Timeline of @MoDemParty denial of VAN access.

Maria Chappelle-Nadal

Maria Chappelle-Nadal

On December 21, I communicated by text and by phone with the Missouri Democratic Party regarding access to the Voter Activation Network, VAN. I was initially told that it would not be a problem for our campaign to get access to VAN. I was then told that I needed to write a letter to the 1st congressional district committee for access to VAN. Now, I thought this was a little peculiar because I didn’t think an entity appointed by the sitting congressman would grant me access to the VAN.

In the letter sent on December 28, I requested access to VAN and for any decision to be in writing. I did not receive a reply from the 1st congressional district committee.

On January 7, I called Chrystal Brinkley with the Missouri Democratic Party regarding access to VAN. We went back and forth on her “investigating” the situation.

Finally, on February 5, in a phone conversation with Ms. Brinkley, I was told I could not have access to VAN. I immediately requested a written letter stating I could not have access and to include the policy that stated this decision. I was told I’d get an email that day and a mailed copy.

To date, I have not received any written correspondence stating the policy of the Missouri Democratic Party on not giving me access to VAN.

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  1. Hmmmmmmmm…. WE GOT ACTION!

    MDP Voter File Access Questions


    Over the last few days, a series of questions have arisen over the voter file access policy of the Missouri Democratic Party (MDP).

    During the time that I have been Chair, the MDP has operated under the historic practice, modeled after the policy of many state parties, of granting automatic access to all candidates in races for which there is no incumbent. In races with an incumbent officeholder, the party has routinely granted access to that elected official as the “winner of the last primary” in that political subdivision. (These have typically been legislative races as there have been no congressional primaries during my time as Chair.)

    This is a widely shared practice around the country, based on the recognition that the voter file is strengthened through additional data and that if Democratic officials fear that their data will be made available to opponents or potential opponents, they will be less likely to add data that strengthens the file for use by statewide Democratic candidates.

    Late last year, state Senator Maria Chappelle-Nadal inquired about access to the voter file for her potential bid for Congress in the 1st Congressional District. After consulting with me, the staff informed Senator Chappelle-Nadal of our historic practice and advised her that the MDP would revisit that practice if we received notification from the 1st Congressional District Committee that they wished for us to vary from the MDP historic practice.

    As of this date, the MDP has not received any such notification from the 1st Congressional District Commitee. Within the last week or so, Senator Chappelle-Nadal again requested access and has since stated her complaint about the MDP’s practice via social media.

    In a conversation with me today, Senator Chappelle-Nadal requested that the MDP’s voter file access practice be memorialized into a formal policy of the MDP so that everyone will know what to expect when seeking office as a Democrat— a request I told her I agreed was fair. I also assured her that I would put this on the agenda for the State Committee at its next meeting later this month.

    Action by the State Committee on that timetable will give candidates plenty of time to plan their campaigns based on the formalized MDP policy, as the meeting will take place before candidate filing for the 2016 primaries opens.

    In the meanwhile, it should be noted that candidates who do not receive voter file access from MDP still have other options. Voter file access can be obtained from commercial vendors.

    And lastly, I am concerned that some of the discussions via social media may have created the misimpression that Senator Chappelle-Nadal has been prevented from accessing the voter file at all. Rest assured that she has full access to the file for her current State Senate District.

    While this policy is being memorialized, the MDP will continue to work to elect Democrats up and down the ticket.

  2. Ametia says:

    Sanders is 16 points ahead of Clinton in NH.

    Don’t think for one minute that Clinton’s puppets/mafia crew are on the scene doing their DIRTY DEEDS to chip away at that poll %.

  3. Ametia says:

    Hillary is all of a sudden sooo distraught and concerned over Flint citizens being POISONED by their GOP GOVERNOR.

    If politics is LOCAL as the lil troll is trying to school us about, why is she now tryingn to be their SAVIOR.


    GTFOH & STAY OUT of 3 Chics. We don’t want NO PARTS of what you’re selling

  4. Ametia says:

    Dems want to SILENCE BLACK DEMS.


  5. Ametia says:

    We see the Democratic Party. DWS you are a huge FAILURE, and we demand that you step down as CHAIRMAN. Because if you were doing your job, we wouldn’t be dealing with DEMS trying to shut out other DEMS for trying to work HONESTLY with the DEMOCRATIC PROCESS.

