President Obama Needs to Apologize for Calling Baltimore’s Oppressed Teens “THUGS”

I want to be crystal clear here. I do not condone criminal behaviors or violence. Nor do I condone hypocrisy, double standards, and the unjust, unequal administration of our nation’s laws.

Wall Street criminals, who rob and loot and bad police who beat & kill unarmed citizens are “THUGS” too, if you want to take it there. Words carry meanings & a shit load of POWER, and calling our oppressed teens thugs is not EMPOWERING.

The difference is these Wall Street folks who rob and loot wear Brooks Brothers suits. They might not burn buildings, cop cars, and break windows, but they have destroyed and undermined businesses and job opportunities in these very communities. Are they “thugs” too?

At 4:47 mark you labeled them first protesters, then criminals, & then thugs.

A commenters letter to Obama For America for President Obama:

“Dear OFA,

I have stood and fought relentlessly for President Obama since the beginning. I was crushed at him calling 13 and 14 year old oppressed black kids “thugs.” Is this how we lift up our youth who are oppressed daily by an unjust system? Police across this country are killing young black men and boys at an alarming rate and when they dare to resist the oppression they are called ‘thugs’. It’s very discouraging. I’m sure there were ‘thugs’ who waited in line to vote for President Obama in 08 and in 2012.

Black people get called “thug” all the time by racists who know it’s not wise to say ‘nigger’ in public so they use the word ‘thug’ and the President of the United states is helping to give them cover.

White kids riot and destroy property when their team loses and no one dares to call them “thugs,” just oppressed black people who are frustrated at a system of institutional racism with no laws to protect them. Now who is right and who is wrong? Are they thugs too?

The real thugs ARE the Baltimore police who broke the spine of Freddie Gray, a healthy 25 year old man and crushed his voice box. Only a savage thug could do that to another human being.

My youngest son was profiled a few weeks ago while he stopped at a store to buy a drink. Police ran his plates because he is black, drives a nice car, and has dreadlocks. And he is the hardest working, most respectful kid ever. Institutional racism is real. Our young black men and boys are being killed by real bullets just because they exist in black skin.

We don’t need the most powerful man in the world labeling an already suffering people that this racist system created “thugs.”

President Obama needs to apologize!

Obama Supporter


There’s NO excuse for shooting unarmed black men in the back and snapping another black man’s spine either.

No MSM anchor has covered the following incidents capturing White rioters. What is the difference in these folks RIOTING and not being labeled ” If anyone finds a clip of Scott Pelley, or whomever is the news anchor for ABC, NBC

Chris Hayes Spoofs White Power Structure Has No Clue How To Stop Culture Of White On White Violence

White People Rioting for No Reason

Riots In San Francisco After Giants World Series Win

And we’ll end with this clip “Just call Them Niggers”

We’re sure Wall Street folks know what they do is wrong, just like the white rioters after sports events, but are they LABELED “THUGS”?

Notice how quiet the media is today all MUM on Baltimore and protesters. All’s quiet on the media front, the “thugs” have been warned now.

Now how about some transparency on Freddie Gray’s murderers, the COPS.

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  1. White supremacy is scared of losing the majority & will do anything to maintain power..even if it means killing off folks.

  2. Folks celebrate Nat Turner UpRising. Was he a thug?

  3. Ametia says:

    President Obama and Baltimore Mayor Rawlings-Blake: Reject “thug.” It’s the new n-word.


    That’s what Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake called some Freddie Gray protestors during a press conference on Monday night. She uttered it twice. This word was repeated by President Barack Obama the very next day. (1, 2)

    Last year NFL player Richard Sherman made waves by saying that the word “thug” bothers him because “it’s the accepted way of calling someone the N-word nowadays.” (3) And Baltimore City Council member Carl Stokes agrees. He delivered a powerful response when asked on CNN if it was appropriate to use the word:

    “No, it’s not the right word to call our children ‘thugs.’ These are children who have been set aside, marginalized, who have not been engaged by us. No, we don’t have to call them ‘thugs’ … [You might as well] just call them niggers.” (4)

    “Thug” is an ugly word that reinforces a culture and a language that doesn’t value Black life — that doesn’t see us as human. It’s easier to kill someone when you don’t see them as a person, but rather deem them “a thug.”

