Rep. Barbara Lee, Chairman of The Congressional Black Congress: This Letter’s For YOU!

3 Chics thinks the following letter from constituent Joan Ruaiz to Rep. Barbara Lee deserves a front page post.  Source

Dear Rep. Barbara Lee, Chair of the Congressional Black Caucus, Can We Talk?

By Joan Ruaiz, on August 18th, 2011

As a constituent who resides in your district, I just want to weigh in on the hatred and political divisiveness that I hear and read about on the news and on the Internet. There are forces working very hard at making sure that President Obama is defeated in 2012. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if they took an oath or signed a pledge to that effect.

The newest political strategy is to turn the African-American community against the first black president. The idea is to get black folks to scream at the President and to threaten to withhold our support come November 2012.  Due to the very high unemployment rate in the black community, this could be an easy sell. The well-paid professional propagandists don’t ask African-Americans to lay the blame for the lack of employment at the feet of the business world (which is hoarding up a couple of trillions in their rainy-day fund), or to consider the fact that governors everywhere are cutting down on the public sector workforce (comprised of  large numbers of black Americans per capita), or to holler at the Republican-dominated House, which has blocked most of the job-creating programs introduced by Democrats. Instead, they want us to aim our fire solely at our President and to blame him for 30 years of white men’s policies.

Now, I have already informed myself on what this President has done to help the American population in general, and African-Americans in particular.

Considering 2.7 years as the current timetable of his accomplishments, I would note that President Obama has reformed the health care system, which will provide subsidies for lower-income individuals who may not currently be covered (many who are AA), and also provides funding for badly needed community clinics, while  doing away with pre-existing condition restrictions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and coronary heart disease,  all ailments suffered in alarming rates by members of the black community.

In addition, women will soon get birth control free of charge if insured, which means that women who were previously going to Planned Parenthood – because, even with insurance, they couldn’t afford the price of contraceptives – won’t need to anymore. This leaves women who are uninsured more resources to get birth control via Planned Parenthood. Plus, the stimulus saved the biggest health care provider to the black community, the various state Medicaid programs. As well, the President closed the Medicare donut hole in prescription drugs, reduced seniors’ prescription prices by 50% through the use of generic drugs, and sent $250 payments to seniors to make up to the lack of a COLA increase for two years now.

Further, the President literally, by his lonesome, saved the auto industry (while being criticized for it all the while), and in so doing saved many jobs held by African-Americans in the Midwest. No less, the Cash for Clunkers program provided needed cash to those with clunkers permanently parked or about to stop running.

Benefiting young people who are attempting to afford rising college tuition, President Obama increased Pell grants, supported funding community colleges at unprecedented levels, and reformed the private student loan programs to eliminate the middleman, thereby reducing loan interest rates. He also revamped the actual repayment of loan programs, reducing them to not more than 10% of income, while providing incentives to those who would choose community service careers. His credit card reform bill stopped the predatory practice of credit card companies gifting young people with the ability to ruin their credit at an early age (something that hits our community harder than most).  He is also cracking down on for-profit educational enterprises, some of which charge outrageous fees for inferior post-secondary education. These same young people are now able to stay insured under their parents’ health insurance until the age of 26, whether they are enrolled in school part-time, full-time or not at all.

For the younger children, President Obama is responsible for signing a bill insuring  healthier meals are served in our nation’s public schools, thereby addressing the issue of childhood obesity, a subject that affects more children in the African-American community than in others. Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move” campaign is also addressing this serious issue. And we shouldn’t forget that early in his term, President Obama provided healthcare to 11 million additional children via the CHIP program previously vetoed by President Bush.

As states cut funding for public education, President Obama recently allowed waivers to states to do away with strict requirements set by No Child Left Behind, requirements which would have marked many of the public schools in low-income neighborhoods for closure.  He has also invested in the development and replication of successful charter school programs, again focusing on low-income communities, while rewarding teachers who plan to teach in such areas.

President Obama has assisted all Americans, which includes African-American workers, by providing a payroll tax reduction (beneficial to workers who may or may not pay income tax), extended unemployment benefits, kept income tax low for the working class, and signed financial reform into law (which benefits our community largely because minorities were especially hard hit by the subprime mortgage crisis).  There is also the up and coming  Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, which promises to be on the side of consumers, and we as black people are certainly that!