    RELEASE VAN for the 5 Black candidates who are REQUESTING ACESS

    • eliihass says:

      I do believe this is partly what turned Nina Turner off in the end…

      That woman Nina Turner is a ride or die Democrat who has always publicly spoken up in defense of the downtrodden and campaigned her out for and helped out other Democrats…

      But the Dem hierarchy only used and abused her – in much the same way they try to use The Obamas …

      And Nina probably got fed-up and just tired of folks like Debbie Wasserman-Schultz and their bullshit…

      • I heard someone didn’t even know her name and she’s a surrogate. Called her by another name. It’s so insulting!

        • eliihass says:

          I believe that…You know, all black women look the same – since they all pretty much serve the same purpose…one more piece of temporarily useful black mouthpiece, vote, firewall to get their actual preferred candidate over the threshold..

    • Ametia says:

      Yes; the Dems are showing their asses in Missouri. It’s all out war to maintain that white supremacy status quo

      • eliihass says:

        The Dem hierarchy that is Ametia…

        And they are hell-bent on doing it their own dictatorial and almost tyrannical way …That’s how we’ve ended up with the same Establishment selected candidates who haven’t done anything to deserve the field cleared for them in elections that should be buoyant and competitive to promote a healthy democracy – and to ensure that we as a party continue to grow and build and nurture strong, principled and honorable candidates like Marilyn Mosby for office – who are first and foremost committed to the people and the ideals of our party – and actually dedicated to getting work done on the peoples behalf when elected – and not dodging and missing in action until they can run for the next high office…I’m looking at you Kamala Harris…Cory Booker…

  6. Just look at the asinine ignorance, folks. The hell where I’m from got to do with anything?



  7. eliihass says:

    No surprises..

    But, how soon we forget..

    When people show you who they are, believe them…

    Jay Nixon, Claire McCaskill…Both Hillary Clinton super surrogates…

    All these black folks running around telling you how much the Clintons love black folks, please look at their surrogates and never forget how they’ve treated and responded to black folks and incidents involving black folks…including the murders of unarmed black folks – in very recent memory…

    I don’t care that Benjamin Crump has gotten caught up in the flattering attention of the Clintons who won’t have given him a second look a mere 6 months ago…But now he’s one more useful idiot for them in the quest to build an African American voter firewall for Hillary in South Carolina and other places where the black vote will count..

    • Liza says:

      I’ve been thinking about that firewall. I can’t believe that black folks have the same attachment to the Clintons now as they once did. There’s just too much reliable information out there now that can be spread more quickly than ever before. That has to have taken a chunk out of all that loyalty.

      Yet, Sybrina Fulton endorsed Hillary, God knows what Hillary promised. But when did Hillary speak out when Trayvon Martin was being tried in the media and in the courtroom for his own murder? I don’t remember a single time.

      The early states at least tell us something about voter enthusiasm. Iowa doesn’t look good for Democrats compared to 2008. I think we’ll learn quite a bit from the next three states about how folks are feeling about this election.

      • eliihass says:

        “…But when did Hillary speak out when Trayvon Martin was being tried in the media and in the courtroom for his own murder? I don’t remember a single time…”

        Thank you! Even if she want’s to plead the rather disingenuous and convenient excuse of the restrictions of her office when she was SoS, how does she explain having time to make the lucrative Wall Street speech circuit, but never commiserating with Sybrina Fulton and other mothers in mourning, until she needed them to build her fire wall to her coronation…

        Even if she couldn’t speak, neither of her two most important surrogates – her husband, the ‘popular’ former president Bill, or her daughter Chelsea who did conveniently find time to chime in recently on the Oscar diversity issue..

        These are not good people…

        Chelsea is a grown woman who has never seen fit to speak up on glaring matters of injustice and the murders of innocent black folk at the hands of police…not a peep when Sandra Bland was murdered – but now we are to believe that there’s a place in hell for women who don’t help her mother into the Oval office…?

        And don’t even get me started on Bill Clinton…

    • Deez Bronson says:

      Useful idiocy is looking at 1 of 2 people in a campaign and choosing to ignore that their promises are pure fantasy, while dragging down the one who deals with things as they are because she hasn’t hugged us hard enough. Hell, I need to run for office if all I have to do is promise everybody a mansion, a maid, and a puppy and shout it loud enough.

