Open Thread | Vice-President Kamala Harris Visits Selma to Remember Bloody Sunday

Our Vice-President was in Selma to commemorate “Bloody Sunday”.

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3 Responses to Open Thread | Vice-President Kamala Harris Visits Selma to Remember Bloody Sunday

  1. eliihass says:

    And the Orwellian snookering continues..

    From a dangerous Orwellian nightmare powered by a destructive, buffoonish, traitorous foreign asset, to an Orwellian set up playing out like an episode of Punk’d… folks are being shuffled from one stagecrafted cheap Tupperware party from hell, to some multiverse similarly rife with all manner of gaslighting, revisionism, opportunism, deceit..

    Complete with all sorts of barely indistinguishable strains of agenda-driven, power-hungry, slimy opportunists, revisionists ..and similarly chock-full of fluffers, astroturf foot-soldiers and 2-bit ‘influencers’ ..doing their darnedest to ‘amplify’, faux-hype.. in a desperate bid to inorganically force things make fetch happen..

    Same astroturf foot-soldiers who went about kneecapping and sabotaging shortlisted competition, to clear the field they simultaneously screamed ‘protect black women’..

    Same fork-tongued astroturf foot-soldiers who endlessly insulted, mocked, dismissed, humiliated, attacked those seen as in the way – including the guy now at the helm.. who they now pretend rah-rah for as they all deviously plot their next moves..

    So many duplicitous and unscrupulous bad faith actors, so little time..

    Folks have quickly devolved into what so many used to insist they despised..

    Our democracy.. and the largely fickle citizenry that power it, has been seriously tainted, corrupted and damaged beyond ..and for the long-term.. and along with it, standards seriously lowered…

    It’s all so completely embarrassing and bizarre ..and no amount of astroturf-engineered force-fed gaslighting and contrived stagecraft papered over such hard to miss and glaring absurdities, can gloss over the ridiculousness.. even as the Leningrad despot with the napoleonic complex runs roughshod over his neighbors as he tests waters.. with the assist of other despots and wannabes..

    May God help us..

  2. rikyrah says:

    Good Morning, Everyone😊😊😊

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