Eric Garner Lawsuit in 2007 claims #NYPD Violated Him

Hat tip Shaun King

It’s so cruel and humiliating what #NYPD did to #EricGarner. And then they killed him & no one is held accountable. Got damn, America!

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  1. racerrodig says:

    Back when I was in High School, from ’69 – ’73, I though by the late ’80’s the racist crap would be a thing of the past. On this site, Xena’s and the Professors, I’ve shared some experiences and my thinking on racial interactions. Everyone here knows where I stand on this, but how on God’s Green Earth is it possible we have to continue reading about these inequalities, killings, and shit, total shit, in this day and age.

    Isn’t this supposed to be the greatest country on the planet ?? Aren’t the police supposed to protect and help us. What kind of training are these new age cops getting ??

    Many of us go to great lengths to make this a better world for ALL OF US and the actions of cops like this and the Fogens of the world set everyone back 100 years. Maybe all of us normal people should move in together in say, Southern California……………maybe these new breed cops need to watch re-runs of Adam – 12

    • Speak on it, Racer.

      • racerrodig says:

        I have no problem with that…….The latest on Xena’s site has the comments closed, but maybe we’re missing the obvious on Walter Scott’s heinous murder in that Slager tazer’s Scott, and when Scott runs, Slager never runs after him. Why ??

        Let me guess……..too many doughnuts ?? or a burning desire to off a black guy, who just happens to be unarmed.

        I cannot fathom any cop not running after his suspect especially since Slager knew Scott wasn’t going very far or vary fast, what will all that voltage working on him.

        He never yells Stop either.

      • Ametia says:

        Hi racer. It really isn’t rocket science is it?

    • “Greatest Country in the World” is a title that must be continuously earned and re-earned. We stopped that not too long after we formed our own nation…….on the promise that we would continue to earn that title.
      America is only the “Greatest Country in the World” if you are a money-mongering, republican, capitalist, parasite or a psychopathic, sadistic cop in search of a target rich territory.
      If not; if you are poor, black, female, in possession of an analytical mind, disabled, not gifted or not a cross worshiping “Christian”; America is far from the free country of the promise.
      It can be and is a sweltering hell of frustrated dreams; denied rights; disenfranchisement and constant hunger for dignity and freedom which is never satisfied.

      • Ametia says:

        Whoa, Angrymanspeaks, all up in here dropping that TRUTH!

        • Yeah Darlin’; like Little Johnny Angryappleseed. Dropping those little seeds of truth; hoping they grow into public awareness; praying that they might wake just one Republican Zombie from it’s blind-walking sleep of death and allow it to remember what it is like to be human.

          I wish I could find a truth that would wake these brutal Cops but Psychopaths are never really sleeping; they’re just playing opossum.

          On Thu, Apr 16, 2015 at 8:42 AM, 3CHICSPOLITICO wrote:

          > Ametia commented: “Whoa, Angryeamnspeaks, all up in here dropping that > TRUTH!”

      • racerrodig says:

        “America is only the “Greatest Country in the World” if you are a money-mongering, republican, capitalist, parasite or a psychopathic, sadistic cop in search of a target rich territory.”

        Spot on………we are not poor, nor well off. My wife & I work hard for a living. She is being messed with at work, where she is the boss because she is female. We’ve been victimized and defrauded by our mortgage & mortgage servicing co. simply because I’m self employed and by default fit into sub prime borrower status…………unfair & criminal.

        The corruption is off the scale and then we have to look to police to investigate corrupt / criminal police and judges for justice on appeals from the rulings of corrupt judges.

        Ain’t this system wonderful. Yep, that 5% holding 95% of the wealth wonder why talk of revolution is in the air.

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