    Such language has no place at the highest levels of American politics – coming out of the mouths of our President and the Mayor of one of our largest cities. And that’s why, after a massive public outcry, Mayor Rawlings-Blake has already started to walk back on her use of the word. She issued two tweets yesterday conveying regret. (5) But now she and President Obama need to take the word off the table for good.

    Demand that President Obama and Baltimore Mayor Rawlings-Blake apologize for smearing the #BaltimoreUprisers as “thugs.” And ask them to commit to never using the word again.

  4. Ametia says:

    3 Chics invites comments, as long as they are respectful. We can agree to disagree.

    It’s important to share differing viewpoints just as well as similar viewpoints.

    Thank you!

  5. Ametia says:

    Freddie Gray open thread is UP!

  6. If Hillary would have used the word ‘thug’ folks would have ripped her 40 ways to Sunday.

  7. rikyrah says:

    Public defender challenges lawfulness of riot-related detentions

    The Maryland Office of the Public Defender says it will challenge in court the lawfulness of Baltimore’s detention of more than 230 individuals arrested during the city’s riots.

    The public defender alleges these people were not presented before a district court commissioner within 24 hours of being taken into custody, as required by Maryland Rules of Procedure, and many have yet to appear before a judicial officer. Many have not been notified of any charges against them or have not been furnished with a copy of the charges, the office said Wednesday afternoon.

    OPD added that it will request in Baltimore City Circuit Court immediate release hearings for about 70 individuals the office alleges have been held since Monday without having been served charging documents.

    …The rules call for people arrested to be presented for initial appearances within 24 hours of arrest. But Gov. Larry Hogan signed an order Tuesday under Maryland’s state of emergency law that extended the time for processing to about 48 hours.

    The state of emergency statute authorizes the governor to suspend the effect of any laws, regulations or rules, which Nilson said includes procedural rules.

    …The public defender’s office contends that Hogan lacks authority to suspend the court-created procedural rules regarding presentment.

    “More importantly, we challenge the wisdom of suspending justice for arrestees in this time of civil turmoil,” OPD said in a statement Wednesday afternoon. “The Judiciary promulgates the Maryland Rules. The Court of Appeals [Maryland’s top court] has not amended or changed the rules that require these important safeguards.”

    OPD also called on judges to ensure that the procedural rules and their time limits are followed and that excessive bails are not set during these trying days…

  8. rikyrah says:

    Baltimore activist ‘kidnapped’ on live TV is in jail despite having hands up ‘the whole time’

    Exclusive: The Guardian has established the whereabouts of Joseph Kent, whose disappearance into a phalanx of riot police prompted an outcry on social media
    Joseph Kent was ‘kidnapped’ by police in Baltimore on Tuesday night in full view of cameras.
    Wednesday 29 April 2015 18.06 EDT

    He was the peaceful activist whose sudden disappearance into a phalanx of riot police on a Baltimore street sparked a viral panic.

    Sixteen hours after Joseph Kent, 21, was filmed being snatched by police out of a road in the west side of the city, the Guardian has established his whereabouts.

    The Morgan State University student is currently in a large bullpen with other inmates on the second floor of Baltimore central booking, a jail 10 minutes from the city hall.

    Kent, who has been charged with one count of breach of a 10pm curfew, wants the public to know he is “well and safe” and is asking Baltimore residents to follow his lead by refraining from violence.

  9. rikyrah says:

    Justin FentonVerified account‏@justin_fenton
    Public defender’s office says 101 people arrested during Monday’s unrest are being released now, two days later, without charges…

  10. rikyrah says:

    Cruz accuses Obama of inflaming racial tensions

    The Republican presidential hopeful says Obama has squandered chance to be unifying force
    4/29/15 6:29 PM EDT

    Sen. Ted Cruz on Wednesday accused President Barack Obama and his administration of inflaming racial tensions and pitting Americans against each other on major societal issues.

    “President Obama, when he was elected, he could have been a unifying figure,” the Republican presidential contender said during an appearance hosted by the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.

    “He could have chosen to be a leader on race relations and bring us together. And he hasn’t done that, he’s made decisions that I think have inflamed racial tensions that have divided us rather than bringing us together.”
    When asked what he would do to improve race relations, Cruz said he backs criminal justice reform, and that he would also focus on “tone and language and rhetoric. Not have the president inflaming racial tensions, rather have the president working to appeal to our shared values.”

