Hillary Clinton Talks With BlackLivesMatter

Get a good look and listen up, while Hillary admonishes the NEGROES for daring to ask her the tough questions.


Clinton lobbied for a law that perpetuated mass incarceration.

The Clintons played a crucial role in mass incarceration. The Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act, which Clinton lobbied for and her husband signed into law, imposed tougher prison sentences and increased funding for prisons, among other changes.

The law helped continue the explosive growth of the prison population through the 1990s. And yes, FORMER Bill Clinton tried to pre-empt this fact earlier by coming out and acknowledging it. The Clintons got game, and they’re being called out for it.

Hillary does not want to address BLACKLIVESMATTER head on, because WHAT WOULD THOSE ‘HARD WORKING WHITE FOLKS THINK?!!!!


It is all about CONSCIENCE/CONSICOUSNESS/HEART. You can talk about enforcing laws/policies all you like, but it all comes down to the consciousness and the heart of the folks who ENFORCE these laws and policies. Case in point: The Ferguson fuckery of the same people enforcing the same sick laws that profile, stop, and murder black men and women. Not one thing has changed since August 2014, other than the glaring racist injustices and continued killings around the country.

BlackLivesMatter does need to have a more cogent/strategic plan, and that much was exposed with this exchange.


This was SUSPECT from the very beginning. Since Hillary wants to run on Bill’s coattails, then we have the right to ask certain questions.
We are on our THIRD GENERATION of Black men for the Prison Industrial Complex.
One ‘ my bad’ in a speech from Bill DOES NOT CLEAN THAT UP.
What about sentencing reform, Hillary?
What about retroactive release for non-violent offenders?
What about the militarization of the police?
What about police accountability towards their brutality towards Black folk?
What about the bond system, which discriminates against the poor?

Yes, these are our sons, grandsons, nephews, daughters, sisters.
These questions are about the very lives of our families.
And, while I have issues with BLM…..they have the right to ask those questions.

EVERYBODY and his Mama has been yelling ‘ACCOUNTABILITY’ when it comes to President Obama…

but now, when it’s OTHER folks…suddenly, Black folks aren’t supposed to want people to be accountable to them?

The problem with Team Clinton, is that they don’t want to give President Obama credit for what he and his administration have done. They’re mad everytime they are forced to give him credit.

They could have said – we think the Justice Department has done as good a job as they could be doing, considering that they started from scratch. I’m going to take what this Justice Department has done, and I’m going to expand it these ways: list 5 concrete ways.

Fully own the destruction of Bill Clinton’s cravenness with regards to the Prison Industrial complex, and have 5-10 concrete points where they will build upon what President Obama has done to try and clean up Bill Clinton’s Mess.

But, see, this would mean that they’d have to admit Bill Clinton’s culpability, and give President Obama credit for what he’s done.

And, Hillary’s not about either.

So, I hope BLM stays on her azz without fail, until she steps correct.

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35 Responses to Hillary Clinton Talks With BlackLivesMatter

  1. marlon says:

    Interesting read. Please forgive me—I am speaking as an outsider. Watching the exchange between BLM and Ms. Clinton, I saw an invitation to present policy and/or legislation. Take her at her word, present your policy and/or legislation and negotiate.

    BLM Movement should be proud of what you’ve achieved thus far. It’s time to turn your message into legislation.

  2. Absolutely Amitia.

  3. Clinton Refuses To Say Whether Or Not She Wiped The Server

    • eliihass says:

      You know, this whole debacle only came about because a forever messy and always plotting Hillary was in her mind, trying to outsmart President Obama.

      She was trying to control and withhold information accumulated in her (frankly undeserved) resume-boosting position as Secretary of State with an eye on a presidential stint that was supposed to outshine that of the man who appointed her.

      Information that actually belongs to the American people. Information that should have been freely available and accessible to the Obama administration – and archived for posterity, she took away as if it were her property. A civil servant in a public high-profile government paid role maintaining her work e-mail from home.

      It says a lot about the mindset of the Clintons and their advisers who help them sustain their crippling vindictiveness and paranoia. This also speaks to the true feelings of the Clintons towards the Obamas – even after all the gracious (and frankly in my opinion, much too much), placatory and healing overtures from the Obamas to them for winning the elections fair and square.

