:

    We retook the House without help from a certain Senator from Vermont.
    Now, it’s time to lay waste to him.

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  78. rikyrah says:

    I am still in shock by Lauren Underwood winning that seat in IL-14.
    A 32 year old nurse in a majority White district.
    All her ads we’re healthcare. All of them.
    Nobody thought that she could win. I surely didn’t.
    Tickled pink about it 😄😄😄

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    • coach4divas says:

      This was my old district. Unbelievable. Hultgren was a waste of flesh, but ya’ll know how “white world” (aka suburbia) loves their R’s, esp those that vow to protect poor little white women and children from all those evil black boys in the city.

      I was already celebrating Rauner’s ousting while shedding tears about Andrew G and Beto. But this made me hope, even just a little. Well done, Lauren!


  79. rikyrah says:

    I am not saying that my heart isn’t broken..but, my rage from 2016 is lessened a bit because of last night.


    • Liza says:

      Yeah, I kept telling myself that taking back the HOUSE was number one and we got it. And that’s true.

      But there are some hard pills to swallow from last night.


  80. rikyrah says:

    Good Morning, Everyone 😄😄😄

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  82. BYE BOO

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  84. Just sitting here thinking about Maxine Waters chairing the Financial Services Committee……

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  85. Claire McCaskill abandoned Black people in #Ferguson when #MichaelBrown was murdered, bash Democrats & called them crazy. She sided with Bob McCulloch and refused to call for a special prosecutor so don’t look for Black people to bail you out when you need a helping hand. BYE BOO

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    • Liza says:

      She should have retired and not run. The old girl had to know it was going to be a tight race and she was likely to lose without strong Democratic support. And she had to know she didn’t have that support after #Michael Brown.

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  87. Ron DeSantis openly called his Black opponent a monkey on national tv and white people voted for him. #AmerikkkaIsARacistHellHole


  88. Democrats take control of the House. Guess who will chair the House Financial Services Committee? Maxine Waters! And she will have the power to subpoena Donald Trump’s bank records.

    This is Maxine Waters when she subpoena Trump’s financial records…….

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  89. Good morning, everyone. My heart is broken. BETO! 😢😢😢

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