Freddie Gray case | State vs Officer Edward Nero |Day 3

Edward Nero 5Prosecutors will continue to argue their case against Officer Edward Nero, one of six Baltimore police officers charged in the arrest of Freddie Gray, as Nero’s trial resumes in a downtown courtroom about 9:30 a.m. Monday.

Prosecutors have called 11 witnesses since the start of the trial on Thursday. Circuit Judge Barry G. Williams has indicated the prosecution may rest its case Monday, and that the defense may take two days to argue its case.

If both sides stick to that schedule, Williams could issue a ruling in the case as early as Wednesday. Nero has selected a bench trial, rather than a jury trial, meaning Williams alone will decide his fate on the four charges filed against him last year.

Nero has pleaded not guilty to second-degree assault and misconduct in office charges in connection with Gray’s initial detention and arrest, and not guilty to reckless endangerment and a second misconduct charge in connection with Gray’s placement shackled but without a seat belt in the back of a police transport van.

Gray, 25, died last April from spinal cord injuries that prosecutors say he suffered in the back of the van. Six Baltimore police officers were charged in the case. His death was followed by widespread protests. On the day of his funeral, rioting, looting and arson broke out.

Two other officers – William Porter and Garrett Miller – have been compelled to testify in Nero’s case under a limited form of immunity that protects against their testimony being used against them in their own pending trials. The issue was decided by the state’s highest court, stalling the officers’ trials for months.

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  25. Court is in recess until 2:30pm


  26. Oh, what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive!

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    • Liza says:

      Except that Freddie Gray was not committing a crime when he was assaulted by the arresting cops. There should be a banner in the courtroom that makes that statement. All of this occurred because someone who was NOT committing a crime was assaulted, injured, loaded into a van where his injuries (perhaps treatable at one point?) were made lethal. There was no crime other than the ones committed by the cops.

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  32. Ametia says:

    Exactly what CRIME did Freddie Gray commit, that warranted his body to be dismantled like Ikea furniture?

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  33. MarilynMosbyEsq wants to fight crime. She didn’t order anyone to break criminals spine. Fight crime does not equal break spine.


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  47. Uh huh! OK THEN!


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