  11. sunshine616 says:

    New york protests seeing some issues

  12. You have to take a stand for what is right even when it’s not a popular thing to do.

  13. eliihass says:

    can someone please tell me how this shallow and unimpressive thug Hogan came to be the governor of Maryland? How did this happen?

    • donna dem 4 obama says:

      People refused to get off their ass and go vote. They can only stand in lines for hours when President Obama is on the ballot otherwise…Nothing to see here. Too busy. Other things to do. It’s sickening and I’m a MD resident!!!

    • Ametia says:

      Good question, ellihass.

    • sunshine616 says:

      And lots of money, promise making, and back scratching of everyone but the citizens.

    • rikyrah says:

      I…just can’t.

      My blood pressure has already been raised today. It will go up a few more points if I recount to you this past election.

      Bottom line: A BLACK Democratic Candidate forgot the basic rule of his state:


      Once he forgot that, I could be here all night, talking about his non-campaign.

    • Ametia says:

      Yes; I’m sure those ‘thug’ teens will lay down that BAIL $$ pronto!

    • sunshine616 says:

      This is when wealthy black Americans can help. Get those kids outta jail

    • eliihass says:

      That’s how they destroy these kids lives. Stick them with outrageous fines they know they’ll never be able to pay. And that becomes the basis for years of hounding and trumped-up criminal records.

      • Ametia says:

        Just like Ferguson. Milk the poor & impoverished! Treat them like $ack-o-$hit

        It’s an ugly RACIST system,;it’s vicious, it’s criminal, and so evil and despicable!

  14. Real thugs break the spine in 3 places of a 25yr old man, set people on fire locked inside a cage, use a machete to execute ppl 4 their beliefs. Not 13 or 14 yr old kids carrying textbooks and backpacks who threw rocks and broke windows & being frustrated at a system created to deny them their right to live.

  15. closerange says:

    He also called them criminals. Should he apologize for that also? His use of “thug” given its racist connotation is unfortunate but he’s Barack Obama so I (maybe not others) can overlook that. However by focusing on that single word and calling on him to apologize, the impact of his statement is being diluted and the people (elected reps, police etc.), who should be doing something concrete will use the spotlight being on the president to slink into the background and do nothing.

    • That single word “thug” has gotten a many young black boys and men killed. He shouldn’t have used it to describe teens frustrated at a system created to KILL them.

    • Ametia says:

      Hi closerange. Thank you for your comment. And it’s alright if you can overlook it.

      I understand what you’re saying. Unfortunately, the elected resp, police have been diluting the impact of his statements and spotlighting them since 2009. (see GOP) who haven’t , nor never will they do anything concrete to help with the mass incarcerations, abject poverty, and unprovoked killings of black boys and men. They already DO NOTHING.

      They’re part of the problem and not the solution.

      President Obama gave a similar same statement when Michael Brown was gunned down and murdered in Ferguson. And Trayvon Martin’s murder in 2012. He didn’t call the cops “Thugs” but the media and right wingers sure did call Trayvon Martin & Michael Brown thugs.

      Words matter and they have impact.

      • What PBO did do when Trayvon was murdered by a gun toting self appointed neighborhood watch “thug” was to identify himself with him. And yes, we would NOT have “THIS congress” if folks had gotten themselves out to vote when it mattered.
        Yes, words DO matter and President said a whole bunch more words than “thug”.
        He is doing more than his part. We the People however keep not showing up, and not staying focused, and not writing to and calling out the right people, and not making demands of the right people.
        We vote for these judges, and governors, and people who make the laws-local, state and the folks we send to DC.

      • Welcome, elo4obama/biden

        Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Words do matter and President Obama chooses his words very carefully. He is not one to call anyone names. It’s out of character for him. He won’t even allow supporters to boo opponents. Potus said a lot of more words but this particular word carries so much POWER. And it has the abilty to make an impact especially coming from the most powerful man in the world. It has a racial ability to cut, degrade, offend, hurt and bruise. This particular word has caused many innocent black men and boys to die because this is what has been engrained in the mind of white supremacy. Folks voting or not has NOTHING to do with Potus choosing to use the word ‘thug’. I blame people not showing up to vote for the political leaders in office in Baltimore but not on Potus using that ugly degrading word.