      Joe Biden was also a presidential candidate, a competitor and opponent in that same 2008 race. He too had deeply ambitious aspirations to the presidency since before his first run in 1988. He must have had his resentments naturally, and even though he wasn’t as pandered and catered to or treated with as much respect as Hillary was by the White House, he got on board, played by the rules, became a great team player, and never let his ego get the better of him.

  4. eliihass says:

    Thank you for this post Ametia. I watched the video exchange and just couldn’t believe it. It wasn’t just Hillary’s condescension, but Huma’s patronizing smirk and her white press guy that interrupted the BLM reps with his tone dripping disdain. They are all the same.

    They can barely muster any caring or respect for us and our issues even as they seek our vote and support, can you even begin to imagine their attitude and compounded hostility when they no longer need our votes – and if Hillary loses..?

    The best measure of any person is how they’d treat you if they didn’t need anything from you, and frankly, there’s nothing about Hillary that’s positive or encouraging in that regard.

    Even as she and Bill have over the years amassed a collection of mostly shallow opportunistic black elite types (and the willing and confused yoeman or two excited at the prospect of being acknowledged and allowed into the ‘circle’), for their mutual exploitation and benefit, and to help establish their diversity quota for their political advancement, truth is, Hillary still has no deep understanding, empathy or even regard for the black experience – or for black people for that matter. She drips condescension and disdain even when she isn’t feeling challenged by those she deems inferior – and especially when she does.

    I was so incredibly impressed and proud of young BLM representative Alicia Garza as I watched her this afternoon calmly and intelligently articulate her points as she put flustered Clinton apologists and kiss-asses Angela Rye and Eric Dyson to shame.

  5. FBI optimistic it can recover some data from #HillaryClinton email server even though there was an attempt to wipe it.


    • Ametia says:

      She should come clean, but we know the Clintons don’t come clean. They play dirty, and wait for everybody else to clean up after them.

      • rikyrah says:

        they do shyt like this and then expect folks to defend them. that’s one of the main things that has always bothered me about them. all the unforced errors with them.

  6. Hillary trolls coming at me. I’ve stirred the nest. They’re hating on me.

  7. Hillary to BlackLivesMatter: If that is your position, I’ll talk only to white people about how we’re going to deal w/ the very real problems.

    Wrong Answer!

  8. Hillary Clinton wouldn’t DARE give AIPAC 4 minutes to discuss issues they’re concerned about & think she’d get their vote.

  9. Liza says:

    When I look at this video, I don’t understand how an astute politician could think this wins the black vote, a vote essential to a Democratic candidate. Hillary evades the tough questions, trying to emphasize her lifelong “working for children” instead.

    I’m not going to argue against her about the futility of “changing hearts” versus betters laws and a better allocation of resources. But this, and everything else she said, is at the level of a conceptual talking point. Just a lot of blather.

    These discussions need to get real so maybe next time Hillary could give these folks more time and perhaps a room and some chairs as a place for a meeting.

    • eliihass says:

      These should not be ‘tough’ questions for anyone running to be president of these United States, especially in these times..

      Every serious candidate – especially those who claim to have been caring participants in our struggle, should already have thought about it, and ought to be prepared to discuss their sense of, and their stance on all these issues – without obfuscation.

  10. Hillary Clinton lobbied to expand drug war & mass incarceration. Destruction of black families.

    • Liza says:

      Yeah, and now Bill and Hillary exonerate themselves by saying the times were just different back then, people were really worried about crime. So sick and tired of these two. I can’t even stand to look at them.

  11. Ametia & Rikyrah


  12. Ametia says:

    BLM needs a game plan to continue putting the pressure on all Presidential candidates, GOP included. Regardless of the GOP’s stance, they need the spotlight shone on them too.

    • sunshine616 says:

      Yup! All of them need to be held to task on this.

    • rikyrah says:

      They need to understand that they need to be ‘ in those streets’.

      Registering people to vote.

      20 solid things that can be done at the Federal Level to deal with the problem.

      Present those POLICY solutions.


      POLICY SOLUTIONS means you are SERIOUS about helping the masses with the issues.

      And, they need to understand what POLICY issues are NOT Federal issues.
      But, STATE and LOCAL issues.
      Which is where being ‘in those streets’ -registering people to vote – COUNTS.

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