Open Thread | Happy Labor Day

Well, today marks the unofficial end of Summer. The time flew by. Hope you enjoy this Holiday with family and friends.

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  1. rikyrah says:

    Marc E. Elias (@marceelias) Tweeted:
    BREAKING: In a massive 357 page opinion a North Carolina Court has struck down the State’s legislative districts as partisan gerrymanders. New districts to be in place for 2020 elections.

  2. rikyrah says:

    Kenneth P. Vogel (@kenvogel) Tweeted:
    CONVERSION THERAPY NEWS: The founder of one of the biggest conversion therapy ministries came out as gay, becoming the latest conversion therapy advocate to do so.

    β€œConversion therapy is not just a lie, but it’s very harmful,” he told @PostAndCourier.

  3. rikyrah says:

    You NEVER go wrong with

    Follow the money πŸ’°πŸ’°πŸ’°

    Why this doesn’t lead every newscast in BritainπŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’

  4. rikyrah says:

    Oh Dave πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  5. Liza says:

    I’m not kidding, I felt so bad for this woman. She worked with these two pandas for 23 years, she loves them.

  6. rikyrah says:


  7. rikyrah says:

    Please continue to pray for the BahamasπŸ™πŸ™πŸ™
    Dorian won’t move on and leave. Some parts have had rain for 36 hours 😒😒😒

  8. rikyrah says:


  9. rikyrah says:

    How many are Republican? πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ€”πŸ€”

    Kyle Griffin (@kylegriffin1) Tweeted:
    More than 100 members of Congress have denounced the move by the Trump admin to shutter a program that has shielded hundreds of seriously ill immigrants and their families from deportation while they receive life-saving medical treatment in the U.S.

  10. rikyrah says:

    Eric Boehlert (@EricBoehlert) Tweeted:
    My latest: at this pt in 2012 race DC press tried to bury Obama when he was *tied* w/ Romney. today, Trump trails Biden by 16 pts (!) in latest Q poll and press shrugs

  11. rikyrah says:

    Lynn V (@lynnv378) Tweeted:
    Funny how EVERY single one of Elizabeth Warren’s plans are COINCIDENTALLY similar to Kamala Harris’ or Barack Obama’s or Hillary Clinton ‘s plans or policies. She did her research all right. On their websites…

  12. rikyrah says:

    Good Morning, Everyone πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„

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