Photos: President Barack Obama’s Facebook Townhall

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  1. Obama targets youth, tech crowd at Facebook town hall

    Palo Alto, California (CNN) — President Barack Obama wasn’t just in the news Wednesday. He’s also in your news feed.

    The White House held a “town hall” at Facebook’s headquarters, where the president answered questions before a small audience about the economy and the federal deficit. The event was broadcast live, available to Facebook’s more than 500 million users.

    Facebook representatives chose questions from among the queries submitted in advance by audience members and by people tuning in on the Web. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg moderated.

    After some palling around between the president and the 26-year-old computer whiz, Zuckerberg offered questions submitted online that gelled with Obama’s key talking points and victories, such as health care and education. Facebook employees, who made up the majority of the audience, were chosen to ask several questions.

    During Wednesday’s Facebook visit, Obama at times related his answers to the young and technology-savvy crowds most passionate about Facebook. Obama pleaded that they “don’t get frustrated and cynical about our democracy,” he said. “If you don’t give the system a push, it’s just not going to change. And you’re going to be the ones who suffer the consequences.”

    This event marks the second of three “town hall” events Obama has scheduled this week to take questions on the economy and White House deficit-reduction proposals.

  2. Mark Zuckerberg Wears Tie, Jeans For Obama Interview

    Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg traded his signature hoodie and t-shirt for a collared shirt and necktie for an interview with Barack Obama at the Facebook headquarters Wednesday.

    Obama teased Zuckerberg about his dressier-than-usual wardrobe, commenting, “My name is Barack Obama, and I’m the guy that got Mark to wear a jacket and tie.”

    As the two sat down for the interview, Obama cracked a joke about Mark’s blazer.

    “He’s uncomfortable, so how about we take off the jackets?” Obama said. Zuckerberg obliged.

    See pictures of Zuckerberg’s new look below. Note he’s kept the jeans and sneakers. Zuckerberg also dressed up for a dinner with Obama earlier this year.

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