Open Thread | Are You Scared Now?

I’m not going to BS you.

The RBG death is serious business.

I have written several times and have meant it everytime:

Those responsible for this will NEVER BE FORGIVEN.😠😠😠
I’m not talking about the people who voted for Dolt45.

No. That’s not who I am talking about.
I’m talking about those, who were told, that, if for no other reason, you should do it for The Courts.

I remember their snide response:

“ You can’t scare me with the Court.”

Are you scared now, mofos?

You’re not scared by the plethora of right-wing, unqualified judges that Moscow Mitch has packed into the Judiciary?

Countless White men who want to do nothing but, turn back the clock of this country to 1920.

So, for all your Millienials and Generation Z folks who couldn’t get excited by Hillary….

I hope you enjoy watching your rights just be stripped away from you.
All your phucking dreams of a Green New Deal and other ridiculous pipe dreams are Dead on Arrival with these judges.

44 told you that Democracy was on the ballot in 2016….but, you couldn’t be bothered to listen to him either.

I don’t care if Joe Biden doesn’t excite you. I don’t know why the phuck not.

You know that he’s NOT deliberately trying to kill you.

You know that he doesn’t follow quacks who push forth bad science during the middle of a phucking pandemic.

You know that he’s not going to appoint judges that want to strip you of your rights and humanity.

You need to be excited?!?🤔🤔🤔

We have 200,000 people dead, and you’re still talking about excitement.

Either saddle up for the vote in November 2020, or sit down and STFU.

Ain’t nobody got time for the foolishness of anything other than a Voting Plan that includes how you’re going to get an additional 5 people outside of yourself to the polls.

That’s it. That’s the bottom line.

November 3, 2020 is the showdown for the American Experiment.

If you don’t know which side you need to be on….just shut up and go away.

And, the push to fill RBG’s seat, after they STOLE a seat from Merrick Garland?😠😠

Propane Jane – Truth Teller👏👏👏

I want this on a t-shirt👊👊

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59 Responses to Open Thread | Are You Scared Now?

  1. Liza says:

    Sleeping in your own home while black…

  2. Liza says:

    Roughly the equivalent of rapping his knuckles with a ruler, the others just get off. I guess they figure the family got paid. So predictable…

  3. rikyrah says:

    The Daily Beast (@thedailybeast) Tweeted:
    Shyla Pennington and her brother Gerald Jones died within two days of each other after contracting the coronavirus

  4. eliihass says:

    These are those ‘generals’, fam.. is it any wonder the treasonous buffoon went from sucking up to them, desperately trying to cultivate/co-opt them to boost himself and for his own purposes.. to now openly mocking, denigrating and rubbishing them all..

    And all as the entire world looks on.. ..full-blown banana republic.. laughingstock..

  5. eliihass says:

    Now that he’s been sufficiently ‘humbled’ for daring to ‘diss’ him, his ‘pal’ the treasonous buffoon has called off his hounds.. And just like the rest of those who’ve been ‘kompromatted’ for daring to hurt the fee fees of the treasonous buffoon, and then miraculously ‘saved’ by said treasonous buffoon, he’ll now be ‘grateful’ and forever quiet.. I bet he knows too, that his ‘pal’ was behind it all..

  6. Liza says:

    I’ve been scared for almost four years.

    I remember election night, 2016, watching the votes come in. I was one of those who was nearly certain that Hillary would win.

    Believe it or not, when it started going for Trump, my first thought was, “There goes SCOTUS”.

    The Democrats should have been raising holy hell about Obama’s stolen nomination. They had plenty of time. But everyone was so sure Hillary would win, it wouldn’t make any difference, Hillary would get the SCOTUS nomination for the Democrats.

    It does not help us to lose perspective.

    McConnell is evil, capable of extreme corruption that will hurt millions of his fellow citizens and he truly doesn’t care. I don’t know what vision these people have for this country, but do we really need to know?

    We should have fought back long ago, but the Democrats always believe that we can outvote them, we’ll just wait for the next election, wait it out.

    Ha, just look at us now.

    I used to read Chris Hedges for the worst case scenario. I just wanted to know what it might be. Now it seems to be happening.

    • eliihass says:

      I think we all mostly foresaw what was coming down the pike, our Liza.. We can go back and look over 5+ years worth of most of our posts/comments here, and it’d all be eerily prescient..

      It’s been especially alarming to watch the extremely disconcerting combination of complicity, enabling, kowtowing, mealy-mouthing, ‘helpless’ sideline-handwringing that’s been the mainstay of a once thought greatest country.. in response to 4 years of a grifting, treasonous buffoon brazenly decimating its democracy, hard-won fragile union..

      And it’s as if folks believe he’ll simply just go away and things, return to normal… via the Twitter bubble rah-rah-ing, continuous head in the sand, denial, premature pats on the back, ‘positive’ reinforcement, which are a far cry from what’s actually happening in real life.. And as usual, the shortsighted response via a worn playbook, only ever so slightly superficially tweaked with borrowed nibs from the Obama campaign.. forgetting that not only are the key players vastly different, these are also different times that call for different strategies..

