“Our Selma!” | Mass Moral March for Voting Rights

What the MEDIA did not report on last week. It was Donald Trump instead. This is your institutionalized racist media in America. This is show they operate, reporting on and upholding the white males’ attitudes, beliefs, behaviors, slights, ADNAUSEUM.


In above photo: Over 3,500 people from across the state and nation gathered in Winston-Salem on July 13 for the Mass Moral Monday March for Voting Rights. The march began at the Corpening Plaza and made its way to the federal courthouse, where marchers were joined by more protesters. (Photo by Tevin Stinson)

Historic Moral Monday march and rally draw thousands to Winston-Salem

By Tori Pittman AND Tevin Stinson For The Chronicle

On Monday, July 13, thousands of people came together at the Corpening Plaza on West First Street in Winston-Salem to participate in the Mass Moral Monday March for Voting Rights, as part of the Moral Monday movement.

People, in-state and out-of-state, came to witness what has been chanted throughout the crowd: ‘This is our Selma.’

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9 Responses to “Our Selma!” | Mass Moral March for Voting Rights

  1. TyrenM says:

    Majiir. The Book is a trip. People (family, friends, colleagues past and present) will “like” and comment on kid pics and the like all day. When you bring them the real? crickets.

  2. rikyrah says:

    Rev. Barber is the truth!

    thank you for this post, because it’s been CRICKETS from the MSM.

  3. Check this, Chicas!

    That fear tactic is not going to work. Don’t try it.

  4. Ametia says:


    Now if Bernie, Hillry, and O’Malley can admit this, Dems will have the support of their BASE. BLACK PEOPLE, ESPECAILLY Black women.

    • Ametia says:

      His phrase “Get them to vote their future not their fears.” is so very on-point.

      Speak on it!

      Enough of this ‘working-class Americans’ We know it’s code for white people.

    • Ametia says:

      Now if Rev Barber got as much air time on tee vee as white male racists like Trump….

      • majiir says:

        The predominantly white members of the media definitely control the narrative. They put attention on the matters they think are important and ignore those that are more/most important in the lives of millions of Americans. If Rev,. Barber and these NC protestors received the media attention they deserve, more Americans would understand that these voter Id laws impact other citizens besides People of Color, but they won’t because they consider the matter to be less important than the ignorant utterings of a clown like Trump.

        This behavior on the part of the players in the MSM reminds me of the Civil Rights marches. Millions of White Americans were unaware of how southern politicians and citizens were treating Black Americans until they saw the pics/video clips of them turning water hoses on, and dogs loose, on orderly protesters, and the vile language that was coming from the mouths of their white brethren. I’m smdh at the fact that it takes something very unsettling to happen before many Americans realize that very serious problems exist in the U.S., problems that many of us are dealing with every d*mn day. Most of my Facebook “friends” are my former white co-workers and former students at the school from which I retired, and I’ve been posting race-related issues on my wall so they can see what is actually happening in this country. If they suddenly decide they want to “unfriend” me because of it, I absolutely don’t give a sh*t. I don’t have any more f*cks to give about attempting to burst the rw bubble they inhabit. Serious sh*t is/has been happening while they’ve been pretending everything is hunky dory. I want them to know things are NOT hunky dory for millions of Americans, and that living here is a real-life version of hell on earth.

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