Open Thread | A Possible Road to Impeachment?

This is an interesting thread about the Democrats and Impeachment of Dolt45.

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Thread: House Democrats have a strategy for removing Trump from office. Not only is it a good strategy, it’s the very best strategy available in terms of both substance and timing. This thread will explain what the House is doing and why. Please read on and retweet.

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First, House Dems know they can vote to impeach Trump right now on multiple bases, including obstruction of justice, violations of the Emoluments Clause, gross unfitness for office, and more. They also know the Senate will NOT convict for any of that.

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Rather than rushing to impeach and failing to get a conviction, House Dems are working hard to put together an “ironclad” (using Pelosi’s words) case against Trump. The centerpiece of the ironclad case is that Trump is compromised by money laundering for Russian oligarchs.

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House Dems are betting it all that Trump is compromised by Russian money laundering. They already know it’s true and they know where to get the evidence needed to prove it: from Trump’s bankers (Deutsche Bank) and his tax advisors (Mazars).

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Getting evidence from Deutsche Bank/Mazars has been the primary focus of House General Counsel (Douglas Letter) ever since he was hired by Pelosi in January. Subpoenas were issued to Deutsche Bank/Mazars back in April and the cases have been working their way through the courts.

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For more on how the House will get the DB/Mazars documents, read the thread linked below. For now, let’s just say the strategy is sound and the House should get the documents from DB/Mazars by November of this year, a full year before the election.

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Once House Dems get the DB/Mazars documents, they have a team in place to analyze them, namely Daniel Goldman (former SDNY deputy chief of organized-crime unit) and Daniel Noble (former SDNY co-chief of the complex frauds and cybercrime unit).

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Goldman and Noble will put together a killer case showing Trump to be a career money launderer for the Russians. This not only makes him a criminal, it also means he’s compromised and beholden to Russia. This is way beyond any of the other evidence against Trump; this is nuclear.

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Once the case is built, Pelosi will take the podium and announce formal impeachment hearings, complete with the smoking gun. Pelosi will detail the evidence House Dems have gathered and the electorate will suddenly awaken from a long, gaslit slumber.

I don’t know if I agree with all of this. I don’t disagree. I believe the poster has a lot of good points. And, remember, one of the many things that disappointed about the Mueller Investigation is that they DID NOT go into Dolt45’s financials- so this isn’t a re-run of anything. What the Democrats on those House Committees are investigating is NEW. So, don’t let folks BS you and tell you that it’s a waste of time – it’s never been PROPERLY investigated, so how is knowing the depth of the financial corruption of this President and the hostile foreign power that enabled him to victory – ‘a waste of time’.
Follow the money has always been one of the truest things ever said. The money doesn’t lie. The money tells the tale. And, it’s past time that this country found out the truth. It’s about time that we know where the money leads us. I have no doubt of the corruption and cesspool that IS this Administration. And, yes, I want for the Democrats in the House to do their jobs, and do the investigations.

I don’t think this is a silver bullet. Let’s not kid ourselves – those in the Dolt45 Cult aren’t going to stop. But, for those of us who have known what a crook Dolt45 is, formal confirmation through investigations is welcome. And. it’s time for the Democrats to go on the offensive and don’t stop until November 2020.

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39 Responses to Open Thread | A Possible Road to Impeachment?

  1. Wwteel says:

    I am torn. Of course, he needs to go. If he is impeached the cowardly Republicans in the Senate will never defy him and will never convict. Trump will say, “I am vindicated.” If the House will not impeach he will say, “See, I told you I’m vindicated, the Democrats knew it too because they didn’t impeach me.”
    Trumpers will, of course, believe his lies no matter what he says.
    What I am afraid of is when the final election totals are revealed and he loses (fingers crossed) he will simply take out his trusty sharpie and add a couple of zeros to the end of his totals and declare victory!

  2. rikyrah says:

    POLITICO (@politico) Tweeted:
    Exclusive: President Trump is moving closer to unveiling a dramatic overhaul of how America should distribute foreign aid. And it would channel money to “friends and allies.”

  3. rikyrah says:

    Robert Reich (@RBReich) Tweeted:
    Horrifying report: Trump isn’t just soliciting Ukraine’s help with 2020 presidential campaign. He’s using U.S. military aid that Ukraine desperately needs to force Ukraine to launch an investigation of Joe Biden. #ImpeachTrump

  4. rikyrah says:

    Isn’t Iowa like one of the oldest states, in terms of age?

    It should never be forgotten that the November 2018 elections saved the American Social Safety Net.

    Sen. Ernst says lawmakers should discuss fixing Social Security ‘behind closed doors’
    By Felicia Sonmez September 5 at 3:23 PM

    Sen. Joni Ernst (R-Iowa) said at a recent town hall that lawmakers should discuss fixing Social Security “behind closed doors,” prompting a wave of criticism from liberal and advocacy groups.

    Ernst, who is running for reelection in 2020, made the remarks Saturday, according to a video posted by the Democratic super PAC American Bridge. The comments began to receive broader attention after they were reported Wednesday by the liberal news website Iowa Starting Line.

    Ernst told the audience in Estherville that “there is a point in time when we as Congress will have to address the situation. And I think it’s better done sooner rather than later, to make sure that we’ve shored up that system.”


    “The only people squealing from Joni Ernst’s toxic record are Iowans who rely on Social Security,” Greenfield tweeted Wednesday, in a reference to a 2014 campaign ad by Ernst about castrating hogs. “We work hard for these earned benefits and deserve better than a senator who plays games with retirement security.”

    American Bridge and other groups also seized on Ernst’s remarks.

    “@SenJoniErnst’s plan to privatize Social Security is so toxic, she wants to keep it a secret to avoid ‘media scrutiny,’ ” the super PAC said in a tweet.

  5. rikyrah says:

    Trump admin sued over deportation of ailing kids and families

    Matt Segal, legal director of the ACLU of Massachusetts, talks with Rachel Maddow about a new lawsuit to stop the Trump administration from deporting immigrant children whose lives depend on medical treatments they’re receiving in the United States, and to preserve the USCIS deferred action program.

  6. rikyrah says:

    NEW: The Trump administration will take “influential” British journalists to American farms so they can try “chlorinated chicken”— BuzzFeed UK (@BuzzFeedUK) September 6, 2019

  7. rikyrah says:

    Good Morning, Everyone 😄😄😄

  8. rachel says:

    Whether or not it works to Get the Orange Out, it looks worth doing. I hope he’s right and this unfolds the way he thinks it might.

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