        3ChicsPolitico has been a fierce advocate for President Obama and the Democratic agenda. Just look at our past work. Scroll through our threads. Read our timeline on Twitter. We are for what is right. You have to take a stand against wrong even when it’s not a popular thing to do.

    • Ametia says:

      Hi elo4obama/biden Thank you for your comment.

      Yes; I clearly remember PBO’s empathizing with Trayvon Martin. And he did specify the root causes for the rioting and looting by these teens. That’s not in dispute here, at least for me.

      I have a black husband brothers, uncles, nephews, and a grandson. “Thug” is how they are viewed regardless of how much education they have, what jobs they hold, what clothes they wear, and who they voted for. None of that matters.

      And this issue of police brutality has been around for eons, so voting folks in and out doesn’t seem to be a great recipe, now doesn’t it? For example, former Maryland DEMOCRATIC Mayor-Governor Martin O’Malley left a police department in shambles.

      I voted for President Obama with no expectation that he would be American’s savior.

      I’ve disagree with some of him on some issues, but they weren’t nearly as important as what is going down with the KILLING of our unarmed black boys and men.

      And you’re right. He can’t do it alone, and that is why we all need to stay awake and speak out, regardless of whether we agree or disagree

      The resolution of these cops killing our people is not ending. Right now, the Baltimore Police dept. is teasing

      PBO and no one else will never trump the lives of my family. i don’t agree with him using that term “thugs” to describe our teens. It’s damaging and not empowering. I requested an apology. Will he, probably not. And that’s fine with me, but I do want him to know how I feel and my thoughts on this.

  16. sunshine616 says:

    All I’m saying is if they release the police findings on a Friday night, u know they are going right out of the ferguson public policy play book. Pray for everyone then

  17. yahtzeebutterfly says:

    Hi….just returned home and am now catching up.

    I went to the White House webpage to get the transcript of President Obama’s press conference.
    Here is the part pertaining to Baltimore in the video you posted above:

    Reporter Chris Jansing:

    Question:    Thank you, Mr. President.  As you know, the National Guard is now on the streets of Baltimore — the latest aftermath in a series of what have been high-profile confrontations between black men and police officers.  And there seems to be growing frustration among African American leaders that not enough is being done quickly enough.  Marc Morial of the Urban League said, “The U.S. is in a state of emergency of tremendous proportions.”  The president of the NAACP Legal Defense Fund says, “We are in the throes of a national crisis.” 

    Are we in the throes of a national crisis?  What are you prepared to do about it, both in terms of Baltimore and the larger picture?  And what do you say to critics who say that since the death of Trayvon Martin, you have not been aggressive enough in your response? 


    With respect to Baltimore, let me make a couple of points.  First, obviously our thoughts continue to be with the family of Freddie Gray.  Understandably, they want answers.  And DOJ has opened an investigation.  It is working with local law enforcement to find out exactly what happened, and I think there should be full transparency and accountability.

    Second, my thoughts are with the police officers who were injured in last night’s disturbances.  It underscores that that’s a tough job and we have to keep that in mind, and my hope is that they can heal and get back to work as soon as possible.

    Point number three, there’s no excuse for the kind of violence that we saw yesterday.  It is counterproductive.  When individuals get crowbars and start prying open doors to loot, they’re not protesting, they’re not making a statement — they’re stealing.  When they burn down a building, they’re committing arson.  And they’re destroying and undermining businesses and opportunities in their own communities that rob jobs and opportunity from people in that area.

    So it is entirely appropriate that the mayor of Baltimore, who I spoke to yesterday, and the governor, who I spoke to yesterday, work to stop that kind of senseless violence and destruction.  That is not a protest.  That is not a statement.  It’s people — a handful of people taking advantage of a situation for their own purposes, and they need to be treated as criminals.

    Point number four, the violence that happened yesterday distracted from the fact that you had seen multiple days of peaceful protests that were focused on entirely legitimate concerns of these communities in Baltimore, led by clergy and community leaders.  And they were constructive and they were thoughtful, and frankly, didn’t get that much attention.  And one burning building will be looped on television over and over and over again, and the thousands of demonstrators who did it the right way I think have been lost in the discussion. 