      Democrats have really never been good at strategy, messaging, or even the skilled art of politics.. soft or hardball..

      It’s made even clearer and all the more glaring when you realize that the ‘sharpest’ ads in this campaign cycle are mostly courtesy of ‘temporarily aligned’ ‘runaway’ republicans..

      And even those are less than cutting, and pretty tame, given the endless amount of criminality and available material.. And when one thinks of what republicans would have done if the tables were turned and a Democrat had been merely accused of .00001% of any of this ongoing criminality, debauchery and banana-zing of our republic by their illegitimate Vlad-asset standard-bearer and his kkkriminal cohort..

      Our media has also unequivocally shown themselves to love them faux-strongmen and faux billionaires.. and where they are ever so quick to take on and take down Democrats, they instantly fold and grovel to republicans.. whether in the minority or majority, it is always the Republicans who shape and control the media narrative.. always..

      The media is also a microcosm of the worst of America.. its conscious/subconscious, overt/covert racism, hollowness, shallowness, selfishness, greed, opportunism, false sense of entitlement, callousness, soullessness, I’ve got mine, f, you mindset..

      And the longer a grifting treasonous buffoon was left to leech onto and deeply burrow himself and his kkklan into the awesome powers, instruments, deep pockets, luxury perks of our federal government, the harder it became to scoop and flick him out of there..

      This country’s only salvation (and the world’s by extension), hinges entirely on some ‘timely’ supernatural intervention of sorts..

      As punishing as covid-19 has been on far too many innocents, hopefully the next wave of what will be some form of karmic event, will only visit the protagonist, facilitators, cheerleaders of this Orwellian nightmare..

      • Liza says:

        A “hard-won fragile union”, to be sure, being destroyed by our own internal enemies. They are moving now at a frantic pace, apparently not absolutely certain they can steal the election.

        I agree that our country’s only salvation “hinges entirely on some ‘timely’ supernatural intervention of sorts..”, but I can’t imagine what that could be. And oftentimes I wonder if this is already a supernatural intervention, payback for the horrors we have perpetrated on others throughout the world and within our own borders. Good Lord, Vietnam would have been enough. Or maybe this is just how empires die, which they all do.

        The American people surrendered their power, incrementally, to brazen and corrupt little men in exchange for what? Individual pursuit of “the American Dream”? And it takes a pandemic with 200K dead Americans and a crime family in the White House for (some of) us to acknowledge that perhaps that wasn’t wise. We should have been activists, protecting what was hard-won, building diverse communities and taking care of the planet for our children. But we did very little of that, and now we get to live with the devastation, at this moment affecting the most vulnerable. When someone speaks those words now, “the American Dream”, I want to simultaneously laugh and cry.

        So much has been squandered. But I guess there isn’t much to do except wait for the election and get our votes counted. I have no predictions…

    • eliihass says:

      The likes of Toobin, Gloria Borger etc. spend more time on the airwaves, mealy-mouthing and more or less preemptively pooh-pooh-ing every option Dems may have, while not so indirectly helping republicans strategize and effectively shape and legitimize their illegitimate plots and responses.. and endlessly providing republicans cover/‘justification’ for their crimes, never-ending breaking of laws and norms..

      But then turn around and tweet these weak ‘solutions’ to democrats..

      In the end, these ‘proposals’ will be automatically co-opted and implemented on steroids, by republicans to their benefit, if they happen to once again end up keeping Vlad’s grifting useful idiot and un-indicted co-conspirator, in our WH and the rest of their invested kkklan controlling the Senate and in charge of other sectors of our government..

      There are obvious and not so obvious ties that bind most of these folks to the treasonous buffoon and cohort.. some of those ties are deep and go far back..

      There’s a reason the very same media folks who endlessly nitpicked to death and screamed bloody murder at every move of the historic black couple, even scolding them for going to a concert long after they were out of the White House, are busy endlessly legitimizing and normalizing a traitorous, buffoonish 2-bit con man and his birther euro trash vacuous 3rd wife…

      One has to laugh to keep from crying, when for instance, Anderson Cooper actively aids and abets the gaslighting by inserting/featuring a largely WTF, totally unnecessary pre-recorded cameo by the birther 3rd wife during Anderson’s Covid townhall with Sanjay Gupta.. sugar daddy turned hubby actively ignores a killer pandemic while decimating country, while complicit birther 3rd wife is fluffed up for some reason by the same supposedly ‘fake news’ guy who somehow was trusted with and got all the sell him as legitimate businessman and sell her as sympathetic ‘victim’ exclusive interviews in 2016 …and all conducted right in the gaudy cheap gold-plated towers..

      That’s some serious New York/Palm Beach ties that bind, psy-ops stuff..

  7. rikyrah says:

    Don’t sleep on the White 🐋

    Every once in awhile, the stars align and you make the bankshot

  8. rikyrah says:

    Good Morning, Everyone 😊😊😊

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