Freddie Gray Case | State vs Officer William Porter | Day 9

Porter takes the standA defiant William G. Porter took the witness stand Wednesday afternoon, squaring off with a prosecutor intent on proving that he allowed Freddie Gray to die.

Chief Deputy State’s Attorney Michael Schatzow zeroed in on differences between Porter’s testimony in his manslaughter trial and a statement the young Baltimore police officer gave to internal investigators just days after Gray suffered a fatal neck injury in the back of a police transport van in April.

“You did not protect Freddie Gray’s life, did you?” Schatzow said.

“Untrue,” Porter said.

Porter’s testimony came on the first day of his defense team’s presentation, which also included testimony from a well-known forensic expert who contradicted the findings of the state medical examiner’s autopsy, and another police officer who took part in Gray’s arrest and was granted immunity by the state.

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22 Responses to Freddie Gray Case | State vs Officer William Porter | Day 9


    BULLSHIT! Freddie Gray couldn’t even lift himself up.

  2. Lizz Brown reporting on the Freddie Gray case

    William Porter:I asked #FreddieGray if he needed a medic “Gray said yes”

    William Porter:But he did not say “Yes I NEED A MEDIC”
    What in the living hell? What kind of asinine bs is this?

    • Ametia says:

      It’s all a game to these folks, SG2.

    • racerrodig says:

      I guess Freddie had to say “….yes, I need a medic right now. My diagnosis is that I have a severe spinal cord injury which has resulted in the loss of all lower extremity movement. I believe there is massive nerve damage to other areas as well. Your failure to provide prompt medical attention will result in my falling into a life threatening coma. It is highly likely I’ve walked on my own for the last time as a direct result of you’re actions. I believe you will go from witness, to suspect to defendant within the next month so you need to protect yourself, since you failed at you job in protecting me.”

      Yep…………….you need to tell the whole story when a cop ruins / ends your life I guess.

      ………………………….but that’s just me.

      • Yep! Maybe that would have gotten their attention. OMG! I can’t stand it.

      • Ametia says:

        Yes; if you are NOT medically qualified, William Porter & POS cops to treat humans when you ask them if they need a medic, than you get the fucking medic for them. It’s not rocket science, but Porter and his POS cohorts KILLED Freddie, by severing his spine and denying him medical help.

    • racerrodig says:

      Hell…………..I even looked it up.

      Yes or YES may refer to:

      An affirmative particle in the English language; see yes and no
      An indication of acceptance

      So what part didn’t Porter understand ???

  3. Ametia says:

    When you ask another HUMAN BEING, (FREDDIE GRAY), if he needs a MEDIC.



    • Ametia says:

      No amount of coaching by the defense lawyer for Porter can excuse him for not seeing to it that Freddie Gray got MEDICAL HELP! Freddie said YES.

    • Ametia says:

      Yes, because seeing black folks walking out of a fast food joint eating chicken is also a CRIME, and must be dealt with STAT!

      Medical attention for Freddie Gray, who said “YES” he needed help when asked?


      The ignorance and depravity of these fools impersonating cops, It’s no wonder every black citizen in Baltimore doesn’t RUN in the other direction when they see one.

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