Racism: White Americans Discover Their Inner-Libertarianism- Greatest Hits Vol. #2

What would make citizens so fearful, selfish, and greedy in one of the worlds richest countries, that they would try to deny other citizens of said country the same rights to basic human needs such as access to healthcare, clean water and food, and jobs, etc.?  RACISM!

Once again, Tim Wise breaks it down like a FRACTION in a minute or less, explaining why and how some White Americans invoke their Libertarian cards when it comes to them gaining access to government programs.  But we aint racist, you understand…

 ‘By Whites and For Whites ONLY’ Because surely anything that benefits white folks, certainly can’t be good for Black folks or other POC (PEOPLE OF COLOR), right?  And these same folks scream socialism and government welfare! except for when it benefits their wants and needs.

You can watch the entire Laura Flanders-Tim Wise interview here. or here.

Stay awake, my people.  Don’t be fooled by these sheep in wolves clothing.  This aint got shit to do with the “Obama” administration’s policies and big government.  It’s all about MAINTAINING the status quo for the few, the white, and the rich.  And the forces that be will do whatever it takes to try to maintain the status quo.

What are some of the ways in which the white, the rich, and the few will try to maintain the status quo?

  • Black voter suppression Because right-thinking black people will never vote Republicans back into power after 8 years of  George Bush fuckery and promises of more of the same by the GOP. 
  • Astro-turfing- AKA the TEABAGERS
  • Anti-relIgious rhetoricAKA the NY Islamic Center blocks away from Ground Zero non-troversy.
  • Use media distractions like Bishop Eddie Long(not to take away from the trifling, egregious allegations of pedophilia).
  • Subtle message and blatant media messages of Democrats losing  major House/Senate seats in November, when November hasn’t graced herself with us yet.
  • Vote out all incumbents is the latest, greatest offering by the evil empire. Read here and here.

So you so-called Libertarians can keep channeling that nonsense.  3Chics is not falling for the game.


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5 Responses to Racism: White Americans Discover Their Inner-Libertarianism- Greatest Hits Vol. #2

  1. Tim Wise breaks it down once again. Mad props!

  2. roschelle says:

    noticing the Hankyhead Coon on your sidebar a.k.a Michael Steele. He needs to be tarred, feathered, and flogged. Damn!!

  3. roschelle says:

    Tim Wise is the bomb. Period!

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