I cannot forget that the first black president increased military pay and improved veterans’ health care,  is drawing down troops in Iraq, and has set a timeline for our departure from Afghanistan.

Lastly, President Obama instituted reform of crack cocaine sentencing, and the deadly killer, the tobacco industry. And – lo and behold – black farmers were recently finally awarded their long awaited settlement!

I may have forgotten a few other accomplishments that have been of assistance to the black community, but this letter is getting rather lengthy.

Now, that is not to say there is not much more to do, because of course there certainly is, and another four years would be a good start.  But no president has ever been perfect, and this one should not be  exempted from that rule. But I’m puzzled as to why some would want to believe that the majority of a particular minority group, who stood by FDR even as FDR basically cut them out of the new Social Security program as a compromise with Southern Democrats to get the bill passed, and who idolized JFK without gaining the rights that they were fighting for at the time, and who supported Bill Clinton, who gutted welfare, signed NAFTA, and then lied about having sex with “that” woman, would now be encouraged to drop their support of a black president who has done what I have listed in such a short time amidst political provocateurs and opportunists throwing rocks at him from the Left and the Right.  It makes no common sense to me. In fact, it only tells me that we must insure that our community is well informed, so that we all hold steadfast, even as the most spoiled and entitled in this nation attempt to hoodwink us into believing that somehow we are worse off with this president than we have been with any other.

The Obama presidency is not about him, nor is it about black people.  His presidency is about good common-sense governance for all Americans, while dealing with incredible odds and looking hateful enemies in the eye.  Every day they conjure up ways to destroy this nation, just to say it happened on his watch.   My bumper sticker statements are that  ObamaCares, while Republicans won’t, and we shouldn’t turn our backs on him, we should cover his.

Thank you for your time and for your wonderful work, as I know that you have contributed to much of the changes I have mentioned. I support you and all that you do.  I’m glad that we fighting on the same side.  Stay as strong as you are, and I will do the same.


Alameda County Resident and Voter
and Oakland Small Business Owner

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31 Responses to Rep. Barbara Lee, Chairman of The Congressional Black Congress: This Letter’s For YOU!

  1. Bob says:

    I also agree John McCain is a total ass and poor excuse for a human being.

  2. Bob says:

    I will accept these accomplishments and agree they are good for those benefitting from them. However, I feel compelled to point out that Obama also reinstated the patriot act, increased troops in afganistan and Iraq, condones torture, has made legal the assassination of American citizens (google it), kept guantanimo open, started 3 new wars, and quietly adopted most of the bush policies. So forgive me if I don’t vote for the guy a second time.

    Vote Ron Paul.

    • 1. Congress reinstated the Patriot Act. It is true that Pres. Obama isn’t Perfect and isn’t a flaming radical, but he has been effective on National policy arena without scaring the country to death.
      2. He campaigned on increasing troops in Afghanistan (Because Bush had totally gone AWOL and distracted us into Iraq), and now has set a timetable get out, something that hadn’t been done before. There has been a significant draw-down of troops in Iraq of 100,000 troops, and it continues.
      3. He has only announced going after one Citizen of the US; a terrorist recruiter, and the caveat was that if he happens to be taken down while overseas, so be it. but I guess the vague portrayal of Obama as murdering his own people makes you feel justified in supporting Ron Paul, a man who would gut all social services, get rid of all regulations, then close the government down and call it a day!
      4. Pres. Obama does not condone torture. That’s just a big fat propaganda lie. As for
      Guantanimo, Obama signed an executive order to get it done, but thanks to the corporate media, the cowardly Congress, and the brainwashed citizenry scared of their own shadows, he was denied the funding twice needed to get her done, and deprived of an alternative like trials in our US courts.
      5. He didn’t start three new wars – Taking out Osama Bin Laden in Pakistan is not a war, it’s called cover operations, which is preferable to hundreds of thousands of troops invading. The world is not ran by lovers of puppies and kittens, so we won’t be singing KUMBAYA with every nation anytime soon. Frankly, I’m good with Obama not being a naive wide eye peacenik at this time.

