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Good Morning. I hope that you are enjoying this weekend with family and friends.





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    • eliihass says:

      He isn’t even marginally JV level.. Pompeo is a 4th-rate hack nobody, sitting in a role he is neither equipped, prepared, qualified for ..like the entire slew of grifting rogue actors in this crazy Orwellian nightmare playing out before our eyes..

  1. Liza says:

    Anyone want to guess who Biden would choose for VP? I think we can eliminate Sanders (age), Castro (doesn’t seem to like him), and Harris (doesn’t seem to like her).

    Maybe Warren? Pete? Cory?


    • Liza says:

      And please God, not Amy K.

    • eliihass says:


    • eliihass says:

      Stacey Abrams..

      She’s super-smart, has integrity, honor.. ambitious, but not desperate or callous about it.. has conviction..

      No principal in their right mind would pick Booker, Harris or Castro who’ve already overplayed their hands.. shown their sorry a*ses..

      Just like Biden was to President Obama, any president reserves the right to pick a running mate/VP that they trust.. someone who is loyal, isn’t craven and won’t stab them in the back…

      Just as President Obama (even though he was seriously pressured to pick her), passed on Hillary because he absolutely could not trust her in that position …which she proved again and again to be true as she set up her own hostile parallel government at foggy bottom, and routinely had her now curiously mute hubby and their cronies (including Cory Booker), out and about in the media actively undermining his administration at every turn, and contradicting every policy statement the sitting Democratic President made..

      All self-aggrandizing .. Booker is as craven as he’s integrity-deficient.. Who can forget how he pulled the rug from under the late Frank Lautenberg’s feet.. the guy was already ill and dying.. and it was only a matter of time.. but Booker couldn’t wait .. just had to ‘challenge’ him for his seat..

      Harris an over-rehearsed light-weight .. conviction-free, painfully manufactured mediocrity on wheels.. would be Hillary without the smarts, preparation, experience.. but with a similar sense of overarching entitlement because.. ‘woman’.. (‘black’)..

      Castro is clearly getting some bad advice from some quarters.. poor instincts/judgement call .. plucked out from his mayoral position and given the relatively ho-hum gratis job as HUD Secretary to help prime him for the future..

      He might’ve actually done some long-term damage to his political ambitions with these recent totally unnecessary moves.. I have an acute sense that he’s being given bad advice by folks with their own resentments/agenda..

      Don’t care what his advisers tell him.. a person with better instincts/unclouded judgement would’ve handled things differently.. and made the moves but navigated in ways that’d have more of a positive impact ..

      Unlike the other 2 who’ve largely skated (Harris who deliberately started to demeaningly address the former VP as ‘Senator Biden’ in the first debate) …have more or less come out unscathed – at least with the media folk that they’ve heavily ingratiated themselves to, and actively cultivated as they’ve plotted their higher gig political ambitions..

      Castro doesn’t have that.. he certainly doesn’t have the Hillary-apparatus that was slightly repurposed and wholesale transferred to Harris, complete with Hillary’s high-priced advisers/donors.. over-priced pr machine.. and self-serving faux-‘Feminist’ fueled sense of entitlement..

      Nor does he have Booker’s similar/parallel set-up.. or high-dollar benefactors for whom he’s proof that they’re absolutely not racist..

      So where Booker and Harris and their various big donor funded high-priced pr machines could schmooze the media and get them to gloss over their glaring failures/deficiencies.. Castro lacks same sort of access/media relationships, so got pummeled..

      Had no expectations of Booker or Harris.. long known exactly what they both are.. not much to write home about..

      Castro on the other hand, I had high hopes for.. I do know that he desperately needs better senior advisers.. And in line with what should be basic values.. the ability to sell himself and policy proposals and stand on that without the need to attack or demean.. and while at it, know that it’s ok to be respectful ..even when you find yourself competing against a guy not only old enough to be your father, but one who was one of the principals in the former job that gave you national exposure and any sort of national footing..

      I think the Obamas are watching and thinking that these folks could just as easily attack and denigrate them if at any point most of them believe that it’ll get them ahead..