    The overwhelming majority of the community in Baltimore I think have handled this appropriately, expressing real concern and outrage over the possibility that our laws were not applied evenly in the case of Mr. Gray, and that accountability needs to exist.  And I think we have to give them credit.  My understanding is, is you’ve got some of the same organizers now going back into these communities to try to clean up in the aftermath of a handful of criminals and thugs who tore up the place.  What they were doing, what those community leaders and clergy and others were doing, that is a statement.  That’s the kind of organizing that needs to take place if we’re going to tackle this problem.  And they deserve credit for it, and we should be lifting them up.
    Point number five — and I’ve got six, because this is important.  Since Ferguson, and the task force that we put together, we have seen too many instances of what appears to be police officers interacting with individuals — primarily African American, often poor — in ways that have raised troubling questions.  And it comes up, it seems like, once a week now, or once every couple of weeks.  And so I think it’s pretty understandable why the leaders of civil rights organizations but, more importantly, moms and dads across the country, might start saying this is a crisis.  What I’d say is this has been a slow-rolling crisis.  This has been going on for a long time.  This is not new, and we shouldn’t pretend that it’s new.

    The good news is, is that perhaps there’s some newfound awareness because of social media and video cameras and so forth that there are problems and challenges when it comes to how policing and our laws are applied in certain communities, and we have to pay attention to it and respond. 
    What’s also good news is the task force that was made up of law enforcement and community activists that we brought together here in the White House have come up with very constructive concrete proposals that, if adopted by local communities and by states and by counties, by law enforcement generally, would make a difference.  It wouldn’t solve every problem, but would make a concrete difference in rebuilding trust and making sure that the overwhelming majority of effective, honest and fair law enforcement officers, that they’re able to do their job better because it will weed out or retrain or put a stop to those handful who may be not doing what they’re supposed to be doing.

    Now, the challenge for us as the federal government is, is that we don’t run these police forces.  I can’t federalize every police force in the country and force them to retrain.  But what I can do is to start working with them collaboratively so that they can begin this process of change themselves. 
    And coming out of the task force that we put together, we’re now working with local communities.  The Department of Justice has just announced a grant program for those jurisdictions that want to purchase body cameras.  We are going to be issuing grants for those jurisdictions that are prepared to start trying to implement some of the new training and data collection and other things that can make a difference.  And we’re going to keep on working with those local jurisdictions so that they can begin to make the changes that are necessary. 

    I think it’s going to be important for organizations like the Fraternal Order of Police and other police unions and organization to acknowledge that this is not good for police.  We have to own up to the fact that occasionally there are going to be problems here, just as there are in every other occupation.  There are some bad politicians who are corrupt.  There are folks in the business community or on Wall Street who don’t do the right thing.  Well, there’s some police who aren’t doing the right thing.  And rather than close ranks, what we’ve seen is a number of thoughtful police chiefs and commissioners and others recognize they got to get their arms around this thing and work together with the community to solve the problem.  And we’re committed to facilitating that process.

    So the heads of our COPS agency that helps with community policing, they’re already out in Baltimore.  Our Assistant Attorney General for the Civil Rights Division is already out in Baltimore.  But we’re going to be working systematically with every city and jurisdiction around the country to try to help them implement some solutions that we know work. 

    And I’ll make my final point — …..

    We can’t just leave this to the police.  I think there are police departments that have to do some soul searching.  I think there are some communities that have to do some soul searching.  But I think we, as a country, have to do some soul searching.  This is not new.  It’s been going on for decades. 

    And without making any excuses for criminal activities that take place in these communities, what we also know is that if you have impoverished communities that have been stripped away of opportunity, where children are born into abject poverty; they’ve got parents — often because of substance-abuse problems or incarceration or lack of education themselves — can’t do right by their kids; if it’s more likely that those kids end up in jail or dead, than they go to college.  In communities where there are no fathers who can provide guidance to young men; communities where there’s no investment, and manufacturing has been stripped away; and drugs have flooded the community, and the drug industry ends up being the primary employer for a whole lot of folks — in those environments, if we think that we’re just going to send the police to do the dirty work of containing the problems that arise there without as a nation and as a society saying what can we do to change those communities, to help lift up those communities and give those kids opportunity, then we’re not going to solve this problem.  And we’ll go through the same cycles of periodic conflicts between the police and communities and the occasional riots in the streets, and everybody will feign concern until it goes away, and then we go about our business as usual.

