Open Thread | $750?…..$750 in Federal Taxes?

When he paid any?😒😒😒


I am sitting over here😒😒😒😠😠

Team Biden was ready😂😂

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  1. eliihass says:

    “…3.5 million Black Americans were profiled and categorised as ‘Deterrence’ by Trump campaign – voters they wanted to stay home on Election Day.

    Channel 4 News has exclusively obtained a vast cache of data used by Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign on almost 200 million American voters.

    It reveals that 3.5 million Black Americans were categorised by Donald Trump’s campaign as ‘Deterrence’ – voters they wanted to stay home on election day.

    In 16 key battleground states, millions of Americans were separated by an algorithm into one of eight categories, also described as ‘audiences’, so they could then be targeted with tailored ads on Facebook and other platforms.

    One of the categories was named ‘Deterrence’, which was later described publicly by Trump’s chief data scientist as containing people that the campaign “hope don’t show up to vote”.

    Analysis by Channel 4 News shows Black Americans – historically a community targeted with voter suppression tactics – were disproportionately marked ‘Deterrence’ by the 2016 campaign.

    In total, 3.5 million Black Americans were marked ‘Deterrence’.

    In Georgia, despite Black people constituting 32% of the population, they made up 61% of the ‘Deterrence’ category. In North Carolina, Black people are 22% of the population but were 46% of ‘Deterrence’. In Wisconsin, Black people constitute just 5.4% of the population but made up 17% of ‘Deterrence’.

    The disproportionate categorising of Black Americans for ‘Deterrence’ is seen across the US. Overall, people of colour labelled as Black, Hispanic, Asian and ‘Other’ groups made up 54% of the ‘Deterrence’ category. In contrast, other categories of voters the campaign wished to attract were overwhelmingly white.

    Trump’s digital campaign, called ‘Project Alamo’ and based in San Antonio, Texas, involved a team from the now defunct British company Cambridge Analytica, working with a team from the Republican National Committee. Two senior members of the Cambridge Analytica team are working on the Trump 2020 campaign.

    Cambridge Analytica collapsed after investigations by Channel 4 News, The Observer and the New York Times in 2018.

    The Trump campaign spent £44 million on Facebook ads alone during 2016, posting almost six million different versions of highly targeted messages that were pumped directly into the feeds of target voters across America, helped by a Facebook employee embedded within the Trump campaign.

    But many of the ads were so called ‘dark posts’, which could vanish from recipients’ feeds once a campaign stopped paying for them.

    It means no complete public record exists of the ads posted on Facebook during the 2016 campaign or the audience lists used to target voters…”

  2. eliihass says:

    And in the end, these faux-strongmen are just that.. in an instant, they fall apart.. and cry ‘uncle’..

  3. eliihass says:

    They’re still obsessed with and threatened by the very existence of my magnificent historic First Lady..

    She owns all the space in their heads..

    Has-been z-lister and racist maggot James Wood decided to make some ‘point’ using an edited publicly available photo.. took a lady in Ireland to post the actual full photo showing the obvious..

  4. Liza says:

    63 million Americans voted for a world class crook.

    But we already knew that.

    • eliihass says:

      ‘World class’… 🧐😔

      More like a very, very, very basic 2-bit con man.. buoyed by a dubious inheritance and the assist of a media and world enamored of ‘wealth’ – no matter if real or how it’s gotten.. and no matter how callous, idiotic, crooked, psychopathic, hollow, the ‘mega-rich’ one is..

      A world where folks are witting useful idiots.. and are game for being snookered in plain sight, as long as the one doing the snookering is ‘rich’..

      The guy has for so long, in plain sight, been peeing on folks and telling them it’s raining..

      His choice of wife complete with ridiculously laughable fabricated ‘bio’, and coterie of ‘advisers’ should have been more than a tip-off..

      What on earth kind of ‘billionaire’ or any sort of ‘wealthy’ person for that matter, settles on Michael Cohen as his personal lawyer..

      p.s – And for all that Cohen shares in his ‘tell-all’ and promo interviews, he’s still doing more than quite a fair bit of ‘shining up’ of, and cover-up for both the con man and his birther 3rd wife..

    • eliihass says:

      The damage 2 Australian men – Murdoch and Burnett – have done to our country and democracy..

  5. rikyrah says:

    Good Morning, Everyone 😄😄😄

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