Open Thread | It Was NEVER About the Trans Community

Some have expressed how ‘fast’ it seems that the right-wing had turned on ‘ the gays’.

I completely disagree. They had never turned AWAY from ‘ the gays’.

Their hatred of them has always been there. See the ridiculous attack on Target for selling ‘Pride’ clothes. Clothes that nobody is forcing them to buy. It’s being put out in the market because there IS a market for it. But, they are attacking the Pride section in Target..nobody is forcing them to buy the clothes.

And, they have been enraged that the rest of the country has passed them by with acceptance of our LGBTQIA+ brothers and sisters.

They have been simmering about it all along, and despise gay marriage. And that children like my Peanut understand all about proper pronouns and the RESPECT that should be given with regards to them. This is her life at 15. And, she’s not about to listen to some right-winger trying to tell her that the LGBTQIA+ community isn’t deserving of respect.

I look at Secretary Pete and Chasten and their two crumb snatchers and they make me smile. I see a cute family. The right is enraged that Secretary Pete can live his best life, and be a respected Cabinet member. That we aren’t trying to ostracize him.

The trans attacks were ALWAYS about going after the larger LGBTQIA+ community. ALWAYS.

The attack on trans people led to the attacks on Drag Shows and then the larger LGBTQIA+ community.

It was never about ‘ protecting the children’. It was about attacking the LGBTQIA+ community as a whole.

They were a means to an end. Never forget about the anti-gay marriage bills that the right-wing popped up in all those states in 2004 to help Bush win. That was their high-water mark, because it’s gone downhill for them since then. And, they resent the shyt out of it.

We stand with the trans community because the other side means genocide against them.

And, either you are anti-genocide or you are evil.


We stand with the trans community because we have two brain cells and know that it will never STOP at the trans community.

So, it’s best to cut this shyt off before it begins.

From The New Republic:

The Right’s War on Brands Is Stupid and Terrifying
The anti-LGBTQ attacks of Bud Light and Target are no mere boycotts—the aim is to intimidate companies into submission.

Even by the right’s recent standards, the ongoing backlash to Bud Light is convoluted and stupid. To the extent that it can be summed up, it goes something like this. Last month, the perfectly acceptable beverage company sent trans influencer Dylan Mulvaney some beer to celebrate her first year of womanhood. Mulvaney then did what influencers do when they receive free stuff: She posted about it in conjunction with a sweepstakes associated with March Madness. Right-wingers saw this, freaked out, and began a boycott. The beer’s sales have subsequently plummeted; right-wingers claimed victory after the company parted ways with two executives who were responsible for the very normal brand promotion—and then continued the boycott anyway.

The Mulvaney episode is now a playbook for the right. If a company makes any statement, however minor or tepid, in support of LGBTQ rights, launch a boycott and cause a firestorm—it doesn’t matter if anything makes sense. What matters in the end is that the company is left without any credible means of responding to the contretemps. Bud Light has backed down somewhat—again, two people lost their jobs over something extremely trivial—but it hasn’t amounted to “amends” as far as the braying lunatics who kicked off this firestorm are concerned. They have managed to turn being a mewling, whining infant into a political identity: They see a woman with some beers, and they throw a tantrum. And they don’t stop.


Still, the biggest aspect of the ongoing Target and Bud Light brouhaha is as a naked, stupid, and often terrifying example of power—one for which a response has yet to be developed: It’s hard to see how the silent, sane majority of Target shoppers can rise up in the company’s defense. The opponents of these companies are menacing; they want to scare these brands and their employees on the front line. (Indeed, Target moved its displays citing employee safety.) They’re also hardly aimed at Target and Bud Light alone. This is a war aimed at corporate America writ large: Make any statement acknowledging the existence of anyone we don’t like, and you’re next.

Which is why they support DeSantis’ attacks on Disney, who they have hated for years, since they allowed domestic partnerships for employees years before others.


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    David Darmofal (@david_darmofal) tweeted at 8:10 AM on Tue, Jun 06, 2023:
    On the left, the $11 billion in private sector investments in South Carolina under the Biden-Harris administration. On the right, the $2.6 billion in public infrastructure investments here under the Biden-Harris administration. Check out your state here:

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    Alexis 🎖️MNOSL (@ArchewellBaby) tweeted at 6:40 AM on Tue, Jun 06, 2023:
    “I didn’t want to see one single Royal correspondent inside that chapel, unless Rupert Murdoch himself apologized for phone hacking.

    It would be an all out war, the courtiers warned, to bar the Royal Rota from the wedding.

    -Then let’s go to war-” Prince Harry

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    Good Morning, Everyone😊😊😊

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