    • Deez Bronson says:

      I will spare “us”, but reality won’t. Ben Crump was our hero when he was tilting at windmills, for better or worse. When he decides it’s better money to go with work than with fairy tales, all of a sudden he’s a sellout sucka punk ass. I throw my fist up with the best of ’em, and I also know when the line that one is selling me is more achievable than the line this one is. Neither Clinton nor Sanders is going to, or even can, do anything about local travesties. When all my people out here who suddenly discovered how to Google every wrong ever done to us can honestly say they know who their sherriff, judge, state senator, state congressman, alderman (hell, I’ll even accept federal congressman of their district or one of their state senators) is, then we can talk about who Clinton did or didn’t stand up for.

      • eliihass says:


        I don’t know about any other regular on this blog, but frankly, I don’t give a rats a*s about your opinions in defense of the Clintons…

        It makes absolutely no difference to me and my equally strongly-held ones against them…

        • I let y’all beat his ass a little bit.

        • What did I tell you about the negroes? LOL!

          • eliihass says:

            They followed you home to your blog SG…LOL..

            They’re desperate..

            We’re not falling in line – or turning a blind eye – or suffering from convenient amnesia – or scurrred into submission – as expected..

          • Y’all brought the heat and folks are feeling it. I’ve had so many to unfollow me on Twitter. Too bad! I’m not softening it up for no one. We keep it real. Straight, no chasers!

          • eliihass says:

            Thank you for being our voice out there in the Twitter wilderness…Thank you for not letting them bully you into submission…and thank you for not playing to the popular falsehoods and attempts to bamboozle us .. and tell us not to believe our lying eyes and ears…And punish us when we insist on following our conscience and principles..

            Now you can only imagine how Nina Turner must feel…

            You can’t have an opinion or a mind of your own that contradicts those of the selective ‘feminists’ and political opportunists who wish to coronate Hillary..

            The very same ‘feminists’ who humored Nina when she could have used their real and tangible support, but poured every resource into Wendy Davis’ and Alison Lundergan – who both by the way, ran *against* President Obama..

      • yahtzeebutterfly says:

        oops…ya not validating “your people’s” experience.

        When they have PERSONALLY experienced wrongs as individuals and as a community for decades upon decades upon decades, they sure don’t ever need to use Google to find out what wrongs exist/have existed and have been done to them.

      • What did Harriet Tubman say…I’d have freed thousands more if they knew they were slaves? Dude, you better get to stepping with that bullshit. Move the fuck out of here. No more Clintons. Not now! Not EVER!

      • Ametia says:

        Well, the Clinton TROLLS Cometh to 3 Chics.

        Where were you when we were fighting for Trayvon, Jordan Davis, Waler Scott, Eirc Gardner, Sandra Bland, when we were and still are advocating for them and pushing against the status quo in their rLOCAL regions of America and elected officilas.

        Get the fuck out of here with your holier-than-thou, gibberish.

        Not interested in shrimp cocktails and a pat on the head

        Bye, and thanks for playing!

      • yahtzeebutterfly says:

        Just because that person indicated in his/her comment that he is a Black individual does not mean that he/she is actually Black.

      • yahtzeebutterfly says:

        Besides what I already commented on, the “tilting at windmills” and the “throw my fist up with the best of them” were also clues.

      • Ametia says:


        This fools rolls up on 3 Chics, spouting some Don Quixote foolery@us.


  8. Voter suppression is not just among republicans, folks. Stay woke!

    • eliihass says:

      I’ve been saying it SG…

      Some of our very own are as bad if not worse than the GOP…We’ve seen it…we have evidence…

      But they pee on us and tell us it’s raining…

      Some Democrats are as horrid a racist as the ones in the GOP…You remember how Jay Nixon behaved during Ferguson, and how Claire McCaskill was running around defending that evil prosecutor Robert McCulloch – who incidentally was also one of ours – a Democrat…

      • Ametia says:

        Remove the Repub & Dem label, and most of these POLS are cut from the same CLOTH, racist, power-hungry, greedy, self-entitled bigots.

        They play both side of the isle and chime in whenever they’ve something to GAIN.

        Birds of a feather and all…

        • eliihass says:

          And I think that’s why so many people are saying that once The Obamas are out of the White House, they’ll register as Undeclared or Independent…

          Our party under Debbie Wasserman-Schultz and the Clintons, is returning back to where we were in 2007 and where we said we didn’t want to be any longer…

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