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Open Thread | More On Our COVID Situation In This Country

We are beginning to go through some things in this country. Ms. Delta Rona is taking names. She doesn’t care that Red Staters refuse to get vaccinated in order to ” own the libs”. She welcomes their stupidity. I will … Continue reading

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Open Thread | PLEASE Use Common Sense….STAY HOME!

I must admit- I haven’t been this terrified since the beginning of the pandemic. I get the notifications, telling me how many COVID cases there are in my state, and I grow more frightened everyday. I don’t go out. My … Continue reading

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Open Thread | Trust A Vaccine From THIS ADMINISTRATION? I Think Not😠😠

I am not anti-science. But, I can say, without hesitation… That I will NEVER take a vaccine put out by this Administration. There is absolutely no reason to believe that it’s valid. No reason at all to believe that it’s … Continue reading

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Open Thread | COVID-19 Kills the Young Too😢😢

Do not live under the delusion that COVID-19 only kills the old. Not true. Read this Twitter thread. Have your heart broken at the lives cut short. They had decades of life left. They should still be here.😢😢😢 COVID-19 doesn’t … Continue reading

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