Open Thread | Anyway You Look At, It Spells TREASON

No two ways.



Well well well.

I mean, someone brought into the Presidency accepting help from hostile foreign power.

Someone who has been a National Security threat from the beginning.

Someone who has shown, time and time again, that they have no allegiance to the United States of America.

His fundamental disrespect of the military.

Is anyone REALLY surprised by the new news of TREASON from this President?

It was strange when the Orange Menace tweeted out TREASON, accusing 44. I mean, it’s his usual stupidity, but, as always anything he says is PROJECTION.

So, this dropped.



Now, the LIE they are trying to peddle is that the National Security Apparatus of the United States, upon finding this out…



I am supposed to believe that?


Um, no.

He knew about it, and even AFTER knowing about it, pushed to have Russia re-join the G7.

Yeah, because, of course, he did.


So, he did what he always does. Try and throw out a night new shiny object – the retweet of the White Power guy.

But, FINALLY, the MSM has caught on. They’ve been, ‘ yeah yeah, that White Power stuff, but, what about the BOUNTY on American soldiers?’

EVERY REPUBLICAN needs to be made to answer for this.

EVERY REPUBLICAN needs to be made to go on the record about this.

None of their mealy-mouth weaseling out of it bullshyt that they usually do.



YES, they should ALL have to answer about it.

And, the DNC should prepare the ads with whatever answer or non-answer they come up. They must be tied to this TRAITOR. They wanted to back him. All the GOP Senators, save for Willard, are responsible for this. THIS is his lack of character, and has been, since the beginning. THEY chose not to remove him. So, THEY should be held responsible for whatever he does. And, there shouldn’t be sliver of light between Dolt45 and every Republican running. They stuck by him, so they are stuck to him.


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65 Responses to Open Thread | Anyway You Look At, It Spells TREASON

  1. Liza says:

    I am increasingly fearful that I could get this and die regardless of whatever precautions I take, and I take them all. But over time, you have to do things, go to the doctor, have people in your home for necessary maintenance, etc… And why? Because we are nation of 63 million Trump voting ignorant assholes? And those are just the ones we know about. I am TIRED.

    • eliihass says:

      That lethal combination of dug-in stupidity, indiscipline, arrogance, false sense of entitlement, ignorance, incuriosity, intemperate self-indulgence/self-absorption, endless delusions, false sense of superiority, invincibility.. that will ultimately be the complete undoing of America..

    • Liza says:

      Well, aren’t they just salt of the Earth white folk who worked the land because they couldn’t afford any slaves.

      So what were they fighting for? Maybe they were saving up for a slave and hoped to have some one day.

  2. rikyrah says:

    America’s Newsroom host Ed Henry is FIRED for sexual misconduct allegations made by a former employee – four years after a four-month leave of absence due to extra-marital affair with Vegas cocktail waitress
    America’s Newsroom host Ed Henry, 48, was fired by Fox Wednesday over sexual misconduct allegations
    A complaint was made by a former Fox employee on June 25
    It referred to willful sexual misconduct in the workplace years ago
    He was dismissed following an investigation 


    PUBLISHED: 09:33 EDT, 1 July 2020 | UPDATED: 09:43 EDT, 1 July 2020

  3. eliihass says:

    “…They were simply emboldened, floating on an ancient tide of superiority, buoyed by the fact that history had never told them anything different..”

    -Michelle Obama
    Becoming, 2018

  4. Liza says:

    Just saw a Trump/Pence attack ad claiming Joe Biden is 77 and “slipping” as in demented.

    Interesting that Trump would go there since he’s 74 and not exactly the sharpest tool in the box.

    • eliihass says:


      ‘Even though I am, I’m certainly not, but look, look over there …that other guy, he certainly is..’

      That now completely normalized gaslighting projection: The 2020 Treasonous Buffoon & Co. edition..



      If, a raucous and toxic minority of paid ‘influencers’ who’re all expecting by virtue of association, that they too will be automatically buoyed into WH gigs …plus, some deep-pocket donors, including several carry-overs from Hillary-2016..

      If these folks somehow succeed in force-feeding Democrats, and strong-arming and ultimately, saddling the Democratic nominee with a wholly unworthy, undeserving and desperately contrived opportunist who was hovering in 5th place in own home state and so dropped out in fear of jeopardizing the forcefully field-cleared senate seat..

      Worse, and as somehow the entitled and sole beneficiary of the black vote and black voters buoying Biden to the nomination.. and all in spite of said failed candidate character-deficiency, and failed candidate’s various desperately foul shenanigans..

      If the raucous minority somehow manage to pull off this sham..

      And simply with a coordinated toxic Twitter effort and buy-in by some MSNBC talking heads (that just as with the primaries, is not in fact reflective of what a vast majority of Democrats or Black voters actually want)..

      A toxic effort that has been wielded to shame, guilt, bully, attack, insult, strong-arm the nominee and other folks into submission.. by insisting that this is all about ‘black women’ and ‘black representation’… even as they’ve actively worked to diminish, denigrate and dismiss other black women …to the exclusion of their singular contrived version and choice of ‘black’ woman.. except of course on the rare occasion when they’re trying to be slick.. and only as cover or a buffer for their ‘black’ woman failed candidate..

      This idea that their failed candidate is somehow owed something …and must be rewarded with some choice gig.. or else… and never mind the senate seat that was already secured on their behalf, and only by forcefully clearing the field and strong-arming others out..

      If they somehow manage to pull off this farce, and laughably, all in the name of ‘black representation’, not only do many of us in that proverbial ‘silent majority’ reserve the right to question our nominee’s judgement..

      More importantly, and very sadly, that Dem ticket will lose.. again.. even though our nominee actually does better in the polls, before any VP choice is factored in..

