Black man slammed into concrete pillars and choked unconscious for trying to buy groceries at #WholeFoods

Whole foodsAn armed security guard working at the Whole Foods Market in Oakland, California has been fired after he reportedly beat one customer to a bloody pulp Thursday night.

The alleged violent assault began inside the store located on Bay Place near Lake Merritt around 9:30pm, according to the store’s spokeswoman Beth Krauss.

Zoe Marks, an eye witness to the attack who is in the United States on a visit from Edinburgh, Scotland, shared disturbing images of the victim and her account of the incident to Facebook.

In an interview with the Oakland Tribune, Marks said that she saw the argument between the cashier and the victim as he was trying to use an EBT card, which is a food stamp card that operates like a debit card, to buy food from the store.

Marks said that the victim was not ‘shouting’ or ‘violent’ and that he wasn’t threatening anyone.

‘He wasn’t shouting at anyone. He wasn’t violent or disruptive,’ Marks said of the customer to the Tribune.

‘There was no threat from him to any of the customers or employees. (We) felt safe until the security guard attacked him.’

On Facebook, Marks described the ‘violent assault’ by saying that the guard ‘slammed’ the victim against ‘concrete pillars.’

In the post, she added that the guard put the shopper into a chokehold and ‘suffocated’ him before throwing him on the ground unconscious.

Marks claims that the guard allegedly locked the man out of the store even though he was unconscious on the pavement.

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14 Responses to Black man slammed into concrete pillars and choked unconscious for trying to buy groceries at #WholeFoods

  1. Ametia says:

    Apparently BLACKS & Debit card FOODSTAMPS don’t mix well with the Oakland Wholefoods cashier.

    SUE THEM. $$$$ is the only language they know.

  2. Ask Cara says:

    Totally disgusting. I smell a lawsuit coming.

  3. Maybe Zoe Marks of Edinburgh, Scotland witnessing this racist act will be an embarrassment to the decent American folks. Maybe or am I being naive?

  4. Liza says:

    I hope this man gets a HUGE settlement from Whole Foods and the security guard’s employer and I hope this settlement will support him and his family for the rest of their lives. The security guard should be arrested for this violent assault. He must think he’s a cop. But one certainty in all of this is that he is full of blind rage and needs to be locked up.

  5. yahtzeebutterfly says:

    Throw the book at that security guard…he belongs in jail!

  6. rikyrah says:


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