Mueller Report: Read the full document

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A Native Texan who adores baby kittens, loves horses, rodeos, pomegranates, & collect Eagles. Enjoys politics, games shows, & dancing to all types of music. Loves discussing and learning about different cultures. A Phi Theta Kappa lifetime member with a passion for Social & Civil Justice.
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  9. The rule of law is gone…………….

    US Justice Department is destroyed.

    The Justice Department refused to seek justice for police killings of unarmed Black people, like Black people aren’t citizens of this country & God has allowed them to destroy themselves. Checks & Balances gone. Rule of law gone. We’re in a Constitutional Crisis now. #MuellersReport


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  18. I blame the media for elevating this lawless thug by giving him free airtime to show his klan rallies across the country to spread his hate & now the thug is openly defying the law & doing whatever the fk he wants. Y’all need to remove this toxic poison from our WH. #ImpeachTheMF


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  24. Ex Trump campaign chair, Paul Manafort, is officially in prison. He has been transferred from jail to federal prison.

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  25. The media helped to elevate this thug………….

    Obstruction right in our face. I told y’all he was a thug. He doesn’t give a damn about the rule of law. You’d better pay attention to what Michael Cohen said…..there will be no peaceful transition when Trump leaves the WH. He’s gonna have to be thrown out on his ass.


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  28. Are you out of your mind @senatemajldr? We will NOT move on. #Impeach that thug occupying our sacred Oval Office. If you’re too cowardly to do so then RESIGN. The American people have had quite enough of you putting party before country.


  29. #ImpeachTheMF


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  46. @RepSeanMaloney If you can’t get with protecting the country….GET OUT of our government. We don’t need a weak coward scared of his shadow. You want to leave a criminal in the Oval Office until 2020? HELL NO! You have a duty to protect the country. DO IT! #MuellerReport

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  47. Good to see Joy Reid tearing @RepSeanMaloney UP w/ that bullshyt about not impeaching Trump. WTF does it take to impeach a criminal sitting in the Oval Office knowing the country’s secrets,cozying up to hostile foreign powers. IMPEACH him! He’s a danger to the country & the world

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  48. Forever and a day, we’ve heard ignorance of the law is no excuse. Charge Donald Trump Jr if he committed crimes just like anyone else. The law is the law!

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  49. CNN trying to drag President Obama in with Trump b/c they know Trump’s a*ss will be held accountable. They want the Black man to look bad because their white hero FUCKED UP BADLY. The media helped elevate a thug to the highest office in the land. Y’all FAILED the American people.

    CNN gave this thug free airtime & showed his klan rallies in their entireties and their excuse was he was the front runner. Such bullshyt! They’d better lay the blame at @senatemajldr feet. He refused to sign a bipartisan agreement with PBO condemning Russia about interfering in our elections. Mitch McConnell OWNS this ISH. FUCK CNN AND THEIR HORSE!

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    • Liza says:

      I think it is also about the 15 minutes of fame. Right now Barr is “important.” MSM is reporting his every move, everything he says. Everyone is paying attention to him. And he’s been written into history, perhaps as a bit player on the wrong side but the documentaries will mention him.


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  66. We can’t allow this criminal thug to stay in our Oval Office knowing the country’s secrets, having the nuclear codes etc. Remove him @SpeakerPelosi. He’s a danger to the country and the world. #ImpeachTrump


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  80. I don’t think @TheDemocrats know how enraged the people are. Move your a*ss and get rid of this criminal thug occupying our Oval Office.


  81. And if republicans won’t impeach then the people need to protest in the streets and stay there until we get action. @MoveOn


  82. Look at this weak ass bitttch walk back his fuckery………..

    Primary him! He’s so big and brave to attack and mock the Black Muslim woman but want to give a pass to the criminal in the Oval Office. BE GONE @LeaderHoyer


  83. .@LeaderHoyer needs to go! I mean hit the door. We don’t need him in Congress attacking one of his own for standing up for human rights while wimping out on the real thug criminal who is sitting in our Oval Office. STOP DOWN, HOYER!


  84. Weak a*ss. VOTE @LeaderHoyer out if it’s the last thing you do. He is good at taking shots at @IlhanMN and attacking her but a wimp when it comes to Trump and preserving the rule of law. Get him out of our government.


  85. Will someone primary @LeaderHoyer? Enough of this ISH!


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  87. rikyrah says:


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  89. But when Michelle Wolf roasted her for lying, you and Maggie Haberman pretended it was about her appearance. No, it was about her bald face lies. So stop with the total disgrace bs. You should have called out her lies a long time ago.


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    • Liza says:

      Yes, ma’am.


    • eliihass says:

      I’m getting bored with ‘leadership’ by tweet..

      Get it done already, people..

      I’ve been warning in forever that the longer it takes and more settled in the treasonous buffoon, the more emboldened he gets..

      The only reason Beauregard recused and the rest of the complicit crew of enablers were slightly forthcoming and scared and admitted stuff to Mueller, is that they all still assumed and feared that the so-called checks and balances still worked and might bite them in the a*se..

