Open Thread | Georgia Folks- CHECK YOUR VOTER REGISTRATION!😠😠



We need those Senate Seats.
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Fair Fight

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44 Responses to Open Thread | Georgia Folks- CHECK YOUR VOTER REGISTRATION!😠😠

    • Liza says:

      Yeah, I think that’s a “no” to Bernie on Secretary of Labor. Same to Elizabeth, no big job for you, Babe.

      However, Biden is “open” to having a Republican in his Cabinet.

      Y’all think this is good?

      Also, people who were forced to support Biden have a right to make demands. No one demographic can elect a president.

      And, have you heard the latest food insecurity stats? This level of income inequality is not sustainable. We need progressive policies. Biden can’t put everyone to work on climate change projects any time soon. Remember those “shovel ready” projects?

      And Jeff Bezos does not need to be a trillionaire.

      I truly fear that Bernie will get a documentary one day like the one done for George McGovern, “One Bright Shining Moment.”

      • eliihass says:


        Kumbayah with Republicans is how we got Bob Gates in Defense and Comey at FBI.. in some of the choicest/prime power gigs..

        In the end, the much bandied about unprecedented voter turnout clearly wasn’t for, as much as it was against..

        And even then, even as he lost ..a glaringly vacuous, treasonous buffoon got 10million more people come out for him this go-around.. so there’s that..

        And Dems got our version of Orwellian.. the foisting of a contrived mediocre careerist who spectacularly flamed out in the primaries even with all the forced manufactured hype … but who as usual, once again, had the field preemptively cleared …everyone strong-armed out of the running, to once again be undeservedly installed in a choice spot, according to the spinners.. as the ‘first’..

        p.s … For those wondering, this is precisely how all those other unearned ‘firsts’ that ended up a largely embellished résumé, came to be… courtesy of the powerful men who decide…wangle into the first ‘first’.. then the next, then the next.. then the next.. then ‘Voila’!

        And, no, little girls, you too cannot in fact be.. unless you have a bunch of powerful men endlessly twisting arms, strong-arming and clearing the field specifically for mediocre you.. ..endlessly failing you up.. fluffing and propping you up the ladder through the years..

        That’s how it works, little girls.. that’s how this strange, comical, Orwellian version …that’s how this Orwellian formulae for laughably unearned, ‘history’ making works..

        They pee on your head and tell you it’s raining..

      • Liza says:

        “In the end, the much bandied about unprecedented voter turnout clearly wasn’t for, as much as it was against..”

        Yep. This election was about getting rid of Trump. That’s why the Democrats lost seats in the House and didn’t get the Senate. No blue tsunami, just get the circus clown out of the WH. And the 73+ million who voted for him anyhow will still be a problem. Unity is a joke.

  1. rikyrah says:

    His family published a coffee table book about his work. I still have it

    • Liza says:

      Well, good riddance to Mrs. Trump. I wonder how it affects her contract with Donald.

      “I really don’t care do u?”

    • Liza says:

      Yeah, Rubio is a sad sack but the prize goes to Rudy Guiliani. Have you ever seen someone who was once respected turn themselves into a total circus clown on behalf of another circus clown? For WHAT?

      • eliihass says:

        Rudy was always a self-aggrandizing pos.. cut from the same corrupt, sociopathic cloth as his pal, the treasonous buffoon.. immoral, callous, preening a-hole..

        Whatever ‘respect’ was manufactured, and as usual, eagerly spouted, amplified and force-fed the masses.. by the same complicit, access-addicted, agenda-driven useful idiots that comprise the mainstream media.. the original domestic repository and conjurers of gaslighting, disinformation..

        The handmaids and footmen of their wealthy decider owners …but who sometimes delude themselves (and the masses) into believing that they are the deciders… of who rises, who doesn’t.. whose image is ‘burnished’.. whose isn’t.. and who is willfully kept down, destroyed..

  2. eliihass says:

    Long loving marriage, aging in the time of COVID19 …reuniting after quarantine separation..❤️❤️

  3. rikyrah says:

    Good Morning, Everyone 😊😊😊

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