Open Thread | The House Passes The CROWN Act

I didn’t think that this would hit me as hard as it has.

The House passed a National CROWN Act.

One of my favorite channels on Youtube to watch are channels with young Black girls whose mothers do their natural hair.

I am so happy for these girls. They are living their lives with parents who celebrate their natural hair. Who are teaching them how to take care of their natural hair.

They actually are growing up knowing the texture of their natural hair and all that it can do. All the styles where they can look beautiful. The diversity of Black hair, and how to appreciate it.

They won’t know what it’s like to be in a beauty shop for hours every other week, sitting in that chair, getting chemicals put on it. Chemicals that are harmful to adults, let alone children.

I was well grown before I ever knew what my natural hair felt like. What it looked like. Even though it’s been over a decade, some days it feels like yesterday when I decided to never put a chemical or hot comb in my hair again. It’s been a journey of finding the right products to put in my hair, and what works best on it.

I suppose that I have been judged on my natural hair, but, I’ve tried to just push forth.

Everytime that I read a story about a child being punished by a school for natural hair – I get angry. When I read about children being violated by having others actually cut their hair, I’m ready to go fight for them.

I don’t even have to read past the headline of when they have a story about a Black woman being disrespected and/or punished for wearing her natural hair in the workplace. I know the story- read it too many times.


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