      No more.. They and the treasonous buffoon no longer have any of those initial qualms …fears/concerns …they now realize that they can do just about anything and get away with it, too..

      And as I warned then, between the treasonous buffoon slickly understudying and using up ‘the generals’ and other greedy, power-hungry wily government types that he dangled carrots to and used to learn how to navigate and game the system as usual …and trading favors with the GOP while cultivating and ingratiating himself to the white supremacist mobs, if Dems don’t act now – not tweet – it’s pretty much over..


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  93. rikyrah says:


    • Liza says:

      Impeachment is the message that this won’t be tolerated by the people.

      Otherwise, we can expect more of the same from some future president.


  94. The Department of Justice need to change their rules on indicting a sitting president. Full stop! #MuellerReport


    • eliihass says:

      It’s not even a rule.. it’s a ‘suggestion’ that’s obviously designed to be wielded selectively .. because you and I know that there’d have been absolutely no hesitation in using it for the slightest perceived wrongdoing, between 2009 and 2016..

      The idea that the presidency is now used as a safe harbor for criminals – including treasonous ones bought and paid for, and completely beholden to America’s most hostile foreign enemies, means that criminals will now pay for and do whatever they have to to get in there and be protected from their criminality …while having absolute control over everything – including nuclear codes, state secrets, institutions and every awesome power, instrument and facet of government of the most powerful country in the world..

      This is now a banana republic..

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  95. rikyrah says:

    MSNBC (@MSNBC) Tweeted:
    Chuck Rosenberg says he once believed AG Barr was a “principled institutionalist,” but “he is not what I thought him to be … Barr has gone too far into the tank for the president of the United States.”


    • eliihass says:

      I’ve no use for anyone who says they believed Barr to be ‘principled’ anything.. I’ve even less use for those expressing ‘surprise’ or ‘disappointment’ with Barr …especially today – after all we’ve all been long privy to his audition letter and other shenanigans that date back decades..


  96. rikyrah says:

    Joshua Holland 🔥 (@JoshuaHol) Tweeted:
    The bottom line is that Robert Mueller’s report is an impeachment referral.


    • eliihass says:

      As a patriot, he should have had the guts to boldly make that recommendation crystal clear, and to make it ironclad and free from manipulation and deliberate ‘misinterpretation’ by its subject – the treasonous buffoon and his dubious cohort of beholden enablers and co-conspirators..


  97. Senator Richard Burr sitting as chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee and betraying the hell out of his country. No love for country WHATSOEVER! We are in a Constitutional Crisis. Corruption running rampant. Checks and Balances gone, the rule of law be damn! #MuellerReport

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  98. eliihass says:

    So in the end, Mueller, the ‘patriot’, wimped out..

    In the end, even in the face of glaring criminality by a treasonous buffoon, it was all still so easily kiboshed by white privilege, entitlement and identity politics …A fidelity to, and protection of their – Rosenstein, Barr et al’s shared commitment white supremacy, white entitlement and to securing their party – the GOP’s continued stranglehold on power, our politics.. and controlling and shaping every sector – executive, financial, judicial, congressional ..for as long as possible..


  99. Sean Hannity need to be locked up.

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  101. vitaminlover says:

    Southern, this is why just love you. I KNEW that you would come up with a copy of this report. Mueller is going to have to testify for sure.

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  102. There is a criminal sitting in the Oval Office posing as a president and he MUST be REMOVED. #MuellerReport #BarrCoverUp #ImpeachTrump

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  103. eliihass says:

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  104. Greedy ass thugs sold the country out and then obstructed justice to hinder and stop the investigations into their crimes. #CrimingWhileWhite #MuellerReport

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  105. rikyrah says:


    Media Matters (@mmfa) Tweeted:
    Mueller report details Sean Hannity was the person that who informed Reince Priebus about the Trump Tower meeting


  106. rikyrah says:

    Jon Favreau (@jonfavs) Tweeted:
    If you’re president, you get to commit whatever crime you’d like, so long as your party has enough votes in Congress to help you escape conviction.

    Does that seem like a great precedent?


  107. rikyrah says:

    He should know

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  109. rikyrah says:


    anyone gotten a statement from Mark Warner?

    Folks told him that he was being PLAYED……

    uh huh
    uh huh

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  110. rikyrah says:

    @Adam L Silverman:

    Those are questions I can’t answer. I know what I’d advise, which is that regardless of what it does to the outcome of the next election, you have to start impeachment for the President and Attorney General Barr. And you don’t need to worry about locking in impeachment as a partisan political tool, rather than a constitutional tool to hold the President and other executive branch officials accountable for their actions, because the GOP has made it clear since 1996 that that is there official position on impeachment and what it is to be used for.



    It’s time for Democrats to phucking start acting like we are in the WAR that we are in.
    They wanted, gutlessly, to punt this to Robert Mueller. Well, that’s not how it worked out.

    Time for War. And, those of you who are squeamish..STFU and go sit in the corner.

