President Barack Obama Prayer Circle Thread



The crazy continues with nut jobs hurling books at our president at rallies, and loony domestic TERRORIST, that’s right terrorist loading their car with bomb explosives, loaded guns and pictures of President Obama.  Free speech is one thing, physical threats and the act of carrying out said threats is another whole ball of wax.

These sickos had better recognize!  See they want to roll up in a rally where the majority of attendees are black, talk smack and throw shit at the POTUS. 

Umm.. nope! Don’t ever under-estimate the power of a LARGE group  of 21st century NEGROES.

But we’re not giving in to fear of the ignorant, bigoted, racist, and insecure.

Feel free to drop your words of daily inspiration and prayers for the president and his family. 

We’ve got work to do, and so does our President.


First Lady Michelle Obama request prayer circle and “clean spirits”

November 2, 2010-  VOTE DEMOCRATIC!

Updated January 3, 2012

June 28, 2012: “Sonya Hebert made this photograph of the First Lady joining African Methodist Episcopal Church bishops for a group prayer at the Gaylord Opryland Resort in Nashville, Tenn.” —Official White House Photo by Sonya N. Hebert

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46 Responses to President Barack Obama Prayer Circle Thread

  1. We have his back, indeed.

    • Ametia says:

      Check out the video just added. Our President is living his faith, beliefs, and experiences. He has compassion, and love for his fellow man, women, and children.

  2. dannie22 says:

    Our President is tired! Let’s place a prayer circle around him as we go these last few days before the election.

    No one man should have to work this hard. But we’ve got his back.

  3. [quote]November 2, 2010- VOTE DEMOCRATIC![/quote]



    As I scrolled down your 40 responses I saw yet another gathering spot for some of my old friends. (Rikyrah and Granny [I still love you Granny and there is NOTHING you can do about it])

    I also saw a picture of Rev Joseph Lowery. Its interesting that while the sight of my viewpoints brings forth an “Ugh” from you – the sight of Rev Lowery brings forth a vision of the street that is named after him in Atlanta as a frequent site for the violent assault or murder of a Black person.

    You see, SouthernGirl – Rev Lowery stated publicly about 12 years ago that if the area of Vine City was to take down all of the street signs that pay tribute to Confederate Generals that this would bring forth a spirit of PRIDE in the community as the HEROES of Black people were hung up high. He got a street named after him as a result of his plea. Unfortunately, SouthernGirl – this merely means that when an assault or a car chase happens in THIS – one of the 4 “Most Dangerous Zipcodes In The Nation” – they no longer say “Ashby Street” they now say “Rev Joseph E Lowery Blvd”.

    This is symbolic of what “Black Politics” has become. SYMBOLIC. We are to “worship the pictures on the wall” in the government building instead of being able to walk down the streets of our communities and see abundance evidence of COMPETENCY DEVELOPMENT and not just “Progressive Mission Accomplished” signage.

    Does it seem strange to you that you APPEAR to focus more on the “terroristic threat” against President Obama – the most well protected man in the WORLD (Notice I did not say “Black man”) – yet you seek to sell us on the notion that we Black folks should “VOTE DEMOCRAT ON NOVEMBER 2ND” when in so many cases around the nation the #1 Permanent Interest of Black people is being violated: SAFE STREETS.

    Should I look past these truths for the sake of “Ideological Unity Enforcement”, struggling harder to beat these conservatives that are working to “hurt Obama” politically?

    At what point do you take a step back and demand an inventory of what you are getting out of this entire “Malcolm X Political Football Game” besides the honor of knowing that you now have a starting position?

    CERTAINLY you know more than two phrases:

    1) Ugh!!
    2) Vote Democratic On November 2nd

    The people of DC, Chicago, Detroit, Philly, Baltimore and Atlanta have been doing just as you have recommended for years. They are waiting for their benefit. They just might start working to accomplish their goals LOCALLY.

  4. Lord Help Our President & First Lady to Hold Out! Let the prayers of the believers in your word be sweet incense to your nostrils.

  5. dannie22 says:

    May the Lord place a circle of protection around our FLOTUS. Protect her from the evil that is surrounding her and her family. In Jesus name. Amen.

  6. Ametia says:

    May God Bless the First Family and his administration. Thank you.

  7. rikyrah says:

    this is one of my favorite pictures of the President. and folks from outside of our community just don’t understand.

  8. GrannyStandingforTruth says:

    Sorry, I left after I posted that prayer. Anyway…Praise the Lord!
    Thank you!

  9. Ametia says:

    May the Blessings Be!

  10. GrannyStandingforTruth says:

    What things soever we desire, when we pray, BELIEVE that we RECEIVE them, and we SHALL HAVE THEM!

  11. GrannyStandingforTruth says:

    Father God, I come before your throne of grace as humble as I know how. Most High God, your mercy is in the heavens and your faithfulness reach unto the clouds. Your judgments are deep and you preservest man and beast. Lord I pray that you build a hedge of protection around President Obama and his family and all those in his administration and their families and keep them safe from all hurt, harm, and danger. Lord I thank you for being his refuge and fortress and in you I put my trust because you are his shield and defense. I ask Lord that you encamp your army of angels around him and let no evil come near him or near his dwelling. Let his enemies be confounded and troubled forever and be put to shame so that men will know that you are Jehovah the Most High God over all earth. Father God,give our President wisdom to make the right decisions and favor with the people. Deliver him from the hand of wicked. Lord you said in your word that whatsoever we ask in your name you would grant it to us and you are not a man that you would lie. Your word is true. Lord I give you the glory, praise, and honor and thank you for these things I ask of you. Your loving kindness, mercy, and grace knows no bounds. In Jesus Name…Amen!

  12. KFSteve says:

    Some dude tried to get naked at the same rally!

  13. KFSteve says:

    The sad part is, it was a brother than done threw that book!

  14. Ametia says:

    Show us thy ways, Oh Lord
    Teach us thy path
    Lead us in thy truth
    And teach us
    On thee do we wait all day
    Remember, oh Beloved
    Our guiding light
    and our loving care
    For it has been ever thy will
    to lead the least of thy servants to thee

    May the Blessings Be!

  15. dannie22 says:

    Read Ephesians 6:11 and put on your WHOLE ARMOUR OF GOD!!!

    Let’s place a prayer circle around our beloved President !!!!

  16. Very nice, Ametia!


    Put a hedge of protection around our President. Protect him & his family as he leads this country. Push back the enemy that would want to do harm to our President. Cover him with your love & grace.

    In Jesus Name

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