Open Thread | Supreme Court Rulings

So, we got some decisions from The Supreme Court.
You’ll never convince me that they weren’t influenced by the increased scrutinization of the Court.

But, good decisions are good decisions. They shouldn’t get credit for doing what was right.

The ramifications are not just for Alabama. There were also cases in Mississippi, Louisiana, Florida, Tennessee and North Carolina.
If all are redrawn to decent representation for the Black populations of these states.
That’s the House, once New York and Wisconsin get redrawn.

As Steve Vladeck pointed out:

“If you assume that additional majority-minority districts in Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, & 1–2 other states would’ve been safe Democratic seats, then today’s #SCOTUS ruling strongly suggests that the Court’s 2022 shadow docket stays wrongly gave Republicans control of the House.”


Steven Mazie

A word on this HUGE SURPRISE 5-4 (not 6-3) decision: Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson may have been the difference. She came to the oral argument with a v forceful defense of the Reconstruction Amendments as anything but race-blind & critiqued abandoning decades of VRA precedent.

I remember that oral argument. She filleted them.

This entire thread😠😠

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