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3 Chics Politico’s In FULL SUPPORT Of UN Ambassador Susan Rice for Secretary Of State, Or Any Other Position The President Chooses For Her To SERVE

[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8tPnX7OPo0Q] Just so we’re absolutely clear on who’s IN CHARGE AROUND HERE; it’s President Obama.  Now, take a closer look at the man beside him and the woman in the GOP’s crossfire, because, heaven forbid, should she become the next … Continue reading

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Senators Mary Landrieu, Ben Nelson, & Mark Begich Voted For “Black Tea” (OIL COMPANIES) Signals: Screw America’s Tax Payers

From The Hill: EXCERPT:  “The Senate on Tuesday rejected a bill that would have ended $21 billion worth of tax breaks for large oil companies, but Democrats vowed to revive the measure as part of high-stakes negotiations on the budget … Continue reading

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