*The Wrong In The Florida Senate Race*: By Rikyrah

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“I have been voting since I was 18 years old. I have voted in enough elections to know….YOU DON’T ALWAYS VOTE FOR THE ULTIMATE WINNER OF THE ELECTION.

It feels good to vote for the winner. For the person you thought should win DOES win.

But, no, you don’t always vote for the winner of the election.

Which is why the shenanigans down in Florida make me sick.

In case you don’t know, there was a story that broke yesterday that Bill Clinton was contacted by the Charlie Crist campaign to try and get Kendrick Meek out of the Senate Race.

The thing is, I’m sick and tired of this bullshyt. Kendrick Meek is the Democratic Party’s Nominee for the Senate from the State of Florida.


we have seen a drumbeat of mofos calling for Meek to drop out.


They pretend that Charlie Crist isn’t an amoral oil slick, who, if the GOP took over the Senate wouldn’t go ‘ I don’t know you’ to all the Democratic Clowns who are calling for Meek to step down.

They pretend like Meek would be the first Democrat to lose a statewide race in Florida.

They pretend like Kendrick Meek was appointed the Democratic Nominee instead of putting together his campaign from scratch throughout the state. It’s not like Meek woke up 1 month ago and said, ‘I’m the Democratic Nominee for Senate.’

No, he went through a year long( if not more) process, building everything from scratch.


But, Kendrick Meek did the hard work. He did all the legwork. He shook the hands. He went to meet the people, and, it is not his fault that no other Florida Democrats, outside of that shady creep who ran against him at the last minutes was the only one who would run. Meek won the nomination WITHOUT crapping on his base (cough:::Artur Davis, Adrian Fenty:::cough).

Meek won his right to win, and yes, to lose, this election.

I don’t know if all this leaking so soon before the election is meant to encourage or suppress the Black vote. I do know, if I was in Florida, I’d be tempted to ONLY vote for Kendrick Meek and let the rest of the Florida Democratic Party to go play in traffic during rush hour.

You can read the entire post here.

From CPL:

“Even if Meek loses, his entire campaign was full of attempts to sideline it.

When he was running for the nomination – the media and Democratic leaders started pushing the meme that Meek couldn’t win.

BUT.HE.DID. As Rikyrah said, Meek has EARNED the RIGHT to fully campaign in this race – WIN OR LOSE.

Yet the Florida Democratic Party has not made it easy for him – they spent all their time wooing a crook like Charlie Crist and should Crist get that Senate seat, look for Mike Rogers to out his ass as a closeted homosexual married to a beard.

While I don’t give a damn about Crist’s identification – I do care that Kendrick Meek is getting shafted and his own party is colluding in the conspiracy to force him from the race.

POTUS better stay way clear of this one. He got burned on Sestak – maybe he’ll learn the lesson of dealing with turncoats in your own political party and start showing them his size 13s.”

What say you Dems?  Are we Democrats going to vote for a Democrat?  Are we going to go to the polls and vote for Ken Meeks and let the media, Crist, and Rubio lie, spin, cheat, and slither across the finish line in this election?

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20 Responses to *The Wrong In The Florida Senate Race*: By Rikyrah

  1. KENDRICK MEEK: Pres Clinton is in Orlando to Campaign for me, Alex Sink, & other Dems Monday! Join the momentum to Get out & Vote!


  2. Why are Dems bullying the black candidate?


    There is a disturbing pattern emerging in the Democratic Party that should concern African-American voters everywhere, who are by far the party’s most loyal base of supporters. And sadly, the messenger of this pattern appears to be none other than former Democratic President Bill Clinton.

    The last 24 hours have been interesting as both rumors and denials have been reported by the media suggest that Congressman Kendrick Meek (D-FL) was going to withdraw from the heated Florida Senate race and throw his support behind former Republican turned Independent Gov. Charlie Crist in order to defeat GOP front runner, conservative Marco Rubio.

    The trouble with these rumors is twofold: First, Meek won the Democratic Party’s primary outright and is a legitimate nominee. To even suggest that he step aside to help save the political majority for the Democrats in the Senate, or worse – to save the political hide of Gov. Crist – is simply outrageous. Meek has been a faithful soldier for the Democratic party all of his life. And this is how they reward the only (serious) black Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate running in the country this year?

  3. Charlie Crist Would Caucus With Democrats If Elected, Advisors Say


    If elected to the U.S. Senate when voters head to the polls in the Sunshine State next week, Florida Governor Charlie Crist would caucus with Democratic members of the chamber, the Wall Street Journal reports.

    According to Florida trial lawyer John Morgan, an advisor to the Republican-turned-independent candidate’s campaign, “Crist is going to caucus with the Democrats.”

    Guys, don’t make me say it?

  4. opulent2 says:

    I do not like the shenanigans either. I believe that Meeks did earn the ballot nomination as a Democrat. I also believe he is not able to carry the state of Fl. If I as a Democrat see that the nominee cannot win, based on the polls, then I will vote for the lesser of two evils. In this case, that means Crist over Rubio, all. day. long.

    • Sup, Opulent?

      It’s what I love about 3 Chics. We’re an eclectic crew here with diverse opinions etc. We can agree to disagree. It’s how we roll. I see Charlie Crist as a slithering snake in the grass. He’s a republican. He’s never went publicly to state he’d caucus with the Democrats. So Dems can’t be sure of what he’ll do. On the other hand, Meeks IS a Democrat. Why should he get out of the race where he worked hard to beat a shady wealthy mofo & won the nomination.

      I’m not trusting the poll numbers being put out about Meeks.

      Something smells……

    • Ametia says:

      Hey, Opulent. Loves ya, but Imma have to disagree with you on the lesser of the two evils. Why the fuck would I ever vote for Crist or Rubio, when Kendrick Meeks is a Democrat.

      Kendrick Meeks entered the race fair and square, worked to get the nomination, and now some damn polls are supposed to make me believe he can’t win.

      Fuck the polls. That’s never been a deterrent for me to vote for a Democrat who’s done his/her work to get the nomination.

      Now he may not have raised all that phat $$, but for someone, especially POLL, which I never trust, tell me to vote for either a Republican/Teabagger or a Turncoat Republican like Crist over a Dem. HELL.TO.THE.NAW!

  5. You know it’s some fk up ish when a Democrat is asked to get out of the race for a republican! Hello!!!!!!!

    • Ametia says:

      White Democrats would rather vote for a white turncoat*LOOKING@Crist, than a true BLACK Democrat- ***LOOKING@MEEKS.

      I have to keep repeating this.

  6. Something just ain’t right. Meeks numbers got to be worrying Charlie Crist ….otherwise… why would he ask him to get out of the race???
    Somebody’s lying about Meek’s numbers! Charlie Crist lost his got d*mn election. Why should the black guy get out? He WON his.

    Nah Nah Nah… It’s all about keeping the Senate lily white! I see you, mutha….

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