Sunday Open Thread

Good Morning. I hope that you are enjoying this weekend with family and friends.

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  1. eliihass says:

    Sorry, fam… I know this won’t necessarily be well-received, but I’ve got to be honest…

    If we plan to actually win this thing in 2020, we’re going to have to do so much better than these cheap stunts, and worse, pushing false equivalencies, crying wolf at every turn, and other glaring inconsistencies and hypocrisies that risk trivializing our issues and worse, making a mockery of things, and deliberately misleading and muddying up stuff – including actual serious threats …credible death threats like that which the Obamas have been subjected to in unprecedented levels, but have gracefully endured, lived with and stoically navigated for over 10 years and counting.. with hardly a woe is us peep out of them or garden-style open pity-parties ..and there’s been nary a peep out of folks as the unelected historic First Lady has faced actual serious death threats and constant and continued assorted dehumanization and assaults on her person..

    Every single day – even now post-presidency, folks are out there in the open still virulently threatening and wishing the Obamas death …a police officer – part of the motorcycle detail assigned to the historic First Lady, showed off his gun to his colleagues which he said he’d like to use to kill the historic First Lady.. He’s still a police officer in the same police department… Folks hung her husband in effigy every chance they could.. and showed up at events in open-carry states with guns strapped to their ankles …their then minor daughters have somehow managed to grow up and continue to navigate life and a version of ‘normalcy’ in the face of all these credible death threats.. including that incited by the treasonous buffoon, his birther wife and their cohort, who cast their father as a suspicious anti-American foreign-born interloper.. and have endlessly tried to strangle their mother for ‘not being proud of America’.. which they hide behind to try to provide cover for what actually motivates their hate and death threats against her.. unprecedented levels of death threats that have matched and sometimes even exceeded her elected husband’s.. and certainly exceed that targeted at any living president (except her husband), and certainly, something no other First Lady has ever faced or had to worry about..

    Part of being a visible public figure or running a campaign.. any campaign for that matter, is that your campaign prepares for unforeseen … and importantly, prioritize and budget for security …heck, even D-list ‘celebrities’ hire security and especially for dealing with crowds and at events.. Heck, even the catch me outside(?) kid has security when she’s moving around..

    Protesters, activists etc. happen all the time.. even the treasonous buffoon had his moment even *after* he became the gop nominee and was assigned secret service protection.. it did not stop the guy who tried to rush him on stage..

    There’s also the incident with the 2 young ladies in Seattle who as part of the Black Lives Matter movement, stormed the stage at a Bernie event, took over the microphone and practically shut Bernie down..

    There are so many instances of even more hostile and aggressive stage-storming by those looking to make a statement.. it happens, it’s part of the gig.. you prepare for it… you take precautions.. you hire your own security..

    There’s been such a knowing, eye-rolling amusement out here in California re: all this exaggerated ‘furor’ over some scrawny San Francisco pothead doing what folks here do best …and something of a rite of passage for those like him at political events like these ..

    People see the exaggerated ‘uproar’ as yet another cynical attempt – like the ridiculously curated stabs at ‘authenticity’ ripped right out of 10+ years worth of the Obamas’ archived YouTube videos of events, speeches, genuine interactions, and social media pages … As if folks somehow don’t remember the Obamas …and folks have amnesia and don’t see right through all these desperately contrived attempts at staging and replicating what were their spontaneous and effortlessly authentic personas and humanity..

    And where those replications have all failed to really catch on like hoped, now making something out of nothing to yet again try to prop up some over-hyped manufactured candidate who simply doesn’t cut it, and isn’t doing it for most of us who know better..

    The PR folks and paid social media ‘influencers’ rah-rah-ing for this candidate aren’t fooling anyone.. it’s all so glaringly desperate.. and folks aren’t missing the slick moves to try to attack opponents, guilt and whine for more media coverage -even though most others haven’t even gotten anywhere near the coverage generously given this candidate riding on the ‘black/woman’ ‘sexist/racism’ tail..

    It’s all so ridiculous and laughably cringey …reading some of the tweets, one sometimes gets visions of, and almost the same sense that some of the candidate’s ‘influencer’ folks went to the same social media training school as those who try to gaslight and talk-up the illiterate imported birther moll by straight-faced describing her as ‘very educated’, a ‘good christian wife’ á la Proverbs 31… and of course, ‘classy’, polyglot.. etc.

    The risk of overplaying ones hand seriously looms large..

    As it is, folks weren’t exactly buying it before… And these desperately exaggerated efforts to force-feed a shared/familial ‘emotional connection’, not only fall flat, but actually serve to bolster and further confirm folks’ not positive original takeaways..

    The treasonous buffoon is without a doubt a literal and metaphorical massive fraud.. the very worst kind..

    But there are also other types of frauds out there.. some in our party.. running for president.. and amusingly, being hailed by those who live in social media bubbles.. folks who think that co-signing and reinforcing each other’s shared views means we’re ‘winning’.. when it’s actually not happening..

    People know the difference between authentic and curated ‘authenticity’…

    People know a knock-off when they see one.. there’s a stark difference between the real thing and the counterfeit .. And those with eyes, see..

    And boy, are folks in for a massive shock if this is the path folks choose to continue down on..

    Hate to say it, but if this is it, Dems lose again..

    There are those who’ll without question opt to stay with a bloviating treasonous buffoon over trying out some featherweight over-rehearsed unconvincing poor imitation..

  2. Only a white man can brag about how many civilians he has killed and there be no consequences. Rule of law? WTF is that? The rule of law is gone. White men are thumbing their nose at the law and the occupant in the Oval Office is openly telling folks to violate the law.

    • Liza says:

      Yeah, I’ve wondered about Mueller for quite awhile. It always concerned me that people were placing so much hope in him and I thought that was a mistake. I thought we should wait and see and now, of course, we see.

      There’s no safe middle ground here.

  3. rikyrah says:

    Good Morning, Everyone 😄😄😄

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