    If we are serious about solving this problem, then we’re going to not only have to help the police, we’re going to have to think about what can we do — the rest of us — to make sure that we’re providing early education to these kids; to make sure that we’re reforming our criminal justice system so it’s not just a pipeline from schools to prisons; so that we’re not rendering men in these communities unemployable because of a felony record for a nonviolent drug offense; that we’re making investments so that they can get the training they need to find jobs.  That’s hard.  That requires more than just the occasional news report or task force.  And there’s a bunch of my agenda that would make a difference right now in that.

    Now, I’m under no illusion that out of this Congress we’re going to get massive investments in urban communities, and so we’ll try to find areas where we can make a difference around school reform and around job training, and around some investments in infrastructure in these communities trying to attract new businesses in.

    But if we really want to solve the problem, if our society really wanted to solve the problem, we could.  It’s just it would require everybody saying this is important, this is significant — and that we don’t just pay attention to these communities when a CVS burns, and we don’t just pay attention when a young man gets shot or has his spine snapped.  We’re paying attention all the time because we consider those kids our kids, and we think they’re important.  And they shouldn’t be living in poverty and violence. 

    That’s how I feel.  I think there are a lot of good-meaning people around the country that feel that way.  But that kind of political mobilization I think we haven’t seen in quite some time.  And what I’ve tried to do is to promote those ideas that would make a difference.  But I think we all understand that the politics of that are tough because it’s easy to ignore those problems or to treat them just as a law and order issue, as opposed to a broader social issue.

    That was a really long answer, but I felt pretty strongly about it.

    • The Pardu says:

      As ro the comments form the transcript. The entire set of words were well thought out and carefully delivered .Typical of our beloved president. Why he chose to use the word “thugs” is all that bothers me. especially when he could easily have supplanted the word with “Those who perpetrated lawlessness.” No argument with the content of the comments; only the essence of one word (which did not have to come forth). Now, the Right will throw his words back with each skirmish in which I partake, and Right Wing media has validation of their use. Now, what if Hillary had said same? Love the posting of the transcript as a point of reference.

      • Pardu

        President Obama doesn’t just blurt out anything. He chooses his words very carefully. His choosing the word ‘thug’ was stab to the heart. It drained me. I went weak. Ametia can confirm it. The fight for justice nearly left me.

        • The Pardu says:

          Totally agree and the very point I made on my blog!!!!! It was intentional and I only wonder why he chose to do it. I Hope he was not playing to people who seek opportunity to label black civil discord as thuggery en masse. Of course, looters are despicable opportunist, but even they could be labeled without validation of a racist dog whistle.

          • I Hope he was not playing to people who seek opportunity to label black civil discord as thuggery en masse.

            For the love of God, I hope not. It would crush me down to the ground.

      • Ametia says:

        This right HERE:

        ” I Hope he was not playing to people who seek opportunity to label black civil discord as thuggery en masse. Of course, looters are despicable.”

        Just the use of the word ‘thug’ has already sent the message. And of course America ALREADY hates black civil discord as much as I hate walking on a bed of sharp rusty nails.

    • Ametia says:

      Thank you, yahtzee. Great to have written backup and the video too. Like I said earlier, the president paused and parsed. And the word “thug” hit a nerve for the reasons I’ve mentioned.

      It’s not ok for Hillary or any other politician to call our teens thugs, and it most definitely not ok for the President of the United States to either for obvious reasons.

  18. CNN’s ErinBurnett Mistakes Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Members As Gang Bangers.

  19. rikyrah says:

    Can’t Be Serious: CNN Mistakes Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Members In Baltimore For Gang Bangers

    Zeta Phi Beta Members Mistaken For Gang Members

    People are currently outraged after members of a prestigious Divine 9 organization were called gang members on national television.

    On Tuesday as members of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. sat quietly at a Baltimore Town Hall, CNN anchor Erin Burnett mistook them for Crips gang members.

    “We’ve got gang members right there….” said the clueless reporter.

