Trayvon Martin Open Thread (April 24th 2013)

Justice 4 TrayvonThink Progress: Conservative radio prognosticator Rush Limbaugh used his nationally syndicated show on Tuesday to try and tie Dzhakar Tsarnaev, the captured suspect in the Boston Marathon bombings last week, to murdered teenager Trayvon Martin.

Last March, weeks after 17-year-old Martin was shot and killed, Limbaugh and the rest of the conservative echo chamber spent a considerable amount of time attacking Martin’s character and pushing back against a widely circulated photograph of the teen, claiming that the media was trying to gin up sympathy for the murdered boy.

On Tuesday, Limbaugh compared the media’s portrayal of Trayvon to the treatment of the captured Tsarnaev, citing the media’s use of slightly outdated photographs in both instanc

Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh called out a variety of media outlets on Tuesday for trying to [do] “to Dzhokhar [Tsarnaev] what they did to Trayvon Martin.” He said that showing images of Tsarnaev at 14-years-old is an effort to humanize him and frame him as a “normal” or “mixed-up kid,” rather than an accused murder[er] and terrorist.

‘The news media are doing to Dzhokhar what they did to Trayvon Martin,” Limbaugh observed. “They’re regularly showing a photo of Dzhokhar that was taken when he was about 14. Soft, angelic, nice little boy. Harmless. Cute. Big, loveable eyes.”

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  1. Bernie de la Rionda At Work

  2. Benjamin Crump on Social Media and the Trayvon Martin Case.

  3. Raw: Mark O’Mara & Benjamin Crump talk about George Zimmerman

  4. George Zimmerman attorney says social media caused unnecessary ‘firestorm’ following Trayvon Martin shooting

    Social media have set a precedent in the way the country will engage with high profile cases, the attorneys in the Trayvon Martin shooting case said Saturday at an Associated Press event in Orlando.

    Benjamin Crump, the attorney for Trayvon Martin’s parents, and George Zimmerman’s defense attorney, Mark O’Mara, spoke at the Florida Associated Press Broadcasters Banquet.

    O’Mara said social media will impact how a jury will be picked in the case.

    “I think that if I could do away with all media, including all social media, that I would not have it involved in a criminal case,” O’Mara said. “But that’s a fantasy that is 40 years ago.”


    unnecessary ‘firestorm’? The gall of this mofo. Thank God for social media b/c Sanford Police would have swept Trayvon’s murder under the rug and moved on to the next black victim. Did he think we were going to sit idly by and allow this injustice to happen? GTFOOH Mark O’Mara!

  5. DEMAND FOR SPECIFIC DISCOVERY (Trayvon Martin’s Phone)



    Here, George Zimmerman’s defense team seeks to draw the attention away from the events that took place on February 26, 2012 when Trayvon Martin was killed by George Zimmerman. Instead, Defense Counsel wants to focus on immaterial collateral matters involving a confidential settlement that has nothing to do with the elements of second degree murder; which is why George Zimmerman is on trial.


    Wham! Bam! KaPow!

  7. George Zimmerman lawyers to judge: Sanction state for ‘personal attacks’,0,4640522.story

    George Zimmerman’s defense team has filed a slew of new documents with the court in advance of next week’s hearing in his second-degree murder case — including another request for sanctions against the prosecution.

    Zimmerman’s lawyer, Mark O’Mara, on Friday replied to a blistering filing issued by prosecutor Bernie de la Rionda last month.

    The prosecutor, responding to a defense motion which argued the state delayed in turning over important information to Zimmerman and should be sanctioned, in March called O’Mara a grandstander who “courts anything resembling a microphone or camera.”

    In his reply, O’Mara says de la Rionda’s March filing was full of “scurrilous and unfounded personal attacks,” and should be struck from the record. O’Mara also asks the court to “enter whatever additional sanctions it deems appropriate.”

    “Such behaviors have, in similar cases, subjected the offending attorney to sanctions and disciplinary proceedings,” O’Mara writes.

    O’Mara also filed a series of affidavits in support of another request aimed at penalizing the state: He wants the state to pay more than $4,500 in costs associated with depositions which were delayed when de la Rionda objected to them being videotaped.

    • roderick2012 says:

      George Zimmerman lawyers to judge: Sanction state for ‘personal attacks’

      There is so much irony in that statement that I don’t beleive I need to explain.

  8. roderick2012 says:

    Yeah Rent-A-Negro Friend Joe Oliver was a definite fail.

  9. 500 jury summons for George Zimmerman trial to go out soon

    You might soon be getting a summons to be a part of the jury that will decide George Zimmerman’s fate if you live in Seminole County.

    Jury notices will be going out soon to 500 people throughout the county.

    But is it possible to have an unbiased jury decide the case?

    News 13 legal analyst Mark NeJame said attorneys have a tough job ahead of them when picking a jury for the June trial.

    An acquittal could spark protest, and it could have a long-term effect on Sanford and Seminole County, where the jurors live.

    News 13 asked Nejame if that could factor into their decision.

    “It can be a factor without question, and I think it is going to be incumbent on the parties, and the judge in this case, to have a sequestered jury the entire time. I think there will be people attempting to get to the jurors, through intimidation, by putting out information that might help bias or prejudice them.”

    Zimmerman’s defense team could have asked for a change of venue, moving the case to a different county, but decided not to because they felt the case was too widely known for a change of venue to really have an effect.

    According to the United States Census Bureau, Seminole County had a population of 430,838 people in 2012, which means residents have less than one percent of a chance – .116 percent – of getting one of those jury summons.

    News 13 will have live gavel-to-gavel coverage from the trial.

    • roderick2012 says:

      I fear that it won’t be difficult to for at least one racist Zimmerman supporter to slip on a 6 person jury.

