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Video | Rev. AL Breaks It ALL The Way DOWN: Right Searching For Scandal In Clinton’s Illness, REALLY?

Rev. Al, you never cease to AMAZE 3 Chics. I guess the Secretary of State doesn’t need to produce a DOCTOR’S NOTE to skip the Benghazi hearings, but PRESIDENT OBAMA needs to produce his BIRTH CERTIFICATE. Go ahead and TESTIFY, … Continue reading

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3 Chics Politico’s In FULL SUPPORT Of UN Ambassador Susan Rice for Secretary Of State, Or Any Other Position The President Chooses For Her To SERVE

[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8tPnX7OPo0Q] Just so we’re absolutely clear on who’s IN CHARGE AROUND HERE; it’s President Obama.  Now, take a closer look at the man beside him and the woman in the GOP’s crossfire, because, heaven forbid, should she become the next … Continue reading

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Videos | GOP Cut Embassy Funding & Now Blames UN Embassador For Benghazi Attacks To Create Faux Scandal

Andy Sullivan’s piece here:  Benghazi Is Not A Scandal Steve Benen’s: The desperate search for a legitimate Obama scandal In the end, Senator John McCain will go down in history as a BITTER, BITTER, OLD COOT. He is a SORE … Continue reading

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Video| John McCain Insults UN Ambassador Susan Rice As the GOP Continues Their ATTACKS On Women

John McCain: “If you’re going to tell the American people something; you better make damn sure it’s true>” Really? Sarah Palin was qualified to become VP-President? GTFOH John McShame! John McCain: “I will do everything in my power to block … Continue reading

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Susan Rice, UN Ambassador Educates Rachel Maddow et al. On US Foreign Policy

                                                               UN Ambassador Susan Rice                                                                     Rachel Maddow television show host and political commentator Got that, GOOD!

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President Obama Addresses The 65th United Nations General Assembly

September 22, 2010 – Photo by PacificCoastNews.com) President Barack Obama UN United Nations adress speech 9 23 2010 Thursday Israelis a no show Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, right, and US Ambassador to the UN Susan Rice wait for … Continue reading

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