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Open Thread | PLEASE Use Common Sense….STAY HOME!

I must admit- I haven’t been this terrified since the beginning of the pandemic. I get the notifications, telling me how many COVID cases there are in my state, and I grow more frightened everyday. I don’t go out. My … Continue reading

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Open Thread | Trust A Vaccine From THIS ADMINISTRATION? I Think Not😠😠

I am not anti-science. But, I can say, without hesitation… That I will NEVER take a vaccine put out by this Administration. There is absolutely no reason to believe that it’s valid. No reason at all to believe that it’s … Continue reading

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Open Thread | COVID-19 Kills the Young Too😢😢

Do not live under the delusion that COVID-19 only kills the old. Not true. Read this Twitter thread. Have your heart broken at the lives cut short. They had decades of life left. They should still be here.😢😢😢 COVID-19 doesn’t … Continue reading

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