      I know this sounds extreme but I was wondering if the State could have the potential juries agree to have their computers searched to see if they have expressed any opinions on message boards or in email exchanges between family and friends.

      I know this will probably take months and O’Mara would be against it but it would assist in seating a more unbiased jury.

  10. Bill Hayes says:

    My worry about this trial is that it is going to turn into a reverse OJ Simpson affair. In the UK there is no way anyone would be allowed onto the airwaves and discuss the merrits ot not of the evidence before the trial. The media are not allowed to report anything other than the cirumstances of the crime, the names of the poeple involved – and that’s it! Anything else is deemed a contempt of court and carries a penalty.

    This is going to be a very interesting trial.

  11. rikyrah says:

    listen here, you racist fat fuck.


    Trayvon Martin was a teenager, minding his own damn business…who was


    for the crime of WALKING WHILE BLACK.

  12. Prosecutors: Is Zimmerman waiving Stand Your Ground?

    SANFORD, Fla. —Prosecutors in the George Zimmerman murder case want to know once and for all if Zimmerman is waiving his right to a pre-trial Stand Your Ground hearing.

    In that motion, prosecutors are asking the judge to require Zimmerman attend a hearing already scheduled for April 30 and make his intentions clear.

    Zimmerman’s defense has indicated they may make their case for immunity during the June murder trial.

    Without this clarification, prosecutors said this could become an appellate issue if Zimmerman is convicted of killing of Trayvon Martin.

    • Bill Hayes says:

      Can you explain this to me please. If he does “stand your ground” Hearing could thatmean the hearing will find him innocent and thus negating the murder trial? I’d like to understand this point.

      • The Leatherman law blog explains it very well.

        Afro-Peruvian emperor wears no clothes

        BDLR has filed a motion asking Judge Nelson to order the defendant to appear at the April 30th hearing and state on the record that he is waiving his right to the immunity hearing.

        He also asks Judge Nelson to issue an order that she will not permit the immunity hearing to take place during the trial or after it.

        I support this motion. In fact I published three posts in early March warning that this needed to be done to avoid significant legal problems that might otherwise come up forcing a retrial of the case, if the jury convicted the defendant.

        1. Combining the immunity hearing with the trial in the Zimmerman case is a terrible idea

        2. Combining the immunity hearing with the trial in the Zimmerman case is a terrible idea (Part II)

        3. Post trial immunity hearings are a terrible idea

        This motion is an example of a prosecutor taking action to protect the record from a collateral attack by a new lawyer representing the defendant after he is convicted and sentenced to prison and arguing that the defendant is entitled to a new trial and a statutory immunity hearing because he never waived his right to that hearing and did not know or consent to Mark O’Mara waiving it for him.

        BDLR also wants Judge Nelson to clarify the record regarding the possible merger of the statutory immunity hearing with the trial, which O’Mara had suggested as an alternative to holding the hearing during the last two weeks of April, so that the record shows that she considered and denied O’Mara’s request more than a month before trial. Such an order would foreclose an argument by O’Mara that he never waived the statutory immunity hearing and reasonably believed and relied to the defendant’s detriment on the two matters being combined.

        Best to clarify that current ambiguity in the record so that it does not result in reversal and remand for an immunity hearing and a new trial, if the defendant loses the immunity hearing.

        Click on the link above for more..

      • roderick2012 says:

        Bill, the hearing is a self-defense immunity hearing not SYG, but they offer the same same two things- an aquittal on the criminal charges and immunity from civil suits.

        What the State is doing is something they should addressed a long time ago and that’s to have O’Mara on record as to whether he plans to request the immunity hearing be rolled up into the trial or after the trial or decide to forego the immunity hearing all together.

        The real reason that O’Mara balked at scheduling the Immunity hearing which would have begun this past Monday is because since this is a self-defense trial George would have been required to testify and would been subject to cross-examination.

        I don’t know how long you’ve been following this case but during the second bond hearing last year O’Mara asked Judge Lester if George could take the witness stand without being cross-examined.

        The reason the Immunity hearing is scheduled 45 days before the trial is to allow the defense time to appeal if the defendant is denied immunity,

        I assume that if by some miracle Judge Nelson allowed O’Mara to have the Immunity hearing before the trial then they would automatically waive that 45 days of appeal time.

        Even if the defense isn’t able to depose Crump fails O’Mara has a couple of tricks up his sleeve—filing for indigence.

        Right now O’Mara claims that the defense doesn’t have enough money to hire expert witnesses and if he files for indigence then State would have to provide expert witnesses as a reduced cost for the defense.

        Given the shenanigans that George pulled with the blood money last year I am sure that the State would hire its own forensic accountant to make sure that George was really broke and of course that would delay the proceedings which is what O’Mara wants any way.

        One question I have is how long before the trial can O’Mara wait before he can file for indigence. Does he have to do it 30 days before trial of one day?

        If O’Mara doesn’t file for indigence and therefore doesn’t have any expert witnesses testify for the defense due to lack of funds after George is convicted he can file an appeal based upon ineffective counsel.

        Besides addressing whether O’Mara plans to file for an immunity hearing, I wish that Bernie could/would force O’Mara’s hand about the indigence issue.

  13. Ametia says:

    Where’s that POS Limpball’s been hiding? The media ALWAYS does that pic deal, especially with white men. This is just more of the hate-filled, fear-mongering bullshit he’s feeding his listening audience, while he continues getting paid millions.

    Trayvon will get justice.

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    People always ask me why I listen to Rush Limbaugh…this is why — we still have to pay attention to what he is saying…as a lot of wingnuts listen to him and a national party cowtows to him.


  16. NOTICE OF HEARING for April 30 in Zimmerman case.

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