President Obama Continues Bus Tour: Today, Pennsylvania!


The crowd cheers as US President Barack Obama delivers remarks during a campaign event at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania July 6, 2012, while on a bus tour of Ohio and Pennsylvania.

Watch the events here and here.

Today’s schedule:

9:40: President Obama tours Summer Garden Food Manufacturing

10:45: Delivers remarks at a campaign event

1:50: Delivers remarks at a campaign event

3:10: Departs Pittsburgh

4:10: Arrives Joint Base Andrews

4:25: Arrives at the White House

4:55: Holds an event at the White House with construction workers and college students to sign HR 4348

Updates with videos when available.

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2 Responses to President Obama Continues Bus Tour: Today, Pennsylvania!

  1. johnnie stallings says:

    what matter of man is this that is giving all of the love he has for and to others. Today is a very teary day of joy .. i have lived to see a man who is being directed by God . How could other men who say they are men of God refuse to see the love for people that PBO has in heart, in his face. in his voice and most of all in his life. I prayed to meet Sen. Obama and when I did I was so overcome by the anointing on him I couldn’t say a word and believe me I am not short on words. I was so sorry that a lady died yesterday after meeting and taking pictures with him but family said she loved him dearly. What a going home present. God thank you for PBO and 3Chics Politico.
    I love you dearly.

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