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  111. rikyrah says:

    Jim Sciutto (@jimsciutto) Tweeted:
    To name a few:

    1-Trump claimed he never asked for loyalty from Comey – Mueller found he did.
    2-Trump claimed he never asked Comey to let Flynn matter go – Mueller found he did.
    3-Trump claimed he never pushed McGahn to fire Mueller – Mueller found he did.


  112. rikyrah says:


    Neal Katyal (@neal_katyal) Tweeted:
    Must look at p2 of Report. Mueller says he applied a legal standard whereby he could NOT accuse Trump of crimes. So there isn’t a way the Report exonerates. “we determined NOT to apply an approach that could potentially result in a judgment that the President committed crimes”


  113. rikyrah says:

    Ari Melber (@AriMelber) Tweeted:
    5 Points on Barr Presser:

    Didn’t include Mueller at all

    Admits he disagreed with Mueller on several “legal theories”

    Admits he gave WH advance copy of Report

    Claims Trump’s “anger” is a defense

    Says Mueller details 10 “episodes” of Trump’s potential obstruction of justice


  114. rikyrah says:

    CBS News (@CBSNews) Tweeted:
    Pg 157 of #MuellerReport: “Our investigation found multiple acts by the President that were capable of exerting undue influence over law enforcement investigations… carried out through one-on-one meetings in which [he] sought to use his official power outside of usual channels”


  115. rikyrah says:

    Greg Sargent (@ThePlumLineGS) Tweeted:
    Mueller documented extensive and grave misconduct by Trump, and importantly, shot down the legal theory of Trump’s lawyers — and Barr himself — that presidents are above the law.

    Over to you, Congress.

    @paulwaldman1 and me on Mueller’s findings:


  116. rikyrah says:

    Garrett M. Graff (@vermontgmg) Tweeted:
    This reads to me as an impeachment referral: “The conclusion that Congress may apply the obstruction laws to the President’s corrupt exercise of the powers of office accords with our constitutional system of checks and balanced and the principle that no person is above the law.”


  117. That’s why Michelle Wolf roasted lying Sarah Huckabee at White House Correspondents’ Dinner. She’s a compulsive liar and lies to the public without blinking. She MUST resign!

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  118. rikyrah says:

    Malcolm Nance (@MalcolmNance) Tweeted:
    FBI suspects Russians hacked ‘at least one’ Florida county, Mueller report says – POLITICO


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  120. rikyrah says:

    Keith Boykin (@keithboykin) Tweeted:
    If Loretta Lynch or Eric Holder ever held a press conference about Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton without releasing the accompanying report, as William Barr just did, Fox News & the entire Republican Party would have blown a gasket. This is corruption at its worst. #BarrCoverUp


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  122. rikyrah says:

    Burgess Everett (@burgessev) Tweeted:
    Senate Intel Chair Burr apparently fed info on FBI’s Russia probe to White House, Mueller report says. Burr did not respond to request for comment on meeting with Comey then briefing WH counsel office on FBI investigations


  123. rikyrah says:

    Nate Silver (@NateSilver538) Tweeted:
    I’m not an expert on this stuff, but this seems like an interesting part on page 18 of the PDF that I haven’t seen other people point out, where Mueller says his conclusions could conceivably be different if not for witnesses lying, invoking privilege, etc.

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    • Liza says:

      Yes, it is time for Congress to get in gear. Subpoena Mueller and grill his a$$. He may not be a folk hero but he won’t lie under oath.


  125. THREAD……………


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  128. Senator Burr, you are a disgrace. Resign from the senate. Step down today!

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  129. Burr has to go! #THUG with no regard for the rule of law. #Corrupt #MuellerReport


  130. DAMN! These corrupt criminal mofos! Richard Burr was the mother fucking back channel to Trump.

    .@MarkWarner Your thoughts on #MuellerReport stating @SenatorBurr being the back channel to Trump? He deceived you and the public. Burr should resign. He has lost the public’s trust. #ResignRichardBurr


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  132. rikyrah says:


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  134. Pete Souza, y’all!

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  136. Time to IMPEACH

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  139. rikyrah says:

    Follow Follow @bobcesca_go
    Jesus! Mueller: “Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Minnesota” were discussed between Manafort and GRU operative Kilimnik.

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  140. rikyrah says:

    So-called Attorney General claimed Individual 1 fully cooperated with Mueller investigation.


    Trump may have obstructed justice at least ten times.

    No one is above the law.

    12:32 PM – Apr 18, 2019


  141. Trump was frustrated. That’s all it takes for a white man to get away with his crimes. WTF America?

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  142. rikyrah says:

    I will say it again..

    IF this had been 44….
    And, ALL we knew was what we knew in December 2016…

    You best believe that.


  143. My son said, Mom don’t put your faith in the #MuellerReport. We’re watching white men conspiring against the U.S. & getting 30 days to 3 months in prison, while Black people are sitting years in prison for weed. Watch Trump will get off! There will be no justice.😢 #BarrCoverUp

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  146. WTF happened to Rosenstein? He’s standing there like a deer in headlights. Is he being blackmailed?


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  155. Barr lied. Impeach him!


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