HERE WE GO FOLKS, Just what the NRA and the rednecks dreamed of. What a despicable way to show their contempt for murdered teen Trayvon Martin.

NRA has spread so much fear, parnoia, and hate, and it’s increased since Barack Hussein Obama became president.

Nation of Change has a indepth article on the NRA’s push for “STAND YOUR GROUND” LAW. Read it here.

How ALEC Took Florida’s ‘License to Kill’ Law National  More on ALEC EXPOSED HERE.

NRA relationship with Florida a big reason Zimmerman remains free


Yes, conservatives like Charlie Ross want you to protect yourselves.

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31 Responses to NRA Sells CONCEAL- HANDGUN HOODIES & Pushed For Nation’s “STAND YOUR GROUND LAW”

  1. Zimmerman shortly after killing Trayvon Martin

  2. If Trayvon Martin’s body was found face down in the grass and his hands underneath him, was he shot in the back?

  3. Rene Stutzman, you’re a nasty lying liar with your yellow journalism. You SMEARED A DEAD CHILD. Where is the blood oozing frm Zimmerman’s head?

  4. Breaking News Politics Nation:

    Lead Investigator told mother of witness in Trayvon Martin case says that he didn’t believe it was self defense. Some stereotyping going on

  5. Mother Jones ‏ @MotherJones:

    Police officer who found #Trayvon: “The black male had his hands underneath his body…”

  6. [wpvideo M6gJGwAL]

  7. Trayvon Martin Case: Department of Justice to investigate entire Sanford police

    SANFORD — The Trayvon Martin case is bringing more scrutiny on the Sanford Police Department. The Department of Justice will now investigate all cases handled by the police department, after receiving complaints from Sanford citizens.

    It’s been more than a month since 17-year-old Martin was killed and only a week since the Department of Justice, the U.S. Attorney’s Office and the FBI launched investigations into why George Zimmerman shot him. Now, the Department of Justice is launching another investigation into the entire Sanford Police Department.

  8. Ametia says:

    Obama’s Gun Control Conspiracy [video] _Check out Mashedpotatobulletin

    While great for a laugh, this excerpt from the Colbert Report illustrates how the political rumor mill stretches and contorts real world actions into messages that create fears in the general public that don’t actually exist.

  9. Bill Maher: Racism, Gun Laws Killed Trayvon Martin | Video Cafe

  10. [wpvideo 39PyAwtq]


    It’s a law designed to shoot down black people and claim self defense!

  12. NRA has spread so much fear, parnoia, and hate, and it’s increased since Barack Hussein Obama became president.


    • Ametia says:

      Gun Sales And Gun Stocks Are Going Nuts As Obama’s Re-Election Odds Improve
      Joe Weisenthal|March 24, 2012

      We’d heard a few times lately that the gun stocks (mostly Ruger and Smith & Wesson) had been surging lately, thanks to strong gun sales, but we have to thank Eddy Elfenbein for alerting us to how extreme the moves have been lately.

      Ruger is up 14% from the Wednesday close after the gun company announced that it literally could not keep up with demand.

      Since last summer, the stock has nearly tripled.

      So what’s going on? Apparently it has something to do with fears that in a second Obama term — which appears more likely than it did several months ago — that stricter firearm controls would be put in place, and so the time to get guns ss now.

      Read more:

  13. Ametia says:

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