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Open Thread | Is Today “I” Day?

Is today the day that Dolt45 will experience that other “I” word? INDICTMENT??🤔🤔 It's being reported now that the NY Grand Jury is seeing yet another witness in the Trump/Daniels case on Monday. This means it's pretty unlikely they'll have … Continue reading

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Open Thread | Dolt45 Flunky Unqualified Judge in Florida Issues Horrible Ruling About Special Master

She was rules Unqualified. Shoved through after Dolt45 had lost. And, today, she issues this garbage ruling. She needs to be investigated. Katie Phang on MSNBC said the judge that gave Trump his special master was pushed through Congress with … Continue reading

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Open Thread | $750?…..$750 in Federal Taxes?

When he paid any?😒😒😒   Federal income taxes paid in 2017 (jointly with spouse): Joe Biden – $3,742,974Kamala Harris – $516,469Bernie Sanders – $343,882Elizabeth Warren – $268,484 Donald Trump – $750 https://t.co/1KkuViDUCe — Max Kennerly (@MaxKennerly) September 27, 2020   … Continue reading

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Open Thread | So, Dolt45 Had A Townhall😒😒😒

Didn’t go as planned. Of course, I don’t understand how you can be an ” undecided voter” in these times.😒😒 But, the citizens did better than most journalists.   Q: Why did you downplay coronavirus? TRUMP: I didn't downplay it. … Continue reading

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Open Thread | 40 Sentences To Describe Dolt45

It’s not all 40 sentences, but, it’s enough that you get the point. Of the scope of this present horror in the White House. Also, while reading, please understand that his base, and the craven Republican politicians have seen ALL … Continue reading

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Tuesday Open Thread | If not for being President, Dolt45 would already be indicted

Of course, he would. This is obvious, but, I suppose, must be stated for the dense Fox viewers in the bleacher seats. Hundreds of Former Justice Officials Assert Trump Would be Facing Felony Charges If He Were Not President By … Continue reading

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Monday Open Thread |Jared Kushner is a threat to National Security. Why does he have a top Security Clearance?

Security Clearances are important because there are some things that must be kept secret unto the government. We have levels of law enforcement, and people who are undercover, who risk their lives in service to this country. And, there are … Continue reading

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