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Dick Gregory Breaks it Down (*THE CIVIL RIGHTS MOVEMENT) For Lawrence O’Donnell & The Rest of Folks Who Try To CO-OPT Its Legacy

                                 TELL THE TRUTH and shame the DEVIL, Mr. Gregory. To (OWS) Occupy Wall Street, Gay Rights activists and any other group out there, you don’t even come close to the Civil Rights Movement, got it.   TELL CONGRESS TO PASS THE AJA … Continue reading

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Donny “Douche Bag” Deutsch Says: Occupy Wall Street Needs A ‘Kent State’ Moment

Really?!!!  Tea party repulses Donny, but there is an “adultness” to it” and Occupy Wall Street = “childlike.”  Kent State?  visuals? Let’s remind folks about the KENT STATE SHOOTINGS DONNIE.  How’s this for visuals, folks? Because Donny advocates violence against … Continue reading

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