Mitt Romney’s TAX RETURNS vs Barack Obama’s BIRTH CERTIFICATE

And then there’s last night’s Sawer interview where Mitt Romney Blames Obama For His Refusal To Release His Tax Returns

President Obama & Firsst Lady Michelle Obama’s TAX RETURN

CNN is quick to post Romney’s popularity ratings are increasing, but are not covering his refusal to RELEASE his TAX RETURNS.


Here’s the thing, and I’ve been saying this for awhile now.

Willard has been running for President since 2007 – which means, that he should have been willing to release everything since 2005.
He should have been able to slam 2005-2011 on the table.

That his arrogant ass didn’t alter his financial behavior since 2005 speaks VOLUMES of his RICH, PRIVILEGED WHITE MALE SYNDROME for which he’s the poster boy.

I said when he released 2011 that if the best they could do was 14%, means that on the other ones, he’s 5% or less.
There is a writer from Reuters that’s always on Lawrence O’Donnell’s show talking about Willard and his taxes says the following about Willard and his tax returns:

1. the gold is in his Bain years tax returns
2. there needs to be an explanation of how he gave his sons ONE HUNDRED MILLION DOLLARS, and didn’t pay any gift tax. Yes, you read that right – he paid NO GIFT TAX on ONE HUNDRED MILLION DOLLARS.
We have a MSM, who hasn’t made this the lead story.

When Willard FILED FOR AN EXTENSION this year, and they weren’t on him, my my my.

No 24/7/365 reporting on what Willard’s hiding.

No ‘ what could be in those tax returns that he won’t tell the American people’.

No offense at his complete and utter arrogance.

Actually crickets from the MSM, except for a few corners.

All the while, the MSM abedded every inch of the Birther conspiracy, by putting on anyone and everyone who want to stand up and accuse the President of the United States of not being a citizen. They DID NOT, when folks got on tv spouting this nonsense, call them CRAZY and/or STUPID, which is what they SHOULD have done. They pretended that there was a ‘ deeper’ meaning here, when it was nothing but an attack on the President of the United States.

If Candidate Barack Obama had remotely said he was only going to release 2 years of tax returns during the 2008 season, the MSM would have been on him talking about ‘ who does he think he is’….’what does he have to hide’….how could he go against a Presidential candidate tradition going back 50 years…..

We all know what they would have said.

And yet, with Willard, crickets…
Uh huh.

What say you, my peoples? Why isn’t the media going after Mitt Romney over his refusal to release those tax returns with all the vim and vigor like the Birthers, teabaggers, and ther GOP elected officials?

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