#Ferguson: The Smoking Gun exposes #witness40 as a fraud

Sandra McElroyThe Smoking Gun has the goods on , Sandra McElroy,  a 45-year-old St. Louis resident. The woman is off the chain.

The Darren Wilson Grand Jury wasn’t first rodeo. She also inserted herself into the high profile case of Shawn Hornbeck.  The Kirkwood Police Department investigated her claims and determined it was a total fabrication.

Sandra McElroy had no business testifying before the Grand Jury. She wasn’t anywhere near Canfield Drive on the day Michael Brown was shot to death by  Darren Wilson. It’s unbelievable Bob McCulloch allowed her to testify before the Grand Jury.

This entire Grand Jury process has been a mockery of justice.

Judge Maura McShane, appoint a special prosecutor and convene another Grand Jury in the Darren Wilson case.

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  1. United We Stand…

    United We Stand performed by YOUNG ENT. It’s nice! #BlackLivesMatter.

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  2. St.Louis County prosecutor should be investigated for conspiracy to suborn perjury


    Missouri Governor Nixon should appoint a special prosecutor to to investigate St.Louis County prosecutor Robert McCulloch and his two assistant prosecutors for engaging in a conspiracy to suborn perjury in the Michael Brown shooting case and Darren Wilson should be charged with murder for killing Michael Brown.

    Witness 40, whom we now know to be Sandra McElroy, was the only grand jury witness who corroborated Darren Wilson’s claim that Michael Brown grunted, lowered his head and bull-rushed him leaving him no alternative except to shoot him to death. Her testimony was contradicted by 16 eyewitnesses who testified that Darren Wilson shot and killed Michael Brown as he raised his hands in the universal gesture of surrender.

    Thanks to Michael Bastone, Andrew Goldberg and Joseph Jesselli at the Smoking Gun, we now know that she committed perjury before the grand jury. She was not present at the scene and made everything up after following media reports about the shooting.

    For example, she lives approximately 30 miles from Ferguson and initially told the grand jury that she drove to Ferguson to meet with an African-American friend with whom she had last had contact in 1988. But she could not recall her name or her address. When she returned to testify a second time before the grand jury, she admitted that she had not told the truth.

    When Sandra McElroy [Witness 40] returned to the Ferguson grand jury on November 3, she brought a spiral notebook purportedly containing her handwritten journal entries for some dates in August, including the Saturday Michael Brown was shot.

    Before testifying about the content of her notebook scribblings, McElroy admitted that she had not driven to Ferguson in search of an African-American pal she had last seen in 1988. Instead, McElroy offered a substitute explanation that was, remarkably, an even bigger lie.

    McElroy, again under oath, explained to grand jurors that she was something of an amateur urban anthropologist. Every couple of weeks, McElroy testified, she likes to “go into all the African-American neighborhoods.” During these weekend sojourns–apparently conducted when her ex has the kids–McElroy said she will “go in and have coffee and I will strike up a conversation with an African-American and I will try to talk to them because I’m trying to understand more.”

    Her journal entry for the day of the shooting says she went to Ferguson “to stop calling Blacks ‘ni**ers’ start calling them people.”

    Hooray for her.

    I encourage readers to read the article. The authors did a splendid job doing what good investigators should do. Discover the truth.

    What is deeply troubling is how easy they were able to determine who Witness 40 was and prove that she made up everything. They figured that out in two days. The FBI figured it out when they interviewed her on October 22nd, before she testified before the grand jury. Questions we must all ask are:

    1) why didn’t the police and the prosecutor figure this out?

    2) if they did figure it out, when did they do so?

    3) did they know that she made the whole story up before they put her on the stand for the first time at the grand jury?

    4) if not, did they know that she was a liar before they put her on the stand for the second time at the grand jury?

    They were incompetent, if they did not know she was a liar. If they did know she was a liar, they suborned perjury by having her testify before the grand jury — not once, but twice. Subornation of perjury is a felony.

