Open Thread | Backing Candidates in “Hopeless” Races

So, we have a candidate to run against Ted Cruz. I think he’s a good candidate.

He turned a red congressional seat blue.
I think he’s a good candidate.
Folks don’t get it. When Beto lost to Cruz, he kept it close enough that, on the lower level races, Democrats won spots. Especially judgeships.

What I can’t stand is folks talking about not ‘ throwing away’ money on candidates.
We can’t get good people to run if we’re not willing to support them.
Are some candidates in ‘impossible races’?

But, that doesn’t mean that you don’t support them.
I see people whining about the money spent on the Brotha who ran against MTG vs the money spent on the dude who ran against Boebert. Until that dude lost to Boebert by 500 votes, nobody honestly thought that she could be beaten, so it would have been an ‘ impossible race’. Now that we know that she is vulnerable, I’ll give some coins to him.

Sure, I can’t stand all Republicans and think that they should be defeated. Can I stand Rand Paul? Absolutely not. But, Kentucky is a Red State (not a Voter Suppressed State), and I never considered Booker to be a serious candidate. Booker himself, not the race specifically. So, no, I was never going to send any money to Booker.

I did support the Black man who ran against Huckabee in Arkansas. Why? Because he was a scientist and a preacher. If we don’t support good candidates, we will not get them to run.

There are some places that are Red. And some that are voter suppressed. I believe Texas is voter suppressed. Is it blue? No. But, I believe it’s way more purple. So, yes, I am going to send him some coins.

Just like I’m going to send coins to Tester and Sherrod Brown, who have found the paths to victory in Red States. And, I’m going to send some coins to that Democratic nominee for Governor in Mississippi, going up against that crooked Piggly Wiggly Manager that they have for Governor.

Democrats have to field candidates everywhere.
Every election cycle, pick 3 or 4 QUALITY candidates in ‘ impossible races’.

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