Thursday Open Thread | Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio to face criminal contempt charge

joe-arpaioWhat took so long? Joe Arpaio should have BEEN in jail. He’s been racial profiling and violating the Constitutional rights of Latinos forever and a day. Throw his ass in JAIL!

WASHINGTON The U.S. Justice Department is poised to charge Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio with criminal contempt for repeatedly violating a court order to stop detaining people based on their suspected immigration status.

The order stemmed from a civil lawsuit, Ortega Melendres v. Arpaio, in which a federal court ruled that Arpaio’s office profiled and illegally detained Latinos, violating their constitutional rights, and ordered a significant overhaul of the agency’s policing practices.

Cecillia Wang, director of the ACLU’s Immigrants’ Rights Project and one of the attorneys in the Ortega Melendres case, had this reaction to today’s reports that the Justice Department will charge Arpaio:

“Sheriff Arpaio’s conduct violating court orders was willful and deliberate, and therefore criminal in nature. Justice is well pursued through the criminal prosecution in this case.”

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24 Responses to Thursday Open Thread | Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio to face criminal contempt charge

  1. Liza says:

    Justice Department to Track Killings by Police Across U.S.
    By ERIC LICHTBLAUOCT. 13, 2016

    WASHINGTON — The Justice Department said Thursday that it would begin collecting nationwide data on deadly police encounters early next year, starting the most ambitious effort the federal government has ever undertaken to track police killings and the use of force after a series of episodes embroiled cities across the country in protests and investigations.

    In the aftermath of fatal encounters in places like Cleveland, Milwaukee and Ferguson, Mo., federal officials have struggled with what they admit is a dearth of information about police shootings. Under the Justice Department program, major city police departments and federal law enforcement agencies such as the F.B.I. will begin reporting figures early next year.

    The project will collect data not only on deadly shootings by local, state and federal officers, but also on the deaths of civilians in police custody through suicide or natural causes.

    • eliihass says:

      But then what..

      It has to be so much more than reports and data..

      At some point we need these reports and data collected to be actually utilized… as the basis for prosecuting and convicting rogue police ..and turning around a broken justice system…and giving helpless, voiceless citizens a fighting chance…and a chance to live their lives …and not in fear of being murdered at the hands of police paid with our tax payer dollars…

      • Liza says:

        Agreed. I see this only as a sign that the DOJ is feeling the pressure, and that is a good thing. It’s a very small step in the right direction and something that should have been done a long time ago. By itself, it’s just a body count.

  2. Liza says:

    Michelle Obama: This issue is personal for me
    By Michelle Obama, Special to CNN
    Updated 9:24 AM ET, Thu October 13, 2016

    Neither of my parents and hardly anyone in the neighborhood where I grew up went to college. But thanks to a lot of hard work and plenty of financial aid, I had the opportunity to attend some of the finest universities in this country. That education opened so many doors and gave me the confidence to pursue my ambitions and have a voice in the world.

    For me, education was power.

    And a few years ago, when I had the honor of meeting Malala Yousafzai, who was shot in the head just for trying to go to school, this issue got really personal for me. I saw that the terrorists who nearly killed her were trying to silence her voice, snuff out her ambitions, and take away her power.

    That’s why I decided to work on global girls’ education as first lady: because right now, there are tens of millions of girls like Malala in every corner of the globe who are not in school — girls who are so bright, hardworking and hungry to learn. And that’s really the mission of the Let Girls Learn initiative we launched last year: It’s a global effort to give these girls the education they need to fulfill their potential and lift up their families, communities and countries.

    Now, as first lady, I have no budget of my own for programs, and I have no authority to make or pass laws. That’s why, when we first launched Let Girls Learn, many folks doubted that we could make a real impact on this global issue.

    But over the past year and a half, we’ve established partnerships with some of the world’s largest companies and organizations that are committing money, resources and expertise. We’re collaborating with countries like Canada, Mexico and the Nordic countries on girls’ education efforts. Countries like Japan, South Korea, and the United Kingdom have collectively pledged nearly $600 million.

    The United States is investing over a billion dollars through new and ongoing efforts and running Let Girls Learn programs in more than 50 countries. The World Bank Group will be investing $2.5 billion over the next five years. And through social media campaigns, Let Girls Learn has rallied people across America and across the globe to step up and be champions for girls worldwide.

    All this is happening because time and again, whether it’s a head of state, a corporate CEO, or a 15-year-old girl here in the United States, when people hear the stories of girls who aren’t in school, they want to help.

    That’s why CNN’s new film on global girls’ education, “We Will Rise,” airing for the first time this week, is so critically important — because it tells these girls’ stories.

    This powerful film chronicles the lives of some of the girls I visited this past summer in Liberia and Morocco, two countries in Africa where many girls struggle to get an education. I was joined in my travels by the actors and activists Meryl Streep and Freida Pinto, who are also passionate about girls’ education, as well as CNN anchor Isha Sesay.

    Together, we sat down with girls in both countries to discuss the barriers they face and the dreams they hold for their futures. Like so many girls around the world, many of these girls come from families struggling with poverty. Some endure dangerous commutes to and from school each day. Others face cultural pressures to drop out, marry young and start having children of their own.
    But these girls have big plans for their lives. They want to attend college and become doctors, teachers, engineers, entrepreneurs; and day after day, they do whatever it takes to get the education they need to fulfill their dreams. They get up before dawn, and spend hours harvesting crops, cooking for their families and tending to their younger siblings before heading to class. After school, they work as maids and in factories, and they study for hours late into the night.

    I hope you will be as moved by their stories as I was — and I hope you’ll visit to learn more about how you can take action to help girls like them worldwide go to school.
    Unlike so many girls around the world, we have a voice. That’s why, particularly on this year’s International Day of the Girl, I ask that you use yours to help these girls get the education they deserve. They’re counting on us, and I have no intention of letting them down. I plan to keep working on their behalf, not just for the rest of my time as first lady, but for the rest of my life. I hope you will join me.

  3. rikyrah says:

    FLOTUS Today;

      • Ametia says:

        The one reason I really appreciated about FLOTUS addressing the UGLY Sexual predator antics of Trump without even mentioning his name, is genius.

        This isn’t just about saving and protecting the white wimmens.

        Who better than a BLACK WOMAN, let alone FLOTUS to call out the sexual assault of a powerful white man, with the ugly HISTORY of white slave masters raping black women, at their will, and breeding them like animals.

        WE SEE YOU FLOTUS!!!

      • Liza says:

        I agree, no one has called out Trump better than FLOTUS. Everything she said about sexual predators and Trump in particular is true.

        However, I haven’t been able to see these latest revelations about Trump as separate or distinct from all of the other occasions when he has been arrogant, entitled, and disrespectful toward people. And despite what appears to be an ego as large as the planet, he seems to be lacking self-respect as well.

      • eliihass says:

        For years, this phenomenal woman has been so viciously dehumanized and maligned -even by, and as some of those who are now grateful for her brilliant, insightful, heartfelt, genuine voice, to be used in their defense and support …stood by and did nothing…and some even persistently did their darnedest to chip away at her person and her popularity..

        How ironic that after stoically enduring 8 long years of baseless attacks that were as malicious, spiteful, cruel… as they were viciously dehumanizing on her person…

        After 8 long years of not being defended or protected -even as so many turned a blind eye..or actively participated in the unprecedented and baseless attacks on the unelected historic first black FLOTUS…just out of spite… this historic and incredibly unassuming and magnificent First Lady, is not only still standing tall…where a lesser human being ..and so many, would have long crumbled …

        She’s still not just standing …but is using her still considerable popularity that the attackers who gratuitously maligned her for no reason…had insidiously set out to contain and chip away at…

        Even though she’s not a politician…and has never liked politics or thought it noble…Even though she never wanted her husband to get into politics…they watched her on the campaign trail in 2008 as she campaigned for her husband …together, gracefully taking on and taking down a longtime honed political machine …

        And the establishment folks were not only blown away at how this supposedly political novice who refused to assume a fake persona or step-ford wife mode… chose to remain her authentic self…and spoke her genuine heart and voice…and not only vouched for her husband in powerful ways only she could ever have, but won the respect of those who still had a problem with the color of her skin…but remained secretly in awe of her…her sincerity…her integrity…her warmth..and her genuineness..

        They all spied her unassuming power on display very early on….and they were petrified …they were petrified of her genuine and compelling voice…her potential reach and influence…her natural ability to connect…even with people who originally set out to not like her…folks who desperately scoured around looking for petty and ridiculous reasons to hate her…and ways to justify and validate their hate…Or cover up the fact that it all began with and was all motivated by the color of her skin.

        Attackers who preemptively set out and set about to discredit her …and only to stem her popularity…to nip her considerable reach and influence in the bud.. Attackers – some stealth others very public and very vocal… some of whom are the very same people she now uses her fortunately still considerable popularity to support…to try to help win …

        How very ironic that in the end it is this historic black First Lady who was never really looked out for or defended and protected…who has been consistently maligned and disregarded and denied the respect and equal place at her husband’s side as was previously freely doled out to her predecessors…our historic black First Lady who has been unprecedentedly battered, denigrated and dehumanized in such deeply personal and cruel ways…ways that no other First Lady ..or most other women for that matter…never ever had to contend with…

        How very ironic that even as she stoically and graciously deals with what I’m certain are residual deep traumas from this 8+ year long experience that has been more brutal and personally disruptive than it has been fun ..

        How very ironic that it is her still incredibly compelling and unaffected voice…that is making all the difference in an election and race between 2 people who each in their own way never embraced or supported or respected her… and even dismissed her…

        It is her genuine heart which has once again been quick to forgive – consistent with what she herself told her husband very early on in their courtship/marriage ….how black people are the most forgiving people …because black folks have had the most practice forgiving…

      • Ametia says:

        TRUTH! The fear has always been about Michelle Lavaughn Robinson Obama is her POWER. Power to if she were ever to run for high office…..

        Ya’ll know she’d OWN IT.

  4. Liza says:

    Bob Dylan Wins 2016 Nobel Prize in Literature

    The winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature this year is Bob Dylan. In an announcement this morning, the Nobel Committee praised Dylan “for having created new poetic expressions within the great American song tradition.”

  5. My friend, Ibrahim Abdullahi, created the hashtag BringBackOurGirls, brought awareness to the kidnapped girls & 21 are now released.


  6. 21 kidnapped Chibok girls released from Boko Haram

  7. 21 girls released, y’all. So happy for them and their families.

  8. Old Guru says:

    I’ve been following Arpaio for quite a while. He’s quite the caricature. Glad to know the justice system works – sometimes.

  9. rikyrah says:

    Put his racist evil behind IN JAIL 😣😣😣😣

  10. rikyrah says:

    Good Morning 😄, Everyone 😉

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