    • eliihass says:

      This is a big part of the problem: Police unions that have only continued to get stronger and amass power for no reason, and the politicians who continue to be afraid of losing their support, or accused of being anti-police, and so kowtow to them.

      • Ametia says:

        Yes; do you think the Po Po has influence on POTUS? He’s a politician.

      • eliihass says:

        @Ametia, Unfortunately, even the President is a politician and has moments. The police and military today have succeeded in premptively putting every politician on the defensive. They hold politicians ransom with these threats of tagging them unpatriotic and anti-police. What makes me sad is that nobody seems willing or able to stand up to them. The politician who finally stands up to the police without disclaimers, or the need to smear the victims of said police, just to appease police and not to be seen as being against the police, will be the honorable and fearless politician of the century.

        Remember what happened very early on when the President rightly called the actions of the Cambridge police with regard to the Skip Gates incident, ‘stupid’? Beer Summit too.

        I also remember that one solitary black police woman on that Cambridge police force, being paraded about every television station and standing next to the thug police who assaulted Prof. Gates, at every press conference. She was so disrespectful of POTUS and went about saying how she regretted voting for him and how he should have kept his mouth shut – and in her exact words ‘recused himself’ from commenting on a ‘police matter’ that was ‘above his pay grade’.

      • Ametia says:

        I remember Louis Gates (Gate) pun intended.White folks went ape shit over him calling that ‘THUG’ police ‘stupid’

        And he also APOLOGIZED. Racially profiled Louis Gates, and get invited to the White House for beer.

        See, he “could have calibrated his words differently.”

        The politician who finally stands up to the police without disclaimers, or the need to smear the victims of said police, just to appease police and not to be seen as being against the police, will be the honorable and fearless politician of the century.

  20. rikyrah says:

    Pragmatic Obots @PragmaticObot
    @ladyc10 @PragObots where’s the NAACP Legal Defense Fund to file an injunction or something to challenge this??

  21. rikyrah says:

    ragmaticObotsUnite @PragObots
    For YEARS, @HillaryClinton has run on Bill Clinton’s record, so she &her supporters need to accept the good AND the bad of his record.

  22. rikyrah says:

    r. @Are0h
    LOL @wholefoods feeding the National Guard in a city where most kids can’t eat if schools are closed is the PERFECT American metaphor.

    • eliihass says:

      Thank you.

      Shame on Whole Foods. To think that once upon a time Whole Foods was considered *the* store by and for high-minded liberals. Today, it reflects instead the greed, selfishness, warped patriotism and racism of its now libertarian founder.

  23. rikyrah says:

    April @ReignOfApril
    Why is MLK the only Black person that racists know? John Lewis is still alive, Belafonte &…

    Oh. You don’t want anyone who can talk back.

  24. rikyrah says:

    PragmaticObotsUnite @PragObots
    .@thereval When you met with @MayorSRB, did you ask her why the MTA was shut down just as children were being dismissed from school?

    • Ametia says:

      What are your thoughts on PBO’s comment about calling our teens “thugs” Rikyrah?

      • rikyrah says:

        I disagree with him calling them thugs, but that was but one line is his entire speech, which was comprehensive in explaining the issue. But, no doubt, He could have chosen better.

      • It was one line. But it was powerful. It doesn’t take a whole lot of words to make an impact.

      • Ametia says:

        Thank you, Rikyrah.

        We’ve been down this road with PBO addressing our nation when our black boys and men are slaughtered at the hands of white police. He’s used words like We, as a Country, Have to Do Some Soul-Searching,” we need transparency, accountability, etc., and even the abject poverty that has gripped our cities and it’s citizens.

        But he’s NEVER used the word “THUG” to describe an OPPRESSED PEOPLE, and teens at that.” So that one line about “thugs” is going to be called out, because it does nothing to EMPOWER our youth. Absolutely NOTHING.

      • Precisely!

        You have kids who have most likely seen Baltimore police beat up and humiliate their dads, uncles, brothers, cousins and maybe some died by the hands of police. They’ve been oppressed all of their teen lives and the moment they can’t take it anymore and resist in an act of frustration, they’re called thugs. It’s equivalent to saying…YOU WON’T AMOUNT TO ANYTHING. Very powerful and damaging words.

    • eliihass says:

      I despise this Hogan guy. I have such a visceral reaction each time I see him.

