Mitt Romney Has The Gall To Speak About America Turning Into Europe, While He Stashes His Cash In Swiss Bank Accounts & Won’t Release His Tax Returns

Apparently offshore accounts in the Cayman Islands and Swiss bank accounts don’t count when Mitt Romney stashes his cash in Europe TAX FREE, and will not release his TAX RETURNS. Mitt Romney is the last person I’d want presiding over America’s economy with his shady dealings with Bain Capital, secret offshore accounts, and refusal to release multiple years of his TAX RETURNS.

And no, your wife Ann does not get to tell “YOU PEOPLE” they can’t see your financial records, while wingnuts screamed and yelled for the Black President to release his BIRTH CERTIFICATE.

Thank you Steve Benen!  Let’s stay on this LIAR.

Tax returns in need of more scrutiny, not less By Steve Benen Aug 22, 2012

While there are apparently some political reporters who think Mitt Romney’s tax returns — or rather, the absence of his tax returns — are generating a little too much attention, I tend to think that’s backwards.

Romney has released his returns for one year. One. His aides said they’ll get around to releasing the 2011 materials eventually, maybe in October. In the meantime, there are important unanswered questions about Romney’s offshore finances, controversial investments, an individual retirement account that somehow ended up with more than $100 million, and claims about his business that contradict SEC filings. Worse, Romney hasn’t even tried to come up with a good defense that explains his need for secrecy.

Given all of this, common sense suggests red flags should be going up. As Jamelle Bouie noted, the public has certainly taken notice.

The ongoing fight over his tax returns has done even more damage to the former Massachusetts governor. Here’s the question [from the latest NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll]: “Has what you have seen, read, or heard about Mitt Romney’s tax returns and the percent he has paid in federal income taxes made you feel … more positive or more negative about him, not made much difference in your opinion or do you not know enough about this to have an opinion at this time?”

Only 6 percent of respondents say that it has made a positive difference in their opinion of Romney. Thirty-six percent say that it has made a negative difference, and 41 percent say that it hasn’t made much difference at all…. Romney’s anger over the Obama campaign’s decision to go after his tax returns makes more sense in this light; the controversy is doing real damage to his campaign, and more important, it has the potential to do more if Team Obama can return it to the forefront of the discussion.

When more than a third of the electorate is souring on Romney over this, it’s a real issue, not a peripheral distraction.

Let’s see, Romney is losing against Women, Latinos, seniors… Who’s left? the 1% and fearful white folks.

Let’ keep the spotlight on Mitt Romney and his tax returns/Bain Capital/Massachusetts Governorship record.  All the dogwhistling DESPERATION in the world regarding blacks and welfare to appeal to the white working male won’t WORK, Mittens.

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  1. There is nothing I love more (sarcasm) than the wealthy and politically powerful elite saying, in no uncertain terms, “…what I say – not what I do!”

    There is just something uttely reassuring about that moment when you identify the hypocrisy in one who claims to hold on to the paragons of virtue, that qualify them to lead the masses on the righteous path, but is in fact no better equipped than the guy who sold you your last car.

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    Umph. That last video…Umph…

  4. everyone should sign on to barbra and sign her petition being sent to mitt,calling for him to show his taxes.she will take the signed petition to his california office,im sick of people like him doing what ever they want,you know who they are,rich above the law people.gag

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