Open Thread | What We Can Do As A Society

More COVID-19 wisdom from Andy Slavitt:



Andy Slavitt @ 🏡 (@ASlavitt) Tweeted:
What reason do we have to not do this? What reason do we have to not throw the kitchen sink at this?

What are we going to regret later knowing we could? Will it haunt us if we don’t when this time is over? /end

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  1. rikyrah says:

    COVID-19 hit my face.
    We were sent home from work.
    Someone at work tested positive.
    I was able to find a testing site.
    Please pray for me.

    • Liza says:

      So sorry, Rikyrah. That is worrisome but I know you were wearing a mask at all times. You’ll be fine. Praying…

  2. rikyrah says:

    The Big 10 cancelled football.
    The others will follow
    This is all on the incompetence of this administration.

  3. eliihass says:

    P. Diddy, Charlemagne et al …who’ve as part of their wretched thirsty ‘brands’ have been active parts of that insidious disinformation/misinformation and suppression of misinformed/uninformed, under-informed black folks and inducing vote-apathy and withholding votes, now want to tell Joe Biden, who they’ve endlessly attacked, insulted, maligned, threatened, who he MUST pick as his V.P..

    Same idiots who’ve been telling black folks not to vote.. think they now get to flex muscles with Biden..

    These thirsty, deluded, 2-bit ‘influencers’ who’ve self-styled themselves as somehow ‘king-makers’ and who from the get go, have done their darnedest to torpedo Biden, even as actual black voters propelled and continue to support him – in spite of said self-styled ‘king-makers’..

    These idiots think they get to now make demands.. puhleeze..

    As if..

    This is just a glimpse into the messiness that awaits if Biden makes the mistake of bringing their fave and this endlessly messy crew with him in what are dire times demanding laser-focus on the daunting work of cleaning up and rebuilding..

    If Biden let’s these various thirsty idiots strong-arm him into submission, he’s not the man many thought he was..

    Black people make up 13% of this country.. we don’t exactly call the shots..

    Biden stands to lose votes either way.. he’ll have to be deliberate about figuring out not only who he can implicitly trust, work well and rebuild with, but also, who won’t cause him to shed votes..

    The truth is, as much as – and contrary to the raucous Twitter bubble paid cheerleading groupies’ insistence, none of the prospects on Biden’s long/shortlist have what it takes to actually energize voters.. not a one of them..

    To their chagrin, they’ll still have to rely heavily on (and somehow, manage to blame) the Obamas – who’ll have to once again try their darnedest to try to transfer their non-transferable popularity.. even as there’s been this seriously vicious/malevolent ramped-up effort to not just discredit and chip away at the Obamas, but to decimate them.. their reputation, influence, reach..

    It’s about making sure they’re so battered and rubbished.. that they no longer have say or sway..

    It’s so insidious it’s even coming from some of the same folks in the running and their posse ..

    They all see the Obamas and their popularity, influence as somehow, in their way and in the way of their faves ascending.. so, cut them down, destroy them.. permanently render them insignificant .. Even though Dems essentially then lose.. since like it or not, Americans as a whole, desperately want and need not just heroes, but heroes that excite …and none of their faves have what it takes to excite.. And without the Obamas, it’s all a wash.. so, they all better think hard as they continue to malign, discredit and try to permanently take out the Obamas – all while simultaneously demanding that the Obamas lend their presence, show up to help boost their faves and their various causes..

    As happened in the primaries, try as these folks may, their artificially hyped-up candidates will still not cut it.. folks in the real world know the difference and will not be force-fed ‘influencers’ wishlist..

    Twitter bubble (and other digital platform bubbles) which certainly isn’t the real world.. be damned..

    For most of these raucous so-called ‘influencers’, this is also really about their own hustle.. it’s all about riding in on their fave’s adjacency to the president, nabbing a future White House gig, or at a minimum, being on the cocktail list.. access.. it’s really all about their own hustle, self-aggrandizement..

    This has precious little to do with looking out for poor folks or black folks.. or, that much bandied about ‘representation’..

    I’m so, so sick of folks.. as I’m sure many in the silent majority are.. this is precisely how we always end up losing.. Democrats and these self-styled black ‘influencers’ always end up over-playing their hands and always, always end up snatching defeat from the jaws of victory..


    It’s been amusing to see all these same fake #WeHaveHerBack b.s peddlers and raucous ‘influencers’ endlessly attack and try to hobble other women/black prospects, just to nab the gigs themselves or for their preferred woman/‘black’..

    That dubiously aggrandizing hustle is already playing out on the smaller gigs circuit.. e.g: the race to replace Joy Reid on MSNBC’s AMJoy.. it’s all turning quickly…and Tiffany Cross is about to find out just how the Hillary crowd prefer their ‘black’ woman.. Zerlina Maxwell..

  4. rikyrah says:

    They need to ban us😒

    Protect yourself, Ireland

  5. rikyrah says:

    Good Morning, Everyone 😊😊😊

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