      Ron Paul is an idealist Libertarian who has spoken well on a couple of selective national security issues at most; but being right two times out of 100, does not a President make. But go ahead and throw away your vote, with the idea of electing Pres. Dangerous Republican who stands against everything that Ron Paul believes in on the National Security Front. Ironic that you are more than willing to flush down the toilet those issues that you “say” you “care” so much about . Funny how that works!

      • Bob says:

        I really don’t want to get into a blow by blow politico debate so I’ll keep it brief.

        1. The patriot act: This abomination created by GW could have easily been vetoed at any point of it’s renewal vote. So that’s a big FAIL by Obama and the congress. Don’t obsolve him of his complicit roll in all this.

        2. Wars: Afganistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Yemen, and Somolia being the ones we know about. Don’t bother calling them a cover action or something else because that’s a distinction. The truth is when you drop bombs on another country it’s a war. Bombs kill people, not just the bad guys either.

        3. Assassination: I don’t want that to be legal, ever. It’s too dangerous. Regardless of this clerics views or actions he’s an American citizen with all the right afforded to him under the constitution. There has been no trial and no conviction to assign the death penalty. Simply a decree. That’s too Hitleresque for me.

        4. Three new wars: since Iraq there have been three wars, maybe Obama only starte two, good for him. Secret wars are wars too, just off the books. Somalia still has US troops and bombs, Pakistan is being bombed regularly, and now Lybia. Enough is enough. These wars are a farce only serving the corporate interests and military industrial complex.

        I will just add that your “opinions” after these points you outlined are yours. Feel free to express them but I do not agree. Throwing my vote away is to vote for someone I know will serve the interests of corporate America and foriegn interests instead of me and you, the people. Calling Ron Paul an idealist should be considered a compliment. He doesn’t lie, flip-flop, or have big corporate money behind him. The “Media” purposefully ignore him or minimize him. Why do you think that is? They don’t want him to win. Which tells me he is not a candidate who will play the establishments game of robbing and killing America.

        For anybody reading this, just go watch his debate hilights on YouTube, research him and decide for yourself.


  3. thorsaurus says:

    With all due respect to Joan Ruaiz, this list is great, but you omitted the most important thing that President Obama did for all Americans. He kept John McCain and that dim-witted half-term governor from Alaska off Pennsylvania Ave. Insert Perry and Bachman in 2012 and you have the same justification for not getting bogged down in petty policy fights. I personally think the President is doing as much as he can with the complete lack of help is getting from the other side of the aisle. But even if you rate his performance as less than stellar, consider the alternative. Yes we can, and we must, in 2012.

  4. This letter is going viral, and we need to help make it happen. at the original link, it has over 1K in FB likes. I just know that “What have you done for me just today” isn’t going to do anything but leave us with the same Republicans in power that got us to where we are now. One man cannot fight them alone, and from what I see with many progressive so-called activist, they claim to want to see him to fight, and yet the only person they seem to be fighting is our own, while ignoring the Republicans like the plague! Looking at that strategy it long term, that’s just another disaster that will hurt our people more than we would want to imagine.

    • Ametia says:

      Hi FrenchieCat. Welcome to 3 Chics. There is a war going on, and teh war is to pit black Obama supporters against President Obama.
      Yes, I agree. The letter needs to go viral; Make it so!

      • Thank you for the welcome…and yes, I’m working to make that letter go viral! The information via the source links alone makes it and absolutely valuable tool that can be used to inform our community, and that’s what we all need to make sure gets done!

  5. Shannon M says:

    Reading this made my heart flutter! This was well written!…And I’m glad I’m not the only person in America who believes in our President

    • Ametia says:

      Hi Shannon. Welcome to 3 Chics. LOL Not by a long shot are you the only person who believes in our President. Although listening to the squarking media, you’d swear he’s the most hated man in America. It’s disgusting, but we’re not going to let them or the rest of the politician’s lies and spin go UNANSWERED. WE MUST NOT!

