WHERE is the Military picture of Gavin Long?

I have a personal rule whenever I hear about a shooting.

IF you don’t see the picture of the ‘Alleged’ Shooter within 6 hours of the story, 9 times out of 10, the shooter is White.

When the guy – can’t even remember his name – killed the two cops in Michigan last week….so close after Dallas…I knew he was White when I went to sleep not seeing his face.

After all, he was a criminal, so if they had NO OTHER PICTURE to give to the Media – they had his MUG SHOT ready and easy to print out.

So, that brings us to Gavin Long – the shooter in Baton Rouge.

I won’t go in again on the insanity of ANYONE in this country, being able to walk up and down the street with a rifle showing. Been there. Done that. It was INSANE in Texas. And, it’s INSANE in every other state that allows it.

We hear about a shooting. Three officers killed. AK-47’s involved?

We get, what I thought, were incompatible pieces of information.

The shooter is Black.
The shooter is a follower of the ‘sovereign citizen’ movement.

In my mind, these two things are incompatible.

But, the reality is, this turned out to be a Dave Chappelle Show Skit come to life.

Yet, it was still dead cops, and a Black man was involved, so, of course, I expected what usually happens:

Everywhere you turn, the picture of the Black man would be on my screen.

Yet…funny thing happened….

No picture.

I mean, they could verify immediately that he was former Military.
Which means that his last Military picture is readily available.

Yet, instead of bringing forth him in his Military Uniform…the MSM chose not to show pictures of him…



Without a MUG SHOT for a Black man….To make him look like an



The MSM seems as if it is at a loss as to what to do.

When they couldn’t hook him up to Black Lives Matter…..
But, COULD hook him up to the ‘ sovereign citzen’ Movement….

They didn’t know what to do?

When he was a man who:
Served in the Military
Made Dean’s List when he was in College
Rose in the ranks fast while in the Military
Had no criminal record….

They didn’t know what to do.
Didn’t know how to get from the path of Military Man to Sovereign Citizen.

That was too complex for them.
To give the man context.

Because, Black killers are NEVER given CONTEXT.

I find it curious.

Also, what does the other victims look like in Baton Rouge? I’ve seen the Black policeman’s picture EVERYWHERE….what about the other victims? I’ve only seen one pic.

I find that curious.
White cops killed, and their pictures are not all over the airwaves?


They are as transparent as GLASS.

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  1. Ametia says:

    TELL THE TRUTH, Rikyarh.

    Riddle me this: How many cops are white men allowed to kill v black men, without being killed by drones?

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