    St. Louis County Prosecutor Robert McCulloch has some ‘splainin’ to do, but he probably should exercise his Fifth Amendment right to remain silent as should his assistant prosecutors, especially the one who gave the wrong legal definition regarding the lawful use of force.

    Seriously folks, you can’t make this stuff up.

    Although McElroy did a terrible thing, she has serious mental health issues that need to be considered lest she be judged too harshly. I suspect she was used and I am more offended by the people who used her and abused the public trust to prevent the grand jury from indicting Wilson.

  3. rikyrah says:

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    • rikyrah says:

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    • Liza says:

      Really bad people manage to find their way into all professions and lines of work. There are bad doctors, bad lawyers, bad plumbers, bad carpenters, bad hair stylists, and so forth. So why can’t the police admit there are bad white cops who commit murder and are nothing but criminals themselves? The cover up is usually as bad or worse than the crime, don’t you know that yet?

  4. Boston students walk out of class to protest Grand Jury non indictments in police shootings

  5. Liza says:

    Sadly, the more evil and corruption that is exposed, the better the chances are that justice may prevail. Things have to change, there absolutely must be change.

  6. rikyrah says:

    Uh Huh

    All the lies told here are being exposed

  7. This entire Nation is a mockery of Justice.

  8. How Sandy McElroy and Prosecutor Bob McCulloch colluded to destroy the case against Darren Wilson


    Sorry for writing this in first person, but I am literally in between taking my kids to school and catching a flight and this just couldn’t wait.
    Four days ago I wrote this report about “Witness #40“in the case against Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson in the shooting death of unarmed teenager, Mike Brown. The most recent record dump by St. Louis prosecutor Bob McCulloch included all of her testimony for the first time and what we discovered upon studying the records is perhaps the most disturbing aspect of the entire case.

    The Smoking Gun, however, has uncovered the identity of Witness #40 as St. Louis resident, Sandy McElroy in what I honestly think is the most important and thorough investigative piece written about this case in months.

    Here is my report on her testimony and how Sandy McElroy is the most quoted witness from conservative media.

    Here is the brilliant piece by The Smoking Gun on Sandy McElroy.

    Here are 18 pages of source documents from The Smoking Gun on Sandy McElroy.

    My conclusions are below.

    Sandy McElroy was never near Canfield Drive on August 9th. She completely fabricated her entire story weeks after Darren Wilson killed Mike Brown.

    During their interrogation of her, Sandy McElroy was completely shredded by the FBI as a racist, a liar, unstable, and more. They proved in their own interview, with evidence, that McElroy lied about ever being there, lied about how she left the scene, lied about key details of the case that she claimed she witnessed, and more.

    Furthermore, Sandy McElroy, beyond being a convicted felon, had a record in St. Louis interfering with investigations and making preposterous claims about connections she had to cold cases. All of this was known to St. Louis officials.

    Her extreme racism was not private, but public and was discussed at great length with the FBI before she was ever allowed to testify before the grand jury.

    You must understand, then, that Sandy McElroy, whose testimony matches that of Darren Wilson’s better than any witness who testified, was only called to the grand jury, not once, but twice, and allowed to present concocted physical evidence at that, because she was a neutron bomb for this case. Not ONE PIECE OF EVIDENCE proved that she was there could be found and scores of evidence that she made the entire thing up was presented weeks before she was ever allowed to testify before the grand jury, but it was all deliberately ignored.

    Not only was it negligent to allow Sandy McElroy to testify, it was a deliberate attempt at poisoning the grand jury, who stated to her on record many times that they did not believe she was lying. Furthermore, her testimony has been used to champion the credibility of Darren Wilson time after time by conservative media who seem to not care at all about her character or credibility.

    All by itself, I believe the inclusion of Sandy McElroy as a witness before the grand jury is grounds for a new grand jury. Her testimony did irreparable damage to the case – which was clearly her intent from the start.

  9. Witness 40 is racist as hell. This is what she wrote on her Youtube page about the disappearance of a white woman who had a baby with a black man.

    Witness 40 Youtube

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