  6. Citizen-in-Motion says:

    Hi 3Chics, thanks for posting this letter. The letter was repeated this morning by one of my favorite talk show commentators. I couldn’t get to my computer fast enough. This letter reminds me that more than ever we need to stay self aware and open to what’s going on around us. So many times we’re asked to focus on what’s not getting done and give no credit for what is happening. P.S. I have bookmarked your site. I will definitely visit again.

    • Ametia says:

      Hi Citizen-in-Motion. Thank you, and welcome to 3 Chics. Would you mind sharing which talk show commentator read the letter?

    • Peodigy says:

      THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! Just the other day I posted, in essence, the same thing on Maxine Waters’ facebook page, as well as to Al Sharpton, Tavis Smiley and Cornell West!! Where were these people for EIGHT YEARS when George Bush wouldn’t even acknowledge nor meet with the so-called Black caucus? Where were their protests? They sat in a corner ‘like they were told’. This type of ignorance makes me want to throw up and I want more people of color – any color – to speak out against these fools who would cause this election to go to the GOP. Haven’t they seen the handwriting on the wall? Haven’t they seen what NOT voting in the 2010 election got them? Haven’t they seen and heard the racial slurs being slung at this president? WELL, NEWS FLASH: Just because it’s being aimed at the president people …. they MEAN YOU AND ME TOO!!! This is the 60’s on high tech steroids and Black folks need to WAKE THE HECK UP AND SHUT THE HECK UP and get to work and stand behind this man. He is President of the United States – not the President of the Black people. STOP BEING IGNORANT!

      • Ametia says:

        Amen, Peodigy! Welcome to 3 Chics. The handwritings on the wall. These OLS school negroes are SCARED of their blackness and this president. They still think the white man’s ice water is colder. President Obama has shone the light on these folks for the LACKADASICAL, do nothing, get paid elected officials they are. The CBC has been in the pockets of big money, and have turned away from any real policies that would affect change in the black communities they were elected to serve. Now they are running around spouting a jobs fari GOING I, I, I, I, and saying the POTUS isn’t doing shit for BLACK folks. These shiftess negroes make my skin crawl. They have all stayed past their prime, and need to be voted out. We need fresh faces, voices, and minds in leadership positions, not relics who are bought and paid for.

      • Peodigy says:

        I am trying find a way to send this post to my email list. It is already on facebook and I posted to Rachel Maddows page. ALSO, all who agree with this post should forward to Waters and tell her to sit her butt down before they screw up 2012. And then finally, remember all the complaining folks who DID NOT vote last year and stuffed D.C. with TEA BAGGERS? Why doesn’t someone ask the neysayers how many of them voted?!!

  7. Good morning Ladies,
    This has been one the “Truest” reads I’ve read in a long time. Because of Mr. Obama, I actually pay attention EVERYDAY to politics, I never cared before. To consistently try to ruin a P.O.T.U.S. because of the color of his skin is seriously a problem. Thank you very much for this letter and consider this my signature on “THIS” petition. Great Job!

  8. rikyrah says:

    this is absolutely wonderful. thanks so much for this.

    • Ametia says:

      You’re welcome. For the life of me, I can’t fathom the need for such a letter needing to be written to Rep Lee from her constituents, but I’m gald Joan took the initiative to address her observations and back them up with FACTS. BRAVO!

  9. GrannyStandingforTruth says:

    BTW, can I borrow this letter and post it on my blog too? What she said needs to be passed around and get out.

  10. GrannyStandingforTruth says:

    Alright now, Joan Ruaiz, preach it!

  11. GGail says:

    Thank you 3Chics for posting this letter. Just this morning, I sent an email similar in tone to Congresswoman Maxine Waters. I am appalled that this nonsense that AA’s feel that President Obama is not doing enough for us is being bandied about – because this does not represent the position of the many AA’s in my family or my community. We know the truth!

    • Ametia says:

      Hi GGail. We know the deal. It’s a way to divide us and make it appear we are against this POTUS. NOT.EVER.GOING.TO.HAPPEN. We can let the CBC know we know and hold them accountable for their actions and service to their constituents too.

  12. OMG! I wish I could sign on to this woman’s letter just like you can do to a petition that you hope will be read and acted on. This is great! Thanks for sharing here and I hope this goes viral. I have sent the link to my crew.

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