Open Thread | So, McCarthy Is Going Through With the Sham Impeachment of President Biden

What a clown.
A clown beholden to the craziest portion of his crazy caucus.

Impeach President Biden.
For what?
No. Seriously.

What are the charges.
All this time, and they haven’t come up with anything.
All the lies that they’ve come up with have blown up in their faces.

But, McCarthy is beholden to the craziest of the right wing. So, he will go through with this farce.

The MSM won’t actually demand to be shown what proof of any charges. Hell ask for what the charges are. Because, they are so desperate for their HORSE RACE. And, for them to be able to declare ‘ BOTH SIDES’.

When it’s not both sides.

One party has a 4 time indicted, with 91 felony charges.

The other party has the President of the United States of America.

These two are not equal.

The complete and utter farce of this bullshyt.



But, she is the “responsible Republican”. This is a lie. She is as right-wing as any of them.😠

McCarthy is doing this so that the Freedom Caucus will sign off on a CR that can never pass the Senate, let alone make it to the White House. But, Kevin doesn’t seem to really think about things for the long term. Certainly for not what’s best for the country.

Rest of the thread and the demands from the Lunatic Fringe Caucus:

First the Freedom Caucus is demanding a vote on impeachment hearings in order to give McCarthy a vote on a “dirty” CR that is stuffed with poison pills. What might those poison pills be? 2/n

1. Abortion bans / making it impossible for raped or dying service women to get an abortion

2. Banning trans people from the military or getting health care from facilities receiving federal dollars

3. Ending support for Ukraine.

These are all DOA in the Senate and WH. 3/n

But, they’re also all completely non-negotiable to the Freedom Caucus. McCarthy doesn’t want sham impeachment hearings, but it only takes one person from the FC to trigger new speaker elections. Given how evenly divided the house is, they could take weeks. 4/n

While the Speaker’s Chair is vacant, there can be no vote on a CR, clean, dirty, or anything in between. Some of the saner Republicans don’t want a full shut down, but they don’t have the votes to get past the FC. 5/n

One of the open questions is what the FC will do regarding pay for the Military. If the shutdown were to happen now, there is no NDAA. They might vote of extending pay to the military at the last minute, but yikes. 6/n

Some Republican leaders, particularly in the Senate, are worried that the blame will fall on them in the 2024 election.

There’s the remote possibility that this all gets untangled by a few Republicans backing Jeffries to break the deadlock. 7/n

But, the FC has the ability for now to hold the entire system hostage to get what they want (which is all generally unpopular stuff anyways). It means no SS checks going out, full government shut down.

They’ve shown little interest in pragmatism. 8/n

If you look at what Sen Tuberville is doing, it sort of clues you in how far they’re willing to go to get their way: they’re more than willing to kill the hostage to advance an unpopular social agenda. They’re betting that someone will eventually cave. 9/n

Perhaps that the blame can be pushed on democrats who stink at messaging. Or perhaps they believe that can control the system after they destroy it. Or maybe blame the economic effects on Biden. But, from where I’m sitting, the situation is worse than any previous shut down 10/n

The previous record was 35 days. I don’t really see the FC and McCarthy finding a compromise they can live with, and CR that will get past the Senate and WH. Things are going to have to fall apart BADLY for the FC to see a breakthrough. 11/n

Plunging poll numbers. All the blame falling on the GOP. RNC billionaire donors threatening to annihilate them all with spending on their opponents in the primaries, and no spending in the general because they’re losing money from the shut down. 12/n

But, at the end of the day, these are ideologues. They’ll happily destroy the nation to “save” it from the menace of abortion and transgender people. We are not dealing with rational actors here, and that’s dangerous AF, and why I think this will go on for a long time. 13/n

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5 Responses to Open Thread | So, McCarthy Is Going Through With the Sham Impeachment of President Biden

  1. rikyrah says:

    Christopher Bouzy ( (@cbouzy) tweeted at 6:44 AM on Wed, Sep 13, 2023:
    David Ignatius’ ramblefuckery is precisely what the media did to Hillary, and now they are trying to do it to President Biden and VP Harris. This “is he too old” narrative is really about VP Harris because they hate having a Black woman next in line.

  2. rikyrah says:

    Candidly Tiff (@tify330) tweeted at 7:36 AM on Wed, Sep 13, 2023:
    These white men in media are so scared of Kamala Harris. They keep saying they want Gretchen to be VP *instead*, with zero facts to back up why that even makes sense.

    They’re intimidated by Kamala’s power and the thought of VP being President is worries them. Well too damn bad!

  3. rikyrah says:

    Hope Restored In DFW (@Kennymack1971) tweeted at 9:20 AM on Wed, Sep 13, 2023:
    Perhaps Josh Barro can tell us how you replace VP Harris (with a white woman) without deeply offending the Dems most loyal and hardest working base.

    I’ll wait.

  4. rikyrah says:

    Hoes for Hitler Are at it again in Indiana😠😠😠

  5. rikyrah says:

    Good Morning, Everyone😊😊😊

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