      He’s not a good person. You can see and feel it. Pure evil. Petty, racist, arrogant, heartless.

  25. rikyrah says:

    cjtown @ladyc10
    So Hillary gets credit for saying what PBO said,and Bill don’t get blame for doing the shit Hillary said needs to change. See how this works

  26. Don’t ask me to tell oppressed ppl how to react to police violence when the laws aren’t applied to protect them b/c I’m NOT going to do it.

    • Ametia says:

      THIS: PS ‏@Pie324 · 3m3 minutes ago

      @BuzzFeedNews @marabout40 @MayorSRB so what does she think of misguided police officers who should be held accountable.

    • sunshine616 says:

      Just like under anger and frustration our youth has spoken. Those “thugs” were pushed into a corner and sprayed with mace like bugs. Shame on u for forgetting that your pulpit of power does not erase the color of your skin. If they didn’t know who u were they would treat u the same if you were stopped. For every right thing pbo did it never erased the fact that he is still judged first by the content of his skin and not the content of his accomplishments.

  27. I want to be crystal clear here. I do not condone criminal behaviors or violence. Nor do I condone hypocrisy, double standards, and the unjust, unequal administration of our nations laws.

    When you see wrong you have to stand up and condemn it regardless where it comes from or who does it.

  28. I know President Obama stands up for peaceful protests but I don’t agree he had to call oppressed teen thugs. These were 13,14 & 15yr old kids who has probably seen Baltimore police kill their dad, uncles, cousins with no justice and then comes the breaking of Freddie Gray’s spine and seeing police drag him like a piece of trash and throwing him in the van.

    • Ametia says:

      Tell it! The justice system is full of THUGS. And to be honest here, thug isn’t even a code anymore it’s used openly as a replacement for nigger by racists.

      And Erin Burnet can have a stadium full of seats, talmbout if her son ever rioted, she’d call him a thug. Knowing full well, IT’S A BALD-FACED LIE. See video above Erin. he’d be called a “reveler’ or some such nonsense.

  29. Folks watched Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown & Walter Scott all gunned down w/ such savagery. No law protected them. And then it comes to your neighborhood.

  30. Ametia says:

    Just call me Ametia, Black Code Translator, similar to Luther, Anger Translator.

  31. The Pardu says:

    I wrote the White House with my dismay and disappointment. What if Hillary had said such. Now, the right has free reign to go there and as soon as we challenge : “Obama said it.” In fact, all right wing media and social media have commented about his use of the word. He knows better and I wonder if it was not intentional for some ungodly reason. If we do not let the White House know our concern we enable. Wish I could have this post for my web page. ;-)

  32. They chain you, beat you, kick you, torment you, break your limbs and if you dare strike back with rage, you’re labeled a thug. How dare you!

  33. Ametia says:

    Wall Street Thuggery!


  34. The breaking of FreddieGray’s spine by Baltimore Police and then dragging him, therefore adding more damage to his spinal cord was savagery. That’s what you call a THUG!

  35. Ametia says:

    I remember Barack Obama telling us that if he is wrong, he’s like us to tell him.

    Well yesterday at that presser, Mr. President, you were wrong in calling those kids who threw bricks, and rioted “thugs” You talked about the root causes and the non-justification, and that’s commendable, but the labeling of OPPRESSED teens in that neighborhood as “thugs” burned deeply.

    You owe Baltimore teens, their families and teens nationwide an APOLOGY.

    This is a term used in Fox rightwing talk and it is the connotation

    • eliihass says:

      It was out of character for him and a forced moment. It does frustrate me the sort of inexplicable stronghold the police seem to have. Nobody seems willing to call them out on their crap and it begs the question, how on earth are they going to be reined in? How do we put an end once and for all to the devastating culture of police violence against people of color, if nobody, not even our leaders, are willing to speak up, call a spade a spade. Nothing is going to be fixed if the police can’t be faulted and held accountable when they murder unarmed black kids in broad daylight.

      • Ametia says:

        It might have been out of character, but WRONG, none the less. He paused & parsed his words very carefully. Who knows, maybe he wanted to call some police THUGS, but oppressed teens?

        HELL NAW! he’s got to pause & parse a little bit more to avoid using that term again when he references our TEENS.

  36. I love President Obama but I am not going to side with him over my boys.

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