      Also important, the Obamas once again can’t be called upon to (or blamed when they can’t) work miracles.. or somehow be expected to transfer some of that non-transferable popularity, loyalty that they (to the chagrin of some) still command …yes, in spite of and even after all the revved up attacks from both the Alt-Right, Alt-Left, (paid) ADOS, (misled) ADOS, some traditional Democrats – including Hillary-PUMAs (yes, they’re still out there!), and supporters of various failed 2020 candidates desperately looking to elevate their person by damaging and permanently sidelining the Obamas..

      • Liza says:

        Yeah, Biden’s VP choice is huge given his age. And everyone knows it.

        Given the importance of this choice, it would seem that choosing a former candidate who “hovered in 5th place” would not be good overall but would certainly appease the “raucous and toxic minority”. I see them too.

        Voters are more or less conditioned to accept the VP choice. The Bush/Cheney model was an aberration, most presidents choose not to give up power, and a VP hasn’t stepped in to take over the presidency since Nixon resigned.

        Electing a 77 year old man to the presidency changes everything, of course, and there are expectations that the VP will be powerful if not the next president. So who gets that? Biden has already promised a woman and I think most of us figured it pretty much had to be. So that’s fixed. If we make the assumption that the first priority is to choose someone qualified to govern in these perilous times, or someone who is generally perceived as qualified to govern, then the actual choice may indeed be a reward. And the raucous ones have a head start.

        It’s a hot mess. Trump will leave the entire executive branch in shambles. It already is, and it will be worse. There is a tsunami out there, just waiting.

    • eliihass says:

      Problem is, just as with 2016, there’s already serious rumblings from Dem voters who are not, and absolutely don’t intend to get on board with this VP pick now being pushed by the raucous minority.. And many have made their peace with letting the chips fall where they may..

      Personally, none of our acquaintances, friends, family, etc. are on board with this particular pick being heavily promoted/force-fed Dem voters as somehow the ‘logical’ pick… none.. And at least a vast majority feel so strongly about it that they’ve sworn that if it happens, that they’ll be skipping the president bit and just voting down-ballot..

      We’ve had rather interesting conversations with several of our neighbors on what’s become our bi-weekly virtual HOA meet-up many of whom are trying their darnedest to be careful not to be seen as ‘racially-insensitive’ in their response to the whole a specific ‘black woman’ as sole beneficiary …rewarded as running mate on the ticket … My one neighbor is particularly incensed as she’d actually made her first of several campaign donations of this election cycle to our Nominee, immediately after that whole insidiously foul ‘bussing and I was that girl’ charade.. And the incredibly scummy, ‘I disagreed with my president’ and instructed the very same sheriffs/police departments who’d never been held accountable under my 6 years as AG, and still continuing to willy-nilly degrade and murder black folks in cold-blood, to ignore his deportation orders..

      As happened in 2016, the assumption that folks are just going to suck it up and get on board, because, treasonous racist buffoon… that’s still not going to happen..

      Even more folks have tuned out since 2016, many preoccupied now more than ever with simply trying to figure out how to survive, take care of their families.. resigned to their fate and this even starker new reality that their government has not only failed them, but was never set up to, or in the business of helping or protecting them.. more have been fed all sorts of (dis)information that’s numbed or caused them to close off.. others have been sold the both-sides are the same, and the more recent proliferation of arguments against ‘useless symbolism’ of ‘black faces in high places’, courtesy of Cornell West..

      Chatting with our neighbors, friends, it’s been especially fascinating to also glean just how endlessly and incredibly determined and dug-in some are that if Hillary or their other female candidate didn’t/doesn’t get to be that ‘first woman’, they’ll be damned if any other woman, is..

      As I shared the other day, the fissures run so much deeper and wider …and are more varied, than so many caught up in Twitter bubble world, understand.. It’s even harder right now with even less physical interaction, socializing, to reach the swathes of voters who’d typically fall through the cracks, that we desperately need to reach.. The days of volunteering to knock on doors.. converting folks at church, inviting people over to dinner (as I used to do)… those days are over for the foreseeable future..

      Some of us might still be able to have these conversations online.. but even in the best of times, so many still aren’t part of it.. and so we relied heavily on those traditional methods of outreach, to get to them..

      In 2016, I’d shared here my utter shock when I bumped into this black guy who’d worked on both Obama campaigns and remained a supporter, but was going to now vote for the buffoon.. that was when alarm bells went off for me.. even as I hoped against hope..

      The likes of Kanye West, Van Jones, Bob Johnson, featured (and his association with the buffoon insidiously normalized) last night on the BET awards.. these folks continue to embrace and sell the buffoon as perfectly fine and acceptable.. and actually preferred..

      Sure, Russian interference played a major role in 2016, but we also didn’t turn out in large enough numbers to stem the obvious fallout from the suppression and tampering with numbers.. And I can assure you that contrary to the arguments now being made, this token ‘black woman’ pick is absolutely not going to cut it.. It’s also important to share that I don’t personally know anyone who’s ‘excited’ for a woman running mate … or demanding it.. It wasn’t even a huge thing here for most of the 3Chics family… right now what we absolutely need is the very best person to help get us over the finish line.. and it isn’t this woman they’re trying to force-feed us..

      The conversations (and responses) I’ve had recently around this possible VP pick now being bandied about, have set off the very same alarm bells from 2016.. As I’ve said, Biden is doing well at the moment without the VP/running mate factored in… but watch the numbers take a dive if he does pick this person.. Can’t stress it enough, if he picks her, we’ll be having a repeat of that horrid night from November 9, 2016..

  5. rikyrah says:

    Good Morning, Everyone 😊😊😊

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