      Immaturity and a lack of integrity is getting so carried away, and so power-hungry, you lose yourself and your core values..

      • Liza says:

        I think Julian Castro has a future, this campaign will get him more name recognition. I like that he’s had the courage to speak out about police brutality and other human rights issues. He strikes me as a very decent man. At the debate, he probably shouldn’t have kept insisting that Biden said “buy in” and then forgot he said it (which is true), but it did come across like being mean to a grandfather.

        Stacey Abrams would be a great choice, assuming she would accept an offer.

        My gut feeling is that Biden would pick Warren or maybe even Amy K. It’s almost required that he choose a woman because Hillary won the popular vote in 2016 and women are ready for this, they think their time has come.

        • eliihass says:

          Stacey Abrams checks both the woman/person of color boxes.. and of course importantly, the younger/future bright understudy, baton receiver space.. she steps right up and into the main spot after one Biden term …which is why the Harris crowd have very actively and desperately tried to strong-arm her into a Senate run.. to clear that VP field …Stacey is seen as a real threat …so the ‘feminists’, PUMA crowd, paid ‘influencers’ etc. have all now effectively muted/shadow-banned Stacey …they hope that they can downplay/dismiss her in favor of their token ‘black’ woman… And since she’s refused to cooperate…play along/do their bidding …acquiesce to their forced role-casting/sorting… she’s irritated/annoyed/scared/pissed them off to no end..

          She’s woman and black.. Spelman/Yale …but somehow not ‘good’ enough for the raucous fake-woke, pearl-clutching, tsk-tsking faux ‘equality’, ‘anti-racist’, agenda-driven self-styled king-makers who fancy themselves superior, highly value their own opinions and erroneously think that they get to made the call… pick their version (and theirs alone) of who’s ‘acceptable black/woman’.. they assume themselves ‘slick’.. but folk see right through their crap..

          Stacey Abrams gets that VP slot and that ticket wins.. the rest can kiss their presidential aspirations goodbye.. unless of course they predictably continue to show their dishonorable, power-hungry a*ses.. by trying to force a primary run with her in the VP role.. which I won’t put past most of these self-serving crowd..

          But if Stacey throws herself into the VP role and excels, as I believe she will, she’ll easily seal the deal, slide right into the top spot next go round.. but not without some major undermining from some of the messy desperados in this current field..

          Castro, if he listens to wise folks – as opposed to the agenda-driven flamethrowers, and deftly/effectively navigates/manages things, could indeed overcome this misstep.. and salvage his political future.. we’ll see what he does next, and how he chooses to proceed.. hopefully, he chooses well..

        • eliihass says:


          In this scenario as discussed, Amy will return to the Senate.. and Liz can either choose to become Treasury Secretary.. or return to the Senate and vie for the also powerful Majority/Minority leader gig.. where she can also choose to power-play, strong-arm/undermine the Democratic President as others have done in the past..

    • eliihass says:

      Good luck with that folks..

      This will not end well..

      Clearly some either really still don’t get it, or have settled in for another 4 years of the treasonous buffoon.. why end a ‘good thing’ .. it has been lucrative for some after all .. book deals, gigs, ‘relevance’ and all..

      Hopefully, some of these black/‘people of color’ media ‘progressives’ who’ve gotten carried away and fancy themselves ‘invincible’.. realize that they are all operating on borrowed time… they better not get comfortable.. these gigs are fleeting..

      Poof, and it’s over..

      • Liza says:

        Did you listen to the segment? This was actually a good conversation between Joy Reid and her guest, Anand Giridharadas, who explains why he thinks Biden needs to drop out. It’s a good, informative conversation.

        There is a dilemma here, to be sure. If you believe that Joe Biden is the only one who is sure to get elected, then he’s your guy because the country cannot withstand another four years of Trump/GOP destruction.

        But that means giving Joe a pass on some very objectionable things like mass incarceration and Iraq (for which he absolutely refuses to admit he was wrong).

        Joy’s guest objects to his “racism with a smile” which is what he saw in the debate and he explains why. It’s interesting to me because I heard rambling, disjointed sentence fragments and this guy heard something else.

        Biden and Sanders are too old to be in this race and that is the starting point for the entire discusssion, as far as I’m concerned.

        Good grief, how could anyone think otherwise? Everyone knows old people, everyone knows people in their mid to late 70s and everyone knows they are too old to lead the free world. We’re playing that “emperor is wearing no clothes” game and we aren’t even doing it for an exceptional person with exceptional abilities.

        • eliihass says:

          You obviously don’t know how little I think of Anand Giridharadas..

          He’s an a*se..

          The idea that this racist, self-aggrandizing, know-it-all scold of a 37 year old Indian-American who has routinely poked the historic president in the eye, and (like so many of his cohort and those others suddenly ‘concerned’ about Biden’s ‘racism’), consistently disrespected and treated my historic FLOTUS with as much contempt and condescension as they can muster..

          That this preening idiot is who has the nerve to push this rubbish gaslighting narrative of Biden as a ‘racist’, would be so amusing, if it weren’t all just so utterly ridiculous.. and insulting..

          These folks all seriously lack any self-awareness.. and hope the rest of us suddenly developed amnesia..

          That overwhelmingly stinky narcissistic fog enfolds them all..

          For anyone who’s paid close attention for as long, and for far too long .. and know every last one of these actors well… safe to say they aren’t the ones to be deciding or instructing anyone on squat..

        • eliihass says:


          Actually watched the segment live..

          Posted my thoughts on it yesterday..

      • Liza says:

        I’ve never heard of this guy before, he somehow escaped my notice, but I found your comment:

        “Indian-American Anand effing Giridharadas who has endlessly and routinely maligned and condescended to the historic president and First Lady, and has never actually given a rats a*se about black folks …suddenly thinks he now gets to speak for black folks.. or pretend to be ‘offended’ by Biden’s ‘racism’.. GTFOH..”

        Well, it was still a good conversation with Ms. Reid. It gave her an opportunity to explain black support for Biden aside from his being PBO’s VP.

        My issues with Biden would certainly be different. He was, without question, a good and loyal vice president for PBO. But there is some troubling stuff in his record and I might put the invasion of Iraq at the top of the list. One day we’re going to get a more accurate head count of how many people lost their lives (we always do, WWII is close to 80 million up from 50 million) and the historians are going to write what the real cost of that war was to the Mideast and to the rest of the world. It’s going to be a really ugly story, worse than Vietnam. But Joe Biden, Democratic presidential candidate, can’t even admit he was wrong to vote for it. The fact that his son fought in a war that we should never have been in to begin with does not exonerate Mr. Biden but he somehow thinks it does because he always mentions it when he’s asked about Iraq. And then there is the 1994 “Crime Bill”…

        Like I said, if it comes down to a steadfast belief that Biden is the only guy that can defeat Trump, I get that. Ms. Reid talked about the election of an African American president being about an America that had changed or a moment when America wanted to change. Frankly, I always thought it was a moment, but I certainly hoped for the best. Then we got Trump, the backlash, and I think that supports that it was just a moment. So, yes, it is understandable why black folks would want to get as close to a sure thing as possible.

  2. Liza says:

    Well, here’s a worst case scenario prediction…

  3. Joe Biden to deliver a speech on race at the 16th Street Baptist Church in Birmingham, Alabama.

  4. eliihass says:

    For anyone who does not understand what it’s really about..


  5. eliihass says:

    Wonders shall never cease..

    Indian-American Anand effing Giridharadas who has endlessly and routinely maligned and condescended to the historic president and First Lady, and has never actually given a rats a*se about black folks …suddenly thinks he now gets to speak for black folks.. or pretend to be ‘offended’ by Biden’s ‘racism’.. GTFOH..

    The gaslighting is seriously off the charts..

    Simply couldn’t make this crap up if one tried..


  6. rikyrah says:

    Good Morning, Everyone 😊😊😊

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