Sunday Open Thread

Have a Blessed Sunday, Everyone.

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  1. rikyrah says:

    An Open Letter to the White Working Class: You Don’t Get to Hide Your Racism Behind “Economic Concerns”

    Spandan Chakrabarti
    November 20, 2016

    Dear “Working Class” White Voters:

    I don’t feel like niceties today, so I’m just going to launch into my rant. Brace yourselves.

    Look, I think we all know what part of your “white working class” identity is overriding for you. It’s not the “working class” part. According to exit polling, Hillary Clinton won the working class vote. It’s the ‘white’ part that cost her the election.

    Still, we’re told by the media again and again that you guys aren’t all racists, that you are all just pissed off that your working class living is gone. We are told that the factory jobs – at least the good paying factory jobs – have either disappeared from the “heartland” (given what you gave us though, we’re going to call you ‘heart-attack-land’ from now on) or been replaced with lower paying jobs. Even in the rust-belt, we’re told, a white man can no longer expect to put in all day at the local manufacturing (or coal) plant and expect to own a home, put food on the table, and raise his children.

    We’re told that you are nostalgic for those days, and that this nostalgia is why you voted for the human wrecking ball. You blame politicians for not being able to restore the olden days, for making trade deals that move “your” jobs overseas for the fraction of the cost, and for immigrants you view as willingly providing cheaper labor here at home.

    But seriously, can we have a moment to address what your nostalgia is really about?

    Think about it. What, exactly, do you think gives you the entitlement to these jobs? What exactly makes these your jobs?

  2. yahtzeebutterfly says:

    “Professional Black Girl: Video Series Celebrates ‘Everyday Excellence’ of Black Women and Girls”

  3. Zebras on the ranch close to my house…


  4. Zebras on the ranch close to my house…

    zebras-4 zebras-5

  5. Ametia says:
    • Liza says:

      Yeah, this is certainly logical under the circumstances. The House of Clinton has been hit by a Cat-5 hurricane. With Hillary’s epic loss to Trump, the Clintons are done. Most of the other so called leaders need to be kicked to the curb as well.

    • Ametia says:

      Not surprising one little bit.

      Leave it to America to have the Black guy come in and shovel up the shit and turn it into gold.

      Always creating a gold standard blueprint for the idiot, but do they use it? NOPE!

  6. yahtzeebutterfly says:

    Thank you Ametia for bringing us such great singers performing How Great Thou Art

    God bless you and everyone here.

  7. rikyrah says:

    Good Morning,Everyone😐😐😐😐

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