Videos | Another White Cop in St. Louis, Missouri Kills Black Teenager Vonderrit Myers Jr.



Vonderrit Myers Jr., pictured left with his mother and right, was shot dead by an off-duty police officer on Wednesday night.

Again the media is reporting that Vonderrit is a man.  He’s 18 years old muthafuckers!  He’s somebody’s son.  SEE the picture of him with his mother?

But black boys don’t get to be BOYS, and black men don’t get to be MEN in this country, not according to RACIST white people. See how twisted that is?

1.  When they want to justify the killing of a black boy for nothing, they criminalize him and call him a “MAN.”

2.  When they want to denigrate a black man, they label him lazy and “BOY.” to justify their feelings  and illusions of white supremacy.

SG2:  “Police kill black men every 28 hours in this country with impunity.  If police would be shooting down young white boys every 28hours there would be outrage across America.”

An off-duty cop unloads 17 bullets in a black teenage boy.  And so the “Michael Brown Jr.” NIGHMARE CONTINUES.  These white cops are killing off black father’s sons, their legacies.

Fatal shooting of 18-year-old by off-duty police officer ignites protests in St. Louis

Protesters took to the streets of south St. Louis Wednesday night following the fatal shooting of an 18-year-old African American man by a 32-year old white police officer in the city’s Shaw neighborhood. In an early Thursday morning briefing, Police Chief Sam Dotson said the man fired three shots at the officer first. The officer, a six-year veteran of the department, returned fire 17 times.

According to police, the officer was off-duty and patrolling the neighborhood as an employee of a private security company when he drove past three men at about 7:30 p.m. Wednesday. As the officer drove past the group, one of the males began to run. When the officer made a U-turn, they fled, police said.

“One of them ran in a way that the officer believed that he was armed with a gun – holding his waist band, not running at full stride,” Dotson said, referring to the 18-year old.

And the REDUX of the press conference as the PD start spinning their web of lies and deception:

When is this MADNESS going to end?

When are these white men masquerading as law enforcement going to be flushed out of the justice system?

When is America’s justice system going to provide JUSTICE FOR ALL AMERICANS?


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44 Responses to Videos | Another White Cop in St. Louis, Missouri Kills Black Teenager Vonderrit Myers Jr.

    • Lets see what lies they come up with?

      • Ametia says:

        We’ve had enough of these MOFOs “discussing” ARREST THE KILLER COPS!

        What is the name of the cop who shot Vonderrit Myers?


        • The corrupt mofo Jeff Roorda is spokesman for the police union. We all know Roorda has a history of falsifying reports. He was fired over it. And he started the GoFundMe account for Darren Wilson.

  1. Stand Ferguson! Keep on Pushing!


    • Ametia says:

      This is Michael Brown Jr. and Trayvon REDUX. the murdered has to prove his innocence.

    • racerrodig says:

      According to the cops, the killer was protecting an area with 500K $ + homes. Looks like he strayed from that area, not demeaning what I see in the pictures in any way. The chief made it seem like this crap took place over a very long distance.

      I see a (1) bush a rabbit couldn’t hide behind.

      Sounds like the FogenPhoole school of bullshit to me at work once again.

      How loud was Myers “thug music”……..being all AA kids still carry a boom box……and a sandwich.

  2. May God’s Grace and Mercy protect the protesters.

  3. Liza says:

    It’s the cops who are rioting. They are making this about them. They feel they are under attack because cop murders and cop brutality are all over social media. The word is getting out despite the support the cops have from most white folks.

    • Ametia says:

      and they are proving they are indeed the ENEMY, by their defensive, murderous actions.

      • Liza says:

        Truth. And what is really alarming about these times is that the racist cops just don’t care. They aren’t even trying to pretend they are anything other than what they are. They are that sure that they won’t be arrested and charged, let alone convicted.

    • racerrodig says:

      Are these cops gonna wear wrist bands that say “I am what;s his name”

  4. He was holding his pants in a way that indicated he had a gun. F** that. He probably had his pants hang off his ass as these young boys do and was trying to hold them up. Darrin Wilson is still not being held accountable so it’s hunting season. When is it going to stop.

  5. racerrodig says:

    The fuckin’ chief said he welcomed peaceful protests……I guess he lied about that as well.

    • Ametia says:

      Nowhere else in fucking America would these mofos descend upon a predominately white neighborhood with riot gear if three white boys were doing EXACTLY the same thing these cops claim Vonderitt Myers was doing.

  6. racerrodig says:

    And………….we’re to believe this. This makes about 5 versions now and I’d be checking the law if an security guard is allowed by law to pull his gun like this.

    3 kids walking makes cop suspicious…… This guys demeanor is so unbelievable it’s a joke. He’s reading a script for the most part and he states this kid is no stranger to law enforcement and yet offers no proof. It will be interesting to get a gunshot residue report and fingerprints from the gun.

    If there were 3 shots fired by the suspect, we’d know it by now.

    • Ametia says:

      Who is giving these barbarians LICENSE to kill black boys?

      • Liza says:

        This is Birmingham circa 1963.

      • Ametia says:

        Liza this is madness. There’s going to be a full blown REVOLUTION to end these murders.

      • Liza says:

        I was thinking about this last night. I would so like to be a fly on the wall when the “I am Darren Wilson” cops get together and discuss what to do about the black folks (and you know they are.) Hell, it’s an f***ing “brotherhood,” being a (white) cop.

        Yes, I believe you. There will be a revolution to stop these murders by white racist cops and other racist whites like Zimmerman if that is what it takes. Honestly, I don’t understand how these cops have become so militarized and now they believe they are some kind of fighting force and any one of them can kill with impunity whenever they choose, like Darren Wilson.

        They are civil servants. From an employment standpoint, they are absolutely no different from a guy working for the city auditor except they have their own union (and that is a huge problem when it comes to retaining bad cops.) But the source of their income is the city’s general fund. They are just civil servants and this nation needs to stand up and pound that back into their heads. Oh, yeah, about that “dirty job” argument they always come back with – any cop who doesn’t like his job can resign and look for something else.

        But this pattern is really ugly, killing young black male teenagers who look men but are still children. I think they are targeted because judgement in those kinds of situations is largely based on life experience and a teenager does not have much life experience. Even though they get that “talk” from their parents, there is still that gap between a warning of what might happen and what to do when it is really happening. Anyhow, the cops like Darren Wilson don’t play by the rules, they fully believe they can kill without consequences because whatever they say will be believed by those who have power in law enforcement.

        This is killing me to the depths of my soul.

      • racerrodig says:

        I’m going to be brutally honest and say that all the efforts by white people like myself to get along with everyone gets trashed by this. Maybe I should find out who this cop is, I mean hire a PI, find out who he is and take his ass out for just walking along…..hell. I’ll even stick my “plant sandwich” at the scene and everything.

        I’ll bring some plastic bushes and claim he just jumped out of them and “bum rushed” me for no reason. Then I’ll get a friend to take a picture of my head and Photoshop it so it like my nose is abnormally huge and I’m bleeding to death.

        Then I’ll find a long lost family member to start telling my “story” and claim I get death threats from, well………..everyone. Maybe……despite all the death threats, I’ll do interviews all over and tell different versions !!!!! Yeah !! that’s the ticket !!

        WTF is going on in this country. Is there some secret organization that has an agenda and it is killing young black kids ?? Didn’t Hitler organize